Self-Mastery: Transmission Given By Sha-Tok

Self-Mastery-Main“Good evening. I am known as Sha-Tok.

I will speak for Mal-Var as he will not be with you this evening. However, we all speak the same language and nothing will be lost. Mal-Var belongs to the council and is in the upper chamber this sha-tokevening. In the two previous talks by my worthy brother he discussed at some length some of the underlying principles in the construction of what is called matter, and while these discussions seemed rather lengthy, it is necessary to prepare you as otherwise the true meaning of much that will be described to you, or that you may see with your mind’s eye, may be lost. In passing in review what has been previously explained, I hope that by now you will have begun to understand just what is meant by the relationship of mass and energy,  and that mass and energy are all one and the same. The difference being in the way in which they are perceived, according to such dimensional factors as time and space. In the atom we find energy expressed in the relationshipatom of time and space in such a way that it is seemingly solid or as mass. The lightning which streaks through the sky, or the light from the sun, is somewhat the same energy expressed in a different way, with the factors of time and space.

Now that we have begun to understand the natural phenomena of energy either as a moving dynamic force, or as an apparently solid substance, we must not say that the expression or materialization of mass and energy is confined in what might be called the natural sequence of such manifestations as you are accustomed to in your daily lives. In other words you will find individually in your soul evolution your own particular cycle whereby you shall be enable to use and direct energy from a higher dimensional plane, through the channel of the mind and thought-creation-4-postwithout the use of the hands. In your earth life existence ideas are formed usually through the interrelative thought processes. In order to materialize such an idea it must be worked out with the various materialistic processes which you have evolved in your daily transmission of life.

The use of familiar everyday objects about you were all originally such ideas. The watch which you wear on your wrist or the machine you call the automobile are all products of countless ideas and were brought into materialization only through a great deal of work and experimentation. In a more highly evolved state of consciousness such an idea of materialization would of course seem very crude. Such negative qualities as fear, human error, tolerances and production failures do not enter in. Such a highly evolved mind conceives, visualizes and realizes the infinite perfection of universal energy which stems from the Fountainhead.

Such energy needs only the proper directive channel to individualize its potentialities. You people of the earth have often called this energy God and as has been explained, as God it is Infinite. So He must express, not only infinity, but infinite individualism. It is that infinite Wisdom of God which has conceived that by the creation of man he has individualized himself, and that as man exists in the countless pman of earthlanes and dimensions in which God expresses and lives in the infinite, so he also likewise expresses Himself in all these realms and dimensions in a finite way.

Therefore, my friends, we must not say that I am better than such a man or look down on someone whose skin is of a different color. Likewise must we love everybody. For if we love not them, how can we love our God who has created Himself in a finite way in every man. Now that we have discussed our relationship with the Infinite Creator, you can begin to visualize that it is indeed a great and sacred thing and one of holy trust when in this stage of evolution we find ourselves an open directive channel for this God-force. And yet here again is God expressing infinity, for in all other roles he has assumed the supreme position of the Master Creator. So now he becomes in a finite way subservient through the channel of man’s mind. This has been expressed in a lesser degree in the creative ideology of the people of the earth and of similar planes. God there as in all other places still being the prompting uplifting overlord. In assuming the role of Mastership, God and his wondrous Creative Power and wisdom became the complete obedient servant of the individual, for now the individual can direct this Creative Intelligent Energy in such a manner that it will create all of the things that the individual deems necessary for the time and place.

The Avatar Christ, in performing his miracles did just this. The story of loaves and fishes is one inloaves and fishes which the Creative life energy of God was so directed that it became loaves and fishes. A closer analysis of this process would reveal that this creative structure was followed by a secondary instantaneous regrouping into molecular structures and thus became fishes and bread. You may ask how it is possible for the mind of an individual to assume Mastership over God, as it may at first appear. This is not correct. We must remember that the individual is God only in a finite personalized form and in expressing individualized personality has assumed a correct and delicately balanced relationship with infinite God.

On the planet Venus we all have, who are living here, taken our first step in the relationship of such Mastership. It is here in our daily lives that we put into practice this harmonious creative relationship with the Fountainhead into all of the acts of our daily lives. Mind is the creative principle, using and directing this God force in the creation of all the essentials of life.

As was touched upon previously your familiar sense of mass or solidity would be valueless here. All atomic structures which compose this planet and all of the things about it do not, shall we say, vibrate in the same plane of relationship from the emanating source of the Fountainhead. Therefore your five physical senses of touch, taste, smell, seeing, and hearing would be quite useless here, as venusian being 4 postthey have been evolved to function in atomic structures and frequencies which were of a lower and different relationship to the Fountainhead. However to us our world is in a general sense quite as solid as yours. Our various functions of sight, sound, hearing, smell and feeling are of course evolved to function in this particular plane or dimension. Here again I must draw a similar picture. While you say in a spiritual sense God supplies your every need, yet you find it necessary to plant the seed and harvest the crop or you must mine and smelt metal, or in whatever particular direction you may look, you must engage in work for the necessities of life.

In our world God is likewise the Fountainhead of all supply. However we do not find it necessary to earn the daily essentials with the sweat of our brow. In our understanding God has become the Supreme energizing force which feeds our bodies,ringing-the-golden-bell-4-post which clothes us, and which in short does everything for us without the expenditure of time and energy, and a great preponderance of machinery. I may point out that in your Bible you will find accounts of certain Avatars or Holy Men who fed themselves directly from the Fountainhead and so lived for many days without food or drink passing their lips, nor did they suffer any discomfort in so doing.

Tonight we are ringing the great golden bell in the central chapel, so that its vibrations will carry across the distances which separate us in a physical sense from mankind who lives on many planets, and each note of this golden bell carries with it the united and concerted prayer of love and good will to man wherever he may be found. On the next occasion my brother, Mal-Var will attend you. Until then I, Sha-Tok, wish upon you all the graces of the Almighty God.”

Excerpt from The Voice of Venus

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