Reality Isn’t What You Think

Reality-Isnt-What-You-Think-main-4-postby Gloria Lynn

“Space is infinitely filled with energy.” ~ Ernest L. Norman

If you could imagine reality as waveforms of energy then you can begin to get a concept of what reality really is. All these waveforms are in movement or vibrating. Each waveform has a certain I.Q. It has information. As we go through this life we are intercepting these waveforms as our reality. There are an infinite number with no time or space. In other words what we call time doesn’t exist as everything already exists infinitely everywhere all the time. We just intercept what is already there. We could not continue everyday in our ordinary lives if this were not so. The structure of energy we attune to could not be attuned to if it were not already there to begin with.

“Everything is a series of ‘nows’.” ~ Julian Barbour, British Physicist

Now there is also the “many worlds” theory that implies that all possible alternate histories and futures are real, each representing an actual “world” (or “universe”). In layman’s terms, the hypothesis states there is a very large—perhaps infinite—number of universes which views this reality as a many-branched tree, wherein every possible quantum outcome is realized.

The “uncertainty principle” states that the position and velocity of a particle cannot both be measured, exactly, at the same time. Scientists are beginning to look at an atom as a cloud of every possible position occurring simultaneously. Would not our earth also, like the particle, revolving around the sun, its central nucleus, be like that particle, in every possible position at the same time? I think “yes” – all possibilities exist at once and we intercept each fourth dimensional position physically or third dimensionally through the process of consciousness just as with the slit experiment.

Scientists cannot understand how a particle would know whether we are observing it or not. What the scientist doesn’t realize is that all possibilities “ALREADY EXIST” even before our conscious awareness becomes aware of the outcome.

4th-dimensional-cycleWhere it exists already is in the fourth dimension where there is no time and space – as waveforms. To have no time and space in the fourth dimension, it must exist as a cycle such as the illustration here. Time and space are integrated.

These waveforms exist infinitely repeating the content of their intelligence. Just as a sine wave in the third dimension repeats itself on an oscilloscope.

Therefore at some point and time when this is understood then any waveform past, present, or future can be tuned into clairvoyantly to realize the content of its I.Q. It’s information.

I guess the main point of this article is that consciousness is a continuous interception of energy wave forms that already exist, have always existed and will continue to exist even after our awareness of such an energy wave form has passed. We are polarizing the Infinite in our daily cycle of life. We are taking its positive quotient and individualizing it in our consciousness.

As Dr. Norman has stated in answering this question from a student:

Student – What is the ultimate purpose of all this evolution?

Teacher – Putting it in a most abstract concept, let us go back to the life cycle. The Infinite created man as a spiritual  image by putting within this life cycle all of the Infinite energy of which this Infinite is, and the infinite nature of this energy. Man progresses and goes through these countless incarnations and innumerable experiences to gain this polarity just as the Infinite functions with the experience, because here is the Infinite  functioning in the life cycle of the individual just as It functions abstractly in the universal way. Therefore, in the ultimate you gain in the infinite relationship; you become part of the Infinite Consciousness in a personal way because God, in being Infinite, now also becomes finite. He could not be Infinite unless He was also finite in all things.  ~ Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

It is truly wonderful to have these concepts available to us to read and reread and incept the understanding so that we may better begin to understand the great creative forces that exist within us and about us at all times. It is even more wonderful to realize that this is a eternal process continuously manifesting as we move forward in our evolution of infinite possibilities.

Truly it is humbling to know what a tiny speck we are in this great Infinite Cosmogony.

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