Science Of The Atom – Part II

Science-of-Atom---main-4-post“It is common fallacy with these functions in understanding; for instance, many people believe that a battery contains an electrical charge but it does not. Even the scientist perhaps does not know exactly how the sudden and instantaneous charge of electricity can come from out the poles of the battery when circuit is established. It simply means this: When we get down into the molecular and atomic structures, as far as the electrolytic of the battery is concerned — which is a caustic acid — it means that we are interrupting with the molecules or the atoms of the electrolytic, a certain sequence or flow from positive to negative, as they are concerned with the atomic structures of two different types of lead oxide which are pasted in the grid of the positive-negative plates of the battery.

battery diagram charge dischargeIt is simply an electrical process, not a chemical process as most scientists believe but oddly enough, the charge is not in the battery. When we charge the battery, it merely means that we are substituting in a crude sense of the word, a DC current or a polarity to the battery which tends to separate the three active components as they have been reactive against each other and so reconstitutes the magnetic auras or the fields of force around the various atoms. When we establish continuity between the two poles, it means that we give electrolytic, as far as their atomic structures are concerned, free play to engage in the act of discharging the magnetic auras of the atoms themselves as they are concerned with the two different types of lead paste. That is a rather crude thumbnail description of what actually takes place in the battery but so far as the battery is concerned, either in the charge or the discharging of the battery, we have added nothing nor have weEMF-lines-of-force taken anything away. It is something which the scientist is fouled up with and he does not know where the power comes from within the atom. He thinks it is contained within the atom but it is not. It always comes from the EMF which is contained within the vortex which has created the original atom and which is linked and relinked to harmonic or frequency relationships with an infinite number of vortexal patterns throughout the invisible infinite universe.

Fortunately for the scientist and for the others concerned with these various processes, whether it is exploding an atom bomb or a thermonuclear bomb, there are certain natural barriers which, we shall say, stops a chain reaction which could extend on and destroy the Infinite Intelligence. These barriers are contained in the vortexal patterns themselves. It is simply an inverse equivalent of the law of inverse proportions, that is, where we are expressing a downward flow — as that which takes place in an atom bomb — of energy atom bombinto a lower dimension. It can be expressed only so far, as far as the relationship upstairs, so to speak, is concerned simply because it has no place to go. It is ever-increasing in its negative intensity and until it can assume a cycular pattern and return into a positive condition, it has to quit.

In other words, when we keep this concept in our mind of looking from the big end of the telescope down or that of looking from the small end up, we have so far as the third dimension is concerned with all atomic structures, two very natural barriers as far as any interplay of energy is concerned from any given point within the telescope tube which is — as we shall theoretically assume — an atomic bomb. So, if the power which explodes in the atomic bomb travels upward, it meets the natural barrier which is the resistive element of its own self, because sooner or later it is going to balance itself out so that the equilibrium between the vortexal EMF which is coming into the atom naturally cancels out any EMF which comes from the lower dimensions.

Or, putting it differently, the force of the power as it is generated from some changed atoms contained in the bomb is going to meet a certain restriction of power which comes frvortex movingom above — the EMF which comes from another dimension. It is going to find a balance in that — we will call it the netherlands and the dimensions immediately above it, which are sometimes referred to as the astral worlds. One force tends to counteract the other. The same is true when we go into the other direction in our telescope tube and we are looking downward into sub-infinity. There we find that it will cancel itself out simply because it is traveling in a negative dimension and unless an EMF is always supported by a positive force which is in frequency relationship to the negative force below it, it again meets contradiction and cancellation takes place.

The scientists were very fearful for a long time before they exploded the first atom bomb that there might be a great chain reaction. There were two schools of thought. Some thought for it and others thought against this possibility; they thought that by exploding atoms it would start a chain reaction which would explode every atom as far as the earth was concerned, including all of the oxygen and it would cause the earth to disintegrate into nothing. And so you can see, as we have explained so far as the atom bomb is concerned, that it represented a positive proportion of EMF or expressive energy side-view-vortex--4-postas far as the earth or the atomic substances of the earth are concerned. That was the same thing as the power of the atom bomb was, looking from the large end of the telescope down. The earth represented an increasingly negative proportion or relationship which was not supported by the proper frequency relationship as far as the power or EMF of the atom bomb was concerned simply because it was an explosive force.

The same is true with the hydrogen bomb. Naturally, the atoms of the earth could not come into a chain reactive condition with that atomic or thermonuclear explosion simply because of that very obvious fact. And the same was true in reverse when going into the astral worlds because there we find that we had to have the same condition in reverse — the same as looking up from the small end of the tube into the large end of the tube — that we had to have the similar relationships so far as frequency relationships were concerned, on up into infinity through the vortexal patterns. That condition was nonexistent and so the atom bomb could not run wild into the upward dimensional relationships; only into the netherlands between the physical world, the material worlds and the so-called astral planes which are immediately linked to it and which actually contain the whole of the vortex or the EMF of the vortexal pattern itself, so that the atom, as far as it was concerned in the explosion, was merely liberating its quantity of energy from the vortex which had created it or of which it was the center part of that particular vortex. The pressure which held the atom together was liberated in the third dimension.”

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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