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sleep-teaching-main“Our love to you again, brothers and sisters. It has suddenly occurred to me that I left you standing in one of the healing wards of our city of Azure while I have spent some time in a somewhat lengthy discourse. Yet if it seemed lengthy to you, may I say that I have touched upon a few of the more vital factors which relate to your very immediate future. By now you may be thinking that we here on Venus do nothing but heal the sick who have departed from your earth plane or to otherwise help them adjust themselves to their new spiritual home. This is not true. We have another very important element of work which may be more to your liking. But in order to visualize its nature we will again seek out another one of the great and mysterious rooms which compose this city.

Now let us enter into a room which is somewhat different from the two previously visited. As we step through the doorway you see, and I believe you are quite surprised to see, what apparently looks like a large number of your spiritual-classroom-4-postearth men and women, each sitting at what very obviously is a desk which is faintly familiar and reminiscent of your school days. There are, of course, outstanding differences, such as the dome-shaped crystalline roof structures which you have become familiar with, which seem to fill the room with some particularly bright shades of green. The desk-like furniture is also different from the old dark mahogany wood structures in your school inasmuch as they, too, are made of some brightly-glowing crystalline material. These people, too, are somewhat vaguely different from the earth people which you see about you every day, inasmuch as they seem to have a sort of transparency and that they assume or absorb somewhat the radiance which fills the room. Yes, these are people from the earth. They are the psychic bodies, the astral psychic selves, of real-life earth-people whose physical bodies are at this very moment in their respective homes, sound asleep.

These people are, at the moment, as you see them before you, being taught some of the more spiritual ways of life. In fact, many of the things which you have been shown, and which we have inspiration-4-postdiscussed, are being firmly implanted. In a few hours they will return to their respective bodies, and in the morning when they awaken they will not remember, consciously, where they have been during the night time. I may say, however, that in the following days of their earth life, they may wonder at some seemingly strange things that happen to them which they can not otherwise explain, which may be actually some of the truth or personal directions given in these night classes on Venus. They may accidentally, as it were, pick up a certain book in some lending library, or in a nearby shop, and in thumbing through the pages run across a paragraph which seems to open up a whole new world of thinking. They may accidentally meet some long lost friend, who may start some chain of circumstances which shall also seem to cause some strange and incredible happening, but whatever the way, such circumstance seems to unlock a certain door which opens up a new world and with it a succession of spiritual demonstrations.

This chain was actually started and directed by what they had learned in these night classes. You, yourself, and sister Ruth have attended these classes. It might be said that sister Ruth at one time almost lost herself in a series, or succession, of such classes which lasted about two weeks. When I silver-cord-4-postsay lost, I do not mean to imply that she was in a dangerous position, but she did suffer a great deal of physical difficulty with some seeming lack of coordination. She must remember, however, she was actually directing her body through her umbilical cord from the classroom to her earth body. Such a connection, which is sometimes called the silver cord, is always maintained by an individual who so temporarily separates himself in a dimensional way from his physical body.

In case there are those who are reading these lines who might think this rather incredible, I could recite numerous examples from your Bible and other historical works or even cite true cases, in your own time, in which the persons involved had a complete and conscious happening of such astral flights. Many of the great inventions, works of art, poetry, political leadership or outstanding spiritual work are always related to people who are sufficiently advanced in their evolution that they take such astral flights into classrooms such as this, during their periods of sleep or meditation.

Sir Isaac Newton often sat for hours while his mind was in a far off place, being taught the higher principles of calculus, and when he returned to his consciousness would proceed to rush madly to spiritual-inspiration-2-postwrite it all down. Thomas Edison had a cot in his laboratory where, at almost hourly intervals, he would lie down for a short nap and in such sleep state would ascend into some far off classroom or laboratory where he would find the next step or the solution to a new invention.

As I have said I could cite numerous examples, but if you are curious you can consult the autobiographies of great men and women who have left something to posterity for their fellow men. They always have some particular way of sleep or meditation for such astral or spiritual flights into such domains either here on Venus or on the countless places of learning in some of the other higher astral planes which were most suitable for their purpose. You will always find in a close scrutiny of the lives of any truly great persons that all have found in their own way the key to their personal communion. Some may say that they are inspired purely from the Divine God, and this is quite true, for the Divine God within you is always the causation for your best and noblest acts. Such personal relationship with God is always responsible for the greatest expressions, the most unselfish acts, the soft kindness of one man to another. But there is a definite relationship of this God with every mind in the universe, and of any other universes or dimensions. The God within you will cause you to seek out the way which is most suited for the expression of himself toward your fellow man. And while this may be a large or small expression of himself toward your fellow man, yet each one is an important part of your life.

This God will also cause you to seek out others who may be more advanced in their evolution that spiritual-planes-master-4-postyou may gain new knowledge of expression in Godship through this spiritual companionship. In this there are no separations for your physical world is only an outward expression for your true self. And in the countless evolutions which are before you, you will seek out newer and better ways of communion and expression. Yes, we here on Venus are a part of a vast network of spiritual planets, or planes if you would call them such, who are engaged, not only in the salvage and therapy of human wreckage, but actively participate in teaching untold thousands from the lower earth planes, and while this number is small, yet each day the numbers are increasing, for may I say that, to your own earth, this is the time of a new awakening.

It is the beginning of the seventh day of the Lord as it is quoted in your Bible. It is the ending time ofspiritual-pathway all the old prophecies and their fulfillments. It will be the time of ending for the cold wars and spiritual distresses of the nations of your earth and while these changes may take place slowly, yet surely they must come to pass, for the hour-glass of a new world has been reversed and the sands have already begun to trickle through.

In your future days, dear friends, it may be the seemingly unexplained happening or coincidence which will lead you into the spiritual pathway, or it may be that suddenly even more of the great abundance of spiritual blessings are suddenly added to you. Then you may be quite sure that you are, unnoticed by yourself, attending some spiritual classroom, and while you may not have the conscious memory of having done so, yet surely you will find that in manifesting the new way or the new abundance that you have been given proof of such attendance. And so for the moment, and for the coming hours, may I see you some time here on Venus.” – Brother Mal Var

Excerpt from The Voice of Venus

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