Radiant Energy Vortexal Theory

Excerpt from The Voice of Muse, UN.AR.I.U.S., Elysium:

I would point out to the earth scientist, too, that his greatest weapon of defense is not in the powers or solution of chemicals which he has, heretofore, used with only a moderate success against his vortexoneinsect pests, but we will, in the future when the time is most apropos and suitable, give to him radiant energy machines which will enable him to control these insect pests. I would like to say here, incidentally, that while I was upon the earth, I too, tried to give to mankind the theory of the Universal Radiant Energy, and was most unsuccessful. Science would not accept God as coming down through the many different dimensions as whirling Radiant Vortexal Energy. But your whole hypothesis or the structure of your science, as you are expressing it, is based primarily upon these concepts as they were given to you – not only partially by myself, but from many of the other much greater minds than my own. I, too, was an instrument in the service of these great minds when I was upon earth and trying to explain these concepts to man. But do not let that dismay you for one moment because sometimes it takes many years for the little stream of water to wear away a huge granite boulder, but the granite of obstruction which exists in the human mind is purely an element which is existing in its own time and its own cycle and so it, too, shall pass.

The Radiant Energy Vortexal Theory will be very thoroughly understood and accepted; as a matter of fact, part of science in the near future years which are ahead of you, and if you futurecity3can take any small part of satisfaction in this statement, then rest assured that you will have the ‘last smile’; for I can state with the utmost sincerity and the utmost sense of truth, that what you are teaching, as well as what I’m learning here in these dimensions which are above the earth, as they have been explained to mankind in your writings and in the transmissions, are actual truths and actual facts which so exist. It only remains for the eyes of mankind to be opened inwardly instead of so much outwardly, that he will be able to perceive these things in their entirety.

 Getting back to these Radiant Energy machines, there is in store for mankind in the terrestrial dimensions in the future hundred years or so, what we call cosmic generators, that is, they are machines which can be set on the tops of high mountains which will ‘tune in’ the great Magnetic Lines of Force which are stemming out from the Great Central Vortex of the Universe. Atomic power futuresaucerPlanetswill be as obsolete as is the steam engine in your day and your time of diesels. In this future day, atomic powers will be just as obsolete as a bonfire. The huge cosmic generators will light and heat and completely power the world of the future. This same type of cosmic generator will exist in the flying machine of the future and will transport man from planet to planet. It will also be in the nature and in the dimension of this same cosmic energy machine which will enable man to, at least temporarily, change the different vibrating frequencies of all his known atomic structures. Then he can create new atoms which will compound metals or materials which are more suitable for the spacecraft which he now does not possess.

Here are some videos demonstrating toroidal concepts:


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  • John Hayes says:

    Very interesting! I Can find no better shape of the universe than that of the torus. I see the torus as a huge dynemo that recycles the universe every 50 to 100 billion years. Perhaps this will add to your thoughts on the design. The torus would be more widely accepted in the astrophysics world if it were not for Stephen Hawkins’s theory, which stinks! John

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