Seek Ye Within

Seek-ye-within-s1Search ye not within the eye of man
whom doth but passeth by;
Neither look within his house nor
seek ye in his storehouse.
Heedeth not his word of tongue, nor
Canst thou find, with passing act,
or one so fraught with fear;
For each and everyone betokes the
thing within himself.

Seek-ye-within-s2For while it may, that ye are seeking thus
And from these others findeth not,
There should come to you this thing
and that it cometh not,
Nor can it be that thou wilt see
the day that this shall be.

seek-ye-within-s3For, only when thou seeketh there,
within thyself,
This shall be the fountain of thy life;
And there within the pureness of
its waters,  – find thy Peace.

Excerpt from “The Elysium

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