Sermons In Stones

sermons-in-stones-main-4-post“It must be thoroughly understood by everyone who wishes to attain a higher way of life, and for an individual to emancipate into one of the long-dreamed of and hoped for Heavenly places – the great spiritual worlds – that he must do so, along one common pathway of knowledge, and through the doorway of wisdom. It is clearly indicated that no person could live in some higher spiritual world, if he were unfamiliar with the mode and way of living in such a place. No person can live in an spiritual-emancipationenvironment which is foreign to his nature and with which he is not compatible, in his expressive way of life. Therefore on these premises any person who so wishes to acquire this immortality and freedom from the vicissitudes from his fleshy earth life, must begin first, to thoroughly acquaint himself with the true nature of the Infinite Creator whom most people call God.

Knowledge of this Infinite Creator is, contrary to general opinion, not found through the doorway of some church or temple; but is found in the ordinary manners and forms of various living attitudes. The Infinite Creator is supremely wise in all manners and forms of expression, and it was in this Creative Intelligence that the earth was so conceived and dedicated as a place in which man could begin to learn the elemental principles of this Creative Intelligence.

To begin your flight into Eternity then, you must, by all means, become acquainted with the Infinite Creative Intelligence as it functions in all manners and forms of life about you in your daily world. It is enigmatic that by far, most people go from the cradle to the grave without knowing even the most rudimentary or elemental knowledge of this great Intelligent Creation, which is taking place all around them, every moment of their lives.

Let us take for a moment, a specific example to better understand this Creative Inttree saplingelligence. Some years ago, a group of scientists who were probing to find some answer to the riddle of creation, performed the following experiment: They took a large wooden tub or box and placed into it, a certain quantity of thoroughly dried earth which was carefully weighed to the last gram, and the amount recorded; then in this earth they planted a tree, a small sapling about two feet tall, and after carefully watering and caring for the tree for a number of years, they removed the tree including the roots from the earth, carefully brushing away every speck of earth. They again weighed this earth in the tub, and found that the difference in weight from the time the tree was planted, was only two ounces. After drying and weighing the tree, it was found to weigh more than twelve hundred pounds – more than half a ton of woody substance called cellulose. Here was a great mystery. What was the Creative Intelligence this tree expressed? How did this tree take the substances of minerals and vitamins from the earth and combine them with energy from the sun, together with certain molecules of gas from the air and make from these various substances, a tremendous amount of heavy wood fiber? No doubt the scientists are still pondering the answer.

Physical-body-for-postAnd while you, too, are pondering this answer, let us turn our point of introspection to your own body, for here again is one of the innumerable miracles which are constantly taking place all about you and which you have taken more or less for granted. If you live to be threescore and ten, or seventy years, you will have made during that time, ten complete bodies. The remanufacture or replacement of your body includes not only the fleshy portions and the bloodstream, but also includes all of the bones in the skeleton structures of your frame – the skull, leg bones, arms – everything about you has been replaced ten times. This you have done without even your conscious knowledge of having done so. This automatic function was taking place at the rate of about one million, five hundred thousand cells per minute which were dying and being replaced in this physical anatomy in which you are presently living.

Now, the solution to this great mystery is quite easily found, if we can lift the horizon of our mental introspection beyond the confines of our third dimensional world, and looking over the fence of materialism, so to speak, we shall see thapsychic_anatomy_4_postt you, just as in the case of the tree which grew in the tub, or with any other particular plant or animal life which grows upon the face of the earth, that each and every one of these objects have what is called a psychic anatomy; and that it is in this psychic anatomy that we find the true answer to this great enigma. The psychic anatomy is an amalgamated collection of different kinds of energy which are compounded therein, in vortexes, and that these little energies so revolving as energy wave forms in a gyrating centrifugal motion within these vortexes are constantly repeating the idiom of their information or intelligence until they, too, are either replaced, or that they will as a natural consequence pass into oblivion.

The tree spent many thousands of years in the development of its own particular specific form of evolution. This was done through various environmental pressures under which it grew from time to time in different earth lives. For, the psychic body or anatomy of the tree repropagated itself as a form of exterior consciousness into this third dimensional world as one of the functions of the Supreme Creative Intelligence which was constantly stemming into it from a higher or fifth dimensional world.

The same process is quite true with you in your present state of evolution or development, and that polarity-to-infinite-4-postthe various organs and structures of your physical anatomy were developed by you, in combination with various associations and environmental pressures from almost time immemorial or the beginning of your evolution, when you began to sustain a direct continuity of ego-consciousness as a definite polarity with this psychic anatomy in conjunction with the higher and more Infinite Creative Source.

It can now be clearly seen that the function of the third dimensional world is not, in any sense, the complete function of any species of plant or animal life; no more so than is true in these various expressive continuities in which various plant and animal species so live and survive upon the planet earth. For therein, too, is great intelligence in this creative expression, and if we study the biology of various different plant and animal life upon the face of this planet, we will find that there is a great amount of intelligence being constantly expressed; not only individually, as it concerns a species of plant or animal, but in the way in which certain balances are maintained throughout this terrestrial dimension.

The carniverous animals prey and feed upon the herbivorous, so that a balance is maintained. This balance is likened somewhat to the law or principle of supply and demand; and wherever we go upon this earth, we shall see this great system of balances constantly in effect, which controls any abnormal tendencies; for growth in any particular species which would enable it to overrun the earth would produce a great and devastating effect.

Therefore in the future, as you develop along this pathway of life, the common pathway of knowledge and understanding will lead you to, and through the doorway of wisdom into some atom-vortex-emfhigher spiritual world. You will gradually begin to learn the constituents of intelligence as they are expressed in energy wave forms, and as we have often presented the obvious fact which is quite well known scientifically, at this day and age, there is no such thing as a solid substance, and all solid substances should be resolved into tiny energy constituents called atoms, which are miniature solar systems. These atoms are being controlled directly by certain psychic bodies which the atoms possess as do all other substances found on the surface of the earth.

This psychic body of the atom is quite similar in many respects to the psychic bodies found in all other plant and animal life – that is aside from its own particular size. It maintains the same centrifugal or vortexal fashion, of which all other particular forms of expressive energy motion are so currently formed in this fourth or higher dimensional form; and here again in the atom – from this psychic vortex into the third dimensional world. It makes little difference whether we analyze the atom or whether we analyze a sun or a planetary system, or a galaxy or a large number of galaxies, the pattern here is quite similar, and analogous in all cases. We will find the same great conflux of interdimensional vortexes of energy which contain the vast and incalculable number of energy wave forms, all of which are so oriented with themselves to the basis of frequency and polarities as to form a very intelligent and recreative pattern of expression into the lower third dimensional worlds.

vortex-atom-to-universe-4-postTherefore, in the future days to come, it would be well to look about you in your various daily forms of expressions and motions of your life and to see this cause and reason for all things behind these seemingly insoluble enigmas as they have so confounded you up until the present time. You like countless millions of others have noted the same enigmatical differences which would and could remain insoluble until the end of time, unless such patterns of analysis are followed which would lead you into fourth dimensional translations of life about you. Look into the form and substance of your daily life about you and see, not the surface as it so manifests itself directly as a reactionary form and substance, but a much deeper and heretofore hidden meaning which is the fourth or higher dimensional aspect of this reactionary form and motion which is going on about you. See the psychic anatomies of all plant and animal species; that everything possesses these psychic bodies; even the stones and the planet earth itself are only an outside configuration of the same psychic embodiments which we have described to you.

auric-fields-of-stone-leaf-hand-4-postWhen you have begun to master this concept, then indeed your life will begin to change, and you will find your feet, firmly planted upon that pathway of knowledge and in your future incarnations, whether they concern terrestrial lives or lives between earth lives in higher dimensions, you will find a direct proportion of intelligence coming your way, and which will be impounded in the psychic structures of your psychic anatomy; and thus your new spiritual body will begin to grow and develop – a body which will enable you to live in these higher spiritual worlds.”

Excerpt from Infinite Contact

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