reflections-main“In our pattern of evolution there are many Gardens of Eden when we are tempted by a serpent and which is, of course, a symbol or material representation of values which seem the most pertinent to our existence. Perhaps this might be a good point to clarify my position in general with UN.AR.I.U.S.. We are not teaching a new system, a new rote, or a new form of symbologies; we are teaching personal emancipation from all symbolic forms. This can best be visualized when we realize that, up until the present time, this past and present life, to you or any human, has been lived in a dimension of symbology. Everything about you or in this world, and to every other human, is a pattern of symbologies. Even writing and speech are visual and audible symbols.

Every human, therefore, who has ever lived or is living, has extracted his values of life by comparingComparisons-4-post one symbolic form against another. The house he lives in is a dimension of symbologies which he is constantly comparing with his neighbor’s house. His political and religious affiliations are also symbolic. Even the priest in his church is a symbolic representation to a symbolic god; and so this human, whoever he is, has not yet learned to live within the pure dimension of understanding the Infinite as an integrated, recreative function.

Therefore, in his present comparative system of symbologies, all things, in these comparisons, become reactive against each other. It is in this reaction that we find the destructive or constructive content which people call evil and good; whereas, within the pure dimension of understanding the Infinite, evil and good attain a functional integration which is independent of any reactive comparisons.

The Infinite resides in consciousness as a complete wholeness in everything. It cannot be man-energy-beingunderstood on the basis of old symbologies which have existed in the past, nor can It be understood in present symbologies. Even science is still a symbolic form as it resides in mathematical calculus, yet science does contain third dimensional elements which, while pertinent to this world, exist solely by virtue of the fact that these third dimensional scientific elements are possible only as an adjunctive expression of the Infinite.

Therefore, any human who is still, in essence, a third dimensional creature, who wishes to aspire to a higher way of life, must begin to understand the Infinite in the most logical manner which will enable him to do so. This he does by beginning to understand third dimensional forms as they exist as part of the Infinite, not as symbolic forms, but as constructive entities of expression which are part of the whole.

Mass, therefore, must be resolved into tiny solar systems of energy called atoms. These, in turn, are relinked, through their respective vortexes, harmonically interplaying with certain forces of cosmichuman-bio-field hysteresis into a great expanded consciousness of the Infinite. Thought, too, becomes an adjunctive principle of function; for, here again, within the interplay of dynamic wave forms, we are constantly functioning with our respective psychic anatomies which are, in turn, interlinked in a like manner to the Infinite.

This interdimensional concept does not require symbols for proper understanding, for when such understanding is acquired by any human, he will not, by that time, be living in a third or reactive dimension. Instead, as an entity of consciousness, he will be living in the interplay of Infinite Creative Function which is vastly different than the third dimensional reactionary systems. Such an interdimensional understanding, however, is far beyond the understanding of any human presently living.

Most people, however, have a vague sense of an underlying consciousness of this great Infinite. It is the problem of UN.AR.I.U.S. to approach the more advanced and preconditioned element of humanity metamorphosis-of-souland begin to explain to them the first principles of creative harmony. This is done through the doorway of presently existing sciences. In this way future evolutions and lifetimes can be presupposed to be relatively larger expansions of consciousness which will gradually emancipate this human from his old world of symbols.

UN.AR.I.U.S. must, by necessity, therefore exist in its first stages as a symbology. It must to a certain degree or extent, represent form as it exists in present consciousness, for it is understandable that any person would instinctively rebel against any unknown elements with which he may be confronted.

However, it must be ultimately resolved by the aspirant who is studying the works of UN.AR.I.U.S., that all symbologies must be dissolved in his consciousness as reactive elements of life; and instead a much more expanded degree of consciousness will subsequently reunite these various reactive elements into functional harmony with the Infinite.

UN.AR.I.U.S., too, will reoccupy a new position, not symbolically, but as an amalgamated representation of this same participating consciousness with Infinity wherein, individually speaking, each person assumes an integrated function with the Infinite and can, in this position, live within the pure dimension of consciousness. So far as I, individually or personally, am so concerned, I do not wish to become a symbol as did Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, or any others who have given somethingErnest-L-Norman to the posterity of mankind; granted of course, that the teachings of UN.AR.I.U.S. would reach some world-wide proportion; nor have I any wish to be eulogized either in the present or the future. My position with the Infinite is such that I do not depend upon the platitudes of great multitudes. Applause is only food and drink to a psychopath.

In fact, I do not even claim to be a teacher, for in expressing the concepts and principles with which I am familiar, they, in themselves, as forms of consciousness with the Infinite, will transform any person who succeeds in integrating them into his consciousness. For who can say he is a teacher when even as he teaches he is being taught and which, when it is all summed up, merely means that I, as a human being, would like to be subtracted as an ego form or element from these works. For only in this subtraction can any aspirant hope to wean himself from dependency in such personal representation which I might assume to him.

In other words, the cause of UN.AR.I.U.S. would be lost to any person who transfers his quest and pursuit of Infinite knowledge from the dimension of pure absolute impersonal consciousness and focuses higher-master-4-posthis attention upon what I might represent to him. This subtraction of self from what I represent and express becomes, in turn, a way in which I am personally expressing unison with the Infinite as a creative entity of consciousness, and which in retransferring it into expressive third dimensional forms becomes substance of my physical life and as I so reside within the dimension of pure consciousness, so will the Infinite re-express Itself in constructive evolution wherever I might be. So my physical body is nourished and housed, for it, too, has become a transitory element of expression.

This then, dear ones, is the way of life, such as any human will learn if he succeeds in attaining evolutionary continuity into Infinity; conversely he will destroy himself. This is not a problem of personal relationships which may exist between us, but rather it is a personal problem where, individually speaking, we attain a more correlative existence with the Infinite.

It is my wish, therefore, in the future that any whispering or doubt which may come to you shall not subtract from your purpose which might occur if you personify UN.AR.I.U.S. through me. Rather, UN.AR.I.U.S. should represent to you – the Infinite and a way and means in which you will achieve immortality and a Higher Way.

Personally, our relationship should assume a brothership wherein we become united in Principle, Brotherhood-of-Lightbut not into such personal elements which may arouse personal conflict. For, as kindred souls in expressing Principle, we are indeed true brothers – not as two reactionary elements or dimensions of consciousness so poised that we are either destructive or constructive to each other on the basis of emotional comparisons. In this way I can always look at you as a perfect expression of the Infinite, just as we should all ultimately resolve all third dimensional aspects into this harmonious continuity of expression with the Infinite.

May you never again be subtracted from a higher destiny; may your sincere dedication always reside upon the highest niche of your altar of life and out of reach of the dirty fingers of the underworld.”

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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