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Sacred-Geometry-main-4-postby Jonathan Quintin

Sacred Geometry is a field of geometry distinct from “standard” geometry. Standard geometry (Euclidian geometry) is what is taught in our schools and adheres to the view of a disconnected universe. By comparison, sacred geometry adheres to the view of a connected universe, or unified field.

Radiance-by J QuintinThe connected universe view is summarized by Nassim Haramein:

  • The universe and all matter/energy it comprises behave as a unified whole system.
  • Analysis is through understanding the fundamental patterns of wholeness that are synergetically expressed in fractal repetition at all scales.
  • The information/energy interaction is holographic throughout.
  • The process of organization includes an inherent feedback/feedforward loop throughout the fractal and holographic matrix.
  • This feedback exhibits an ever-evolving reflexive “intelligence” throughout the entire micro to macro cosmic system, a “living universe”.
  • The direction of evolving systems includes a balance between both increasing and decreasing order.
  • The space “between” objects is full of a vast energy potential that seamlessly connects all things.

Transformation-by J QuintinThe disconnected universe is summarized by Nassim Haramein as follows:

  • The universe and all the material objects within it behave like a machine.
  • The analysis of this machine is through successive reduction of its components into smaller and smaller parts.
  • There is no underlying organizing framework, therefore there’s no need to consider one within the fundamental model of physics.
  • The process of organization within the universe is solely through random events and interactions.
  • There is no innate intelligence or life within inorganic matter, making it essentially a “dead universe”.
  • The direction of evolving systems is always towards decreasing order and dissolution.
  • Objects are separated by empty space and are therefore inherently disconnected.
  • The vacuum of space is devoid of energy.

Activation-by J QuintinDefinition of Sacred Geometry:

  • school of thought
  • study of a universal order
  • a movement that addresses a knowledge known in ancient times
  • a universal language that describes the inner workings of nature

Merkaba-by J QuintinSacred Geometry is one of a number of terms used to describe universal order.

Other terms include:

  • geometric cosmology: a natural order that can be described geometrically.
  • ancient geometry: many ancient traditions used this form of geometry
  • organic geometry or bio-harmonic geometry: the geometry of nature
  • archetypal geometry: illustrates the self-organizing forces of creation
  • classical geometry: all can be reduced to divisions of circle and sphere
  • philosophical/theosophical geometry: the nature of creation
  • universal geometry: because it pervades the universe
  • inter-dimensional geometry: functions on all levels of creation

Vitality-by J QuintinThe Study of Sacred Geometry Concludes That:

  • there is an intrinsic order to the universe
  • organization relates from the whole to the individual and vice versa with an underlying template
  • the microcosm reflects the macrocosm and vice versa
  • it is both the esoteric and exoteric, the seen and unseen, the finite and infinite
  • nature and its forms buzz with oscillations, wave forms, rhythms, cycles and these vibrations are frequency which can be expressed as numbers and these numbers translate to shape and form and vice versa
  • this self-organizing force manifests infinite diversity

Abundance-by J QuintinSpiritual Aspect of  Geometry:

In addition to geometry’s role as an organizing principle of nature, there is a field of geometry that exists beyond the physical plane. This field of geometry can only be accessed through human consciousness. It is an omniscient, amorphous field of mathematical potential. It reveals a universe of profound order, sublime beauty and limitless possibilities. It demonstrates how an infinite number of perfectly ordered geometric formations can be produced from a few mathematical principles.

It is something that has fascinated the human mind for thousands of years and appears in the art and architecture in one form or another in the majority of both advanced and indigenous civilizations. In a sense the geometries may be considered as algorithms emanating from the source of creation, describing continuous, timeless, universal actions that are otherwise invisible and can only be known to us through geometry.

Motivation-1-by J QuintinMusic of Geometry:

Pythagoras described geometry as visual music. He demonstrated how the same ratios of the musical scale also appear in geometry. The same ratios between the musical intervals of the Pythagorean scale are the same ratios found in the shapes and forms of geometry. With music they are measured in time, with geometry they are measured in space.


There is a profound order to the universe. This order stands independent of chaos, space, time and even creation itself. Yet it can be mathematically verified and shown in pictures. Sacred geometry is the means in which we can engage with this order. The primary shapes, patterns and forms that emerge from the circle and sphere are encoded with the laws of creation. They are keys that can unlock our minds to be more of who we truly are and help connect us to the greater whole.

Lotus-Heart-by J QuintinGeometry is the template from which the grand architect of the universe has framed and measured out creation. At every scale of existence, from the subatomic to the galactic, the same key patterns bring all things into existence.  We contain within us all the information of the universe. We are a fractal representation of the universal model and geometry is the underlying principle that unites us all. Sacred geometry provides a means through which we can connect to our super-consciousness and utilize more of our potential.

Sanctuary-by J QuintinTo learn more about Jonathan Quintin and view his amazing works of geometric art go here.

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