Searchest Thou

stanza-one-4-postFor, without Me thy voice becomes as one crying in the wilderness
And with Me, thy voice becomes one in the Infinite symphony of Creation.
Without Me, thy path is more dark than the blackest night.
With Me, thy path is brighter than the noonday sun ~
And stones become as stars.

stanza-two-4-postWithout Me, thy way is weary and filled with fasting and thirst
With Me, thy flesh rejoiseth, and thy spirit is stilled with the abundance of all things.
And who am I? ~ thou asketh.
I am the largest of all things, and the smallest of the small;
Things both seen and invisible ~ I am all that which has past and is yet to come.

stanza-three-4-postI am the Alpha And Omega ~ I am the beginning and the end.
Yet, there is more than all this, for thou loseth Me, thou hast lost all;
Yet, ever must thou search for Me and ever in the beginning thou findest new life.

stanza-four-4-postAnd in the ending ~ always the beginning,
And in the beginning is the freshness of new seeking;
And of all the things of which I am, yea, of Heaven and of things even beyond Heaven;
And even unto the smallest of all things of which Heaven is made

stanza-six-4-postFor this too, becomes thy destiny, and the part of the seeking~
And the fulfillment of thy finding.
So seekest thou ~ hoping not, but knowing much
That ever and anon, there is new finding
And that this finding gives new life ~
And brings unto thee ~ the freshness of Creation.
So shall it be.

Excerpt from “The Anthenium”

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