Space Age Metamorphosis

space-age-metamophosis-main“In the realm of physical science today, we are seeing a great change or metamorphosis which can be called the beginning of the “space age”, wherein man is attempting through rockets and in different ways, to shoot satellites into orbit around the earth. He is also attempting to shoot rockets to other nearby planets, the moon and also the sun, with the possibility of establishing relay systems and other types of devices intended for communication purposes so that he will be able to form mind-travel-4-postsomewhat of a more comprehensive idea of the entire universe. This is indeed, from a more advanced position, rather a silly procedure, inasmuch as Infinity is in his immediate environment. He has only to stretch forth his hand and touch Infinity in all its different directions and in all its ramifications.

By substituting his mind for his hand, he could thus bring into realization all of these various implications into his present-day science. In this day and age, too, it does present many strange paradoxes in the realm of physical science and starts with the most advanced of these scientists in the days of the Reformation. It was Newton who established many different physical laws and mathematical formula which were very valuable in the succeeding hundreds of years in helping to establish a physical science upon the face of the earth.

It was Einstein who, to some degree, disproved much of the Newtonian concept, except possibly that wherein Einstein approached the concept of light, both he and Newton made the same common mistake as that made by all other scientists, including those in our time: They were trying to equate Einsteinthe whole Infinite Cosmogony on the basis of a few reactionary manifestations in their physical world. The most classical example of all of these singular paradoxes exists in the realm and concept of light. Today science is concerned with the transference of light from any given point at the predetermined rate of 186,210 miles per second. This speed of light apparently represents, at the present time, the last known barrier between man and the infinite reaches of space.

We have in the past, just as today, witnessed the falling of many time-hallowed concepts in our physical science which have arisen from various scientific dispensations. For instance, the so-called sound barrier disappeared some years ago; and at the present time, our United States Government is building super bombers which will travel through the stratosphere at a speed of more than twice that of sound. At the present time, the explorations into space are limited by another seemingly insurmountable barrier which is called the thermal barrier; or in other words, trying to achieve escape velocities from the gravitational field of earth without burning up the vehicle through friction of the various molecules of atmosphere against the skin surfaces of the airborne vehicle.

In the near future, the thermal barrier will also disappear just as the sound barrier and this will leave possibly one remaining barrier — the speed of light — to man’s escape into the more proper understanding of the Infinite. Science, through a common and basic understanding, has related the various transpositions of energy as they are concerned in different spectra of light, radio waves and other such emanations, into the extreme and predetermined rate of 186,210 miles per second. This too will vanish in the more distant future, simply because there is, in the world of science today, an understanding of speed which means we have equated the appearance of one particular objective form of energy from one point to another at a predetermined rate of speedspace time tranference of energy. It has not occurred to the scientist that so far as the physical or the third dimension is concerned, all the various manifestations of energy forms as they are concerned with the more immediate fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions which are in close proximity to that of the earth, and all these different appearances or manifestations which he calls the speed of light, are only transferences of energy from one dimension to another.

Close to the turn of the twentieth century, Max Planck was walking quite close to the line of truth in this respect in his “theory of quanta’’, which Einstein later picked up and, through various mathematical equivalents, was able to continue on into what he called the “spacetime continuum”. He almost factually proved that the existence of the common barrier of light of 186,210 miles was fictional so far as the fourth or fifth dimensions were concerned; and that in free space, light had an unpredetermined rate of speed and could not be calculated except when other, somewhat unknown factors, were entered into which related to any particular given amount of light in its position to the infinite space.

We can gain a more comprehensive idea not only of space-time continuum but into the physical world about us when we realize this third dimension in which we are presently living, can be considered pParallel_Universesarasitic in nature. That is to say, whether we are concerned with any constituents known as the 100 atomic forms of energy or any other particular known physical laws, these things are in themselves, only relationships of energy as they are transformed from one dimension into our immediate perspective which is done on the common basic equivalent of reactance or resistance.

Any present-day known physical law which is taught in high school can be reduced to this simple analogy: We are merely presenting in our third dimension — so far as it is concerned in our immediate perspective — the movement of energy which becomes reactive to any one or a number of other forces which are in existence at that particular moment. The centripetal, centrifugal, inertia and various other so-called laws will thus be seen to be reactive constituents in this concept and energy, moving as it does in a dynamic form, is constantly in conflict with numerous other different static forms of energy in this third dimension.

Let us consider for a moment a more realistic approach to compounding within our own consciousness a much more suitable equivalent than that of the known light barrier (of 186,210 miles), to something which will give us a broader and more expanded consciousness of the Infinite Cosmogony. It has been definitely proven in countless ways, that man does exist in othspiritual-dimensions--4-poster dimensions, or in various other states of consciousness wherein he is not connected to any physical body. These provable manifestations have been called spiritual in nature and should be quite obvious to the classical scientist who has continually — at least up until the present time — completely ignored these various interpolations of spiritual life about him, inasmuch as he always termed them “pseudo” simply because he could not relate them into such common denominators of his physical science. This same problem which is extremely foolish in all respects, is being carried into interstellar or interspace activities to a high degree.

The speed of light could therefore be much more easily determined if the scientist would learn to equate the speed of light or various other energy wave forms, as they appear in a reactive sense in his physical world, as merely the transference of any given quanta of energy from the infinite so-called “void” about him, into a form of energy that he could reactively equate in his own third dimensional hypothesis.

We must remember in our equations that the earth, just as the sun or any other of the heavenly bodies — whether it is concerned with our own immediate planetary system or represents a galaxy or part of a universe in the far-off and seemingly distant space — represents only certain focal points of energy transferences from other dimensions into the immediate perspective of the visual eye, so far as they are concerned in reactive elements or constituents of our physical science. If the vortex-atom-planckscientists would consider for one moment the fact that space is infinitely solid and filled at all times and that the earth, like the sun and various other planets, is merely a tiny atom — or a point of focus — wherein energy is stemming into this third dimension in numerous ways. One of these ways is through the various forms of atoms which he has found in the world about him; another of these ways is in the transference of heat, light and numerous other reactive elements into the electromagnetic fields of force around the various atomic constituents.

The earth, the sun and various other planets or such visual points of focus can therefore be called terminating points in a relationship which can be similarized in a positive and negative equation. In all of these transpositions of energy, as they are concerned from positive to negative in the various electromagnetic spectra or fields which surround these numerous planets — as they do in every atomic form — we are here again merely “tapping” the Infinite Energy from the cosmic universe about us.

Therefore so far as the earth is concerned, the sun represents a somewhat more positive polarity inasmuch as there are various spectra or transferences of energy from a great vortical pattern supporting the sun; thus the sun does represent a more positive or catalyzing and polarizing field of force into the immediate electromagnetic field of the earth. If some giant hand momentarily dropped a great shield upon the surface of the sun and thus shut off all different energy transferencessun_system-4-post from the sun to the earth, we could not imagine for one moment that these energies were traveling from the sun to the earth in six minutes time, and that the terminal of these energy velocities — as they had started from the sun to the earth — would continue to travel to the earth without their EMF or the force behind them. Therefore, when the giant hand dropped its curtain down over the face of the sun, the immediate terminating point of these velocities of energies would cease instantaneously — not in the six minute period which would be incurred if the scientist were correct in his hypothesis that light travels from one given point to another. Likewise, if this same curtain was jerked from the surface of the sun, a resumption of energy transference would immediately occur between the sun and the earth on an instantaneous basis, not in the matter of minutes as it is believed by the scientist; simply because the sun would then immediately resume its normal function as a polarizing agent in the transference of energy from another dimension into our own immediate perspective or horizon of transference. Or, in more scientific parlance, this would again be established in that oscillating condition between the positive Infinite Cosmos and our own negative material world.

We must repeat and reestablish these concepts within our minds so that in this intercosmic understanding, we can completely eliminate such concepts as the transferences of energy as they are known in the scientific world — as heat, light, sound, etc., especially so far as light and other types of radioactive phenomena are concerned. As these lie in a more immediate and closer relationship eye-seeing lightto the Infinite, their speed of transference is much greater from one point to another. However, this is not to be confused with the speed of light, or the terminating velocity of our known physical sciences, for the scientist has only equated this terminating velocity, as he terms the speed of light, to such closely allied radio frequencies which lie in the immediate spectra of light and such as are broadcast from our radio broadcasting stations. These energy wave forms — in all common sense and proportion — also vibrate or oscillate in the borderline condition of energy transferences from the third into the fourth or cosmic dimension. Light in a pure sense, means only that we have transferred the relationship of certain energy wave forms into their vibrating frequency from the retina of our eye into the tiny little transistors called brain cells which, in turn, step up these energies into suitable wave forms wherein they can oscillate into the centers of the psychic body and thus relate to us, consciousness and form as it was incurred in previous dispensations of time.

The same principle is carried on into the cosmic universe about us and we are again manifesting consciousness through different agencies known as electromagnetic fields; and the appearances of various energy wave forms are by-products of different forms of cosmic hysteresother dimensionsis in our present-day physical world. In the future, the scientist will be much more concerned with the different appearances and manifestations of life in other dimensions than those with which he is so presently concerned. When he has thus arrived at this point in introspection with the Infinite Cosmos about him, he will then not need to create some sort of a vehicle to transport his frame of flesh from one given point in this infinite universe to another; but he will be able, through suitable and various types of oscillating mechanisms, to actually change the basic oscillating frequency of the various atoms in his body as well as in other different atomic forms about him. Thus, if he so wishes and adheres to the physical body to the degree that he believes it is necessary to transport that physical body in some given form, from one point of the universe to another, he can do so in an entirely different dimension than that of his now existing material consciousness. This was done 2000 years ago by the Avatar who walked upon the surface of the water of the sea of Galilee in the Holy Land, and walked through walls and did other types of seemingly magical phenomena which are called “pseudo” by the present-day scientist.

Other outstanding examples of this frequency transference in the relationship of atomic forms to the Infinite Cosmos has been exemplified in other parts of the world. We can still see, to some degree, firewalkingsome of these present forms of previously existing manifestations in our own present-day world, such as various forms of fire-walking; or we could search the back reaches of such empires as India and find supernormal phenomena, which could only be explained in common terminating points which involve intercosmic understanding. This all means that in the future, if the scientist continues to adhere to his present-day hidebound attitudes of classical science, he will make little or no progress; and all progress of science at the present time has been done in that stumbling, blundering and idiotic fashion wherein he has succeeded through constant and sometimes abortive attempts to thwart some seemingly known physical laws and finally arrive at some interpolation of concept in his own mind wherein he has proven that the known barriers of his physical science were actually nonexistent.

For the moment then, it is possible to consider that in the future man will understand, cosmic-awareness-4-postas far as the mind is concerned, the way in which it might consciously integrate itself with the Infinite Cosmos; that the mind could and would, as a necessary means of combining various concepts within itself, simultaneously relate any one particular individual to one or a hundred different points of junction. In this sense of the word, too, man could be considered in the appearance of realization as consciousness in his own immediate mind, that he could thus be actually existing in any given point of the universe or in any given number of points of the universe simultaneously.”

Excerpt from Cosmic Continuum

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