Sands of Time

sands-of-time-stanza-oneAnd now the sands of time go trickling down dim corridors of the past
The shadows of the darkened regions of the mind
Become illumined with pure shafts from Eternal’s door.

sands-of-time-stanza-twoWhere once was filled with hollow mockery of deeds long gone
Now echoes lilting laughter of a new-born day and time.

sands-of-time-stanza-threeThe shrouds of gray that once did hold me bound and taut
I’ve loosed and severed each with spears of Light – and promises fulfilled!

sands-of-time-stanza-fourThe splendor of a new Eternal Sun is glimpsed, whilst the past I’ve so dismissed.
New courage now – unto the future do I stand.

by Ernest L. Norman

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