Science Of The Atom – Part I

science-of-atom-main-4-post“Regarding the atoms themselves and the field of force in which they revolve as it is internally concerned with the structure of the atom, we shall say that the atom itself can be considered similar in principle to looking down from the large end of the telescope. We find that objectivism is compressible as a factor of ratio in proportion to the idea that as we extend on downwardly all animated vortexproportions can be assumed to be negative in respect to the one with which we are immediately concerned, in the present, as to looking into the future, as we will say, looking downward through the large end of the telescope. Therefore, proportions are negative as we extend on downwardly and they recede or that they grow smaller in direct proportion.

The same is true when we look through the small end of the scope and we expand outwardly because there we are going outwardly in time and space and therefore our position is negative, always in proportion to that which is immediately in front of us as we are expanding outwardly. The same condition is true when we carry a hypothesis into vortexal construction as we picture a spiral in which there are a large number of related cycles which are revolving or moving or expressing themselves in this vortex.

Now we have to picture these cycular patterns in this vortex as something like the cogs on two gears which are meshed together and whether we are concerned with the fourth dimension or whether we are concerned directly gears animationwith the atomic structure itself, cycular patterns as they are expressed in the infinite construction of the atom are exactly similar to that as they are expressed in the vortexes. In other words, we find the various positive and negative particles as they are moving around the nucleus is supposedly the positive particles. These cycular patterns are always linked together much in the manner and form in which gears are meshed in a watch or a piece of machinery; that is, we can always assume that the magnetic field or the negatively or positively charged particle of the atom is always extending its field of force — or a radial extension of force. This can be called magnetic in nature but which is an expressive wave form and as such, it can only link with another wave form on the basis of frequency relationships, which means that it locks or interlocks according to the negative and positive cycles of the wave itself. That is the reason we get this supposedly theoretical grouping of various atoms which the scientist has set up to represent each one of the various elements in the scale of his atomic weights.

While that may or may not be a close approach as to what an atom actually looks like, it serves the scientist up to a certain purpose because it fits a certain technical aspect of his work and he is able to atoms-repelling-and-attracting-based-on-EMF-4-postgroup or regroup atoms in respect to molecular patterns in such a way as to form various different plastics, synthetic materials, etc., which he has done, as well as to synthesize drugs and dyes, etc. To a certain extent that works out rather reasonably well, however, the atom, as I have said before, has been underrated from the standpoint that all of these elements are transforming in nature, as far as the atom is concerned, whether it is in chemical synthesis or whether it is a reagent as concerned with some reactive component when it is expressed in relationship to tissue in the human body, as a medicine or as a drug. And these things always follow definite patterns of electrical transferences or they can be considered as magnetic linkages between the atomic structures themselves in relation and proportion to whatever resistive element which they meet in their path.

That is one reason, too, why the atom is very difficult to split so far as the scientist is concerned; he must construct a betatron or something which can accelerate a certain stream of negatively charged electrons in such a way that he bombards a certain atom until sooner or later he believes that the atom flies apart. It EMF--Atom-4-postmerely means that we have there an aggravated condition where the magnetic fields of the atomic particles themselves are disrupted to the point where they have no interlocking value with each other and which also proves our hypotheses here in this particular case. But it must always be remembered that the atom is, in itself, always expressing an exact counterpart in an infinitesimally small space or form, as we might call it sub-infinity, with all the component cycular patterns of the vortex which are actually responsible for its creation; in other words, as it has been pointed out, the atom is the cone or the apex of the center part of the vortex. However, it has only been brought down into that form because now it represents an exact negative counterpart of the entire vortex which brought it into existence; that is, negative in its relationship and that all component parts of that atom are being expressed in some negative relationship with the vortex, even though they themselves are expressing cycular patterns as energy components within themselves in either positive or negative relationships simply because of the pulses which are contained in the aura or the magnetic field which each particle is radiating. They lock and interlock just as do the gears in a piece of machinery or a watch but that the locking is even a much firmer or stronger process than that because they are also concerned with pressures, we might call them, of magnetic emanations from the vortex which has actually created that atom.

In other words, the vortex is constantly pushing in upon the atom with a very terrifically strong magnetic force. If, for instance, we will draw two cycles as interlocking and we see that they are expressing from the negative to the positive in a cycular pattern their exacemf-waveforms-frequency-of-atomt frequency as a wave form, they can be said to be traveling around the periphery or the rim of a cycle. Now if we bring the other cycle up to it, and in order for the second cycle to lock or to mesh its particular wave which is expressed in the periphery or the rim of the cycle, it must mesh or interlock with the other one, otherwise it would have no affinity whatsoever. That can be termed, in a sense of the word, as frequency relationship within the various negative and positive charges of the atom itself. That is actually what holds the atom together — that and combined with the fact, as I say, we have a pressure — pressure which is from within the vortex itself, because it can be assumed that any atom is the center of the vortex and therefore the pressure around it as far as magnetic structures are concerned are, in themselves, very strong and very pronounced to the degree that it would actually mean a transference or a breakup of energy from one dimension to another to transfer that atom or to break up that atom and actually means the breaking up of an interdimensional pattern.

diving bell 4 postIn other words, we can assume or picture that an atom, in a crude sense of the word, is something like a man who goes down into the ocean at a very great depth in a diving bell and when he gets down several hundred feet in this circular sphere of steel, the pressure of the water around him is terrific. The atom, in a sense, is in very much the same position except that now instead of the diving bell, the atom becomes the diving bell and the water around it is the vortex which has created it. The more charges which are contained in the atom means that the greater the pressure which is manifest upon it from the vortex around it because the vortex then will have, in relationship, a much larger pattern or a different amount of cycular patterns which are contained within it, because each of these cycular patterns in themselves are expressing an I.Q. or an intelligence which makes the atom that which it is when it is expressed into this dimension.

To put it in a different way, we can assume that an atom is, in a crude sense of the word, just a bit of energy which is extruded through the center of the vortex into this third dimension, much the same as we would say that the sausage is being pushed through a grinder, through the tiny holes at the front of it. That is a very crude allegory, but it is very much that way. We must realize the intense pressures, as far as magnetic structures are concerned, which cause the various frequency emf-4-postrelationships to properly mesh and to actually hold the atom together. For in frequency relationships we find not only a very strong affinity so far as positive and negative are concerned with magnetic structures but they themselves have that intelligence for cohesive relationship due to the fact that there is a much higher degree of intelligence which is expressed in the vortexal patterns which have created them.

Now, it might be more easily understood for the scientist if we bring these things into another perspective, for as it was written the gem of truth must be turned in many different ways so that the various facets will shine so we may appreciate its full beauty. So we shall turn this gem of truth around and we are going to put it on the basis of interdimensional relationships. We will say that we bring it in terms of the EMF which is, of course, the source. In any condition where there is an EMF, there is an expressive quantity of energy in any given direction. That is a crude definition of an EMF. In other words, an electrical motivating force is the EMF. If we go up into some higher dimension, we will say, calling this force the Infinite, that it has a libido or a drive; and if it is going to be expressive from infinity fractal-infinity-4-postinto everything finite it must possess a certain libido or a certain drive, and that drive is expressed in regular sequences of harmonic relationships which we call dimensions, as these dimensions are constantly being regenerated from above much the same as we would be looking down through the large end of the telescope. The libido or drive, the EMF, whatever you prefer to call it, comes down from, we will say, forces which are staggering in proportions which could not possibly be even faintly envisioned by the human mind and that they are expressing into infinity because in infinity we find all things finite, so that even the atom becomes an expression of that EMF or that libido.

The pressure there — that which we have termed as pressure — can be said to be the will to manifest into another finite form or substance. That is, the atom itself and each atom portrays its own particular atomic weight, yet the scientist forms-of-atoms-4-postknows that every atom on his scale has isotopes or atoms which have the same negatively and positively charged particles within their structure but which possess a different atomic weight. This will, of course, explain to him exactly why that situation exists because there we have in the vortexal pattern a different relationship to the Infinite, which makes the atom of a different weight in proportion to its own particular specified gravitational field or in any other way in which the scientist cares to measure the weight or the density of the atom.

We have to use the Infinite as a common denominator; we have to establish the Infinite as the absolute and it must become the denominator, such as the zero in our scale of mathematics or any other particular configuration. We must establish the absolute and learn to pivot our introspection from the absolute wherever we are concerned in respect to the atoms themselves. They are merely expressive quotients of intelligence as compared to the absolute when we are dividing them into finite forms down into sub-infinity. Any atom possesses an equivalent of so-called atomic weight on the scale according to its linkage through the vortexal patterns of structures on into the Infinite in direct ratio or proportion as to how they express their certain quantity of EMF.”

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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