Questions On Healing Answered by the Moderator – Part II

healing-main-2-4-postQ – Why and how is it so many teachers or teachings believe it is the subconscious that creates and if we can implant the desire or wish firmly enough within this subconscious, it will manifest on the surface or materialize?

A – Let me clear this up for you. We have many of the so-called metaphysical practitioners who are teaching from the platform. Jesus said, “Beware ye, in the latter days, of false prophets and teachers and of ravening wolves in sheep’s clothing,”-that they have not had sufficient training psychologically, spiritually, or otherwise to enter into a full and basic complete understanding of how man is made, how he functions and what he is. They are strictly tailoring their efforts along certain lines and levels whereby they can attract a comparatively large group of people to them because back of the whole thing that is motivating their entire efforts are certain subversive forces and they may also have, back in that subconscious mind about which they talk so glibly and know so little, certain elements which we would call a neurosis. Now in the first place, we do not talk about the subconscious mind in the sense of the word that ordinary psychiatrists believe that it exists because the subconscious mind is a certain level of interpretation of psychic structures that exists in the psychic body of the spiritual self; and the spiritual self or psychic body functions on two levels—the Superconsciousness and the subconscious.

Q – The psychiatrists leave out the Superconsciousness?

A – Yes, you see the whole purpose of these lessons is to acquaint you with some of the missing elements not only in our present-day psychiatry but also in some of the dispensations we find in the minds of the sciences and fundamentalisms of the earth today. These are the elements which are going to be woven and fabricated into the new philosophies and medical sciences of the future. We are going to actually be able to see the psychic body in the future on a machine similar to a television set. We may bring this to man.

Q – In various stages they have had numerous phenomena and names of black magic and various practices. Is it not true that this sort of thing, of which this lady speaks, is along those lines of black magic?

A – Jesus referred to the fact that faith without works is death–and he emphasized, to accomplish certain results, works are very necessary in that team of polarities.

Q – And is it not true that these people who try to get something for nothing by merely using the mental or subconscious are leaving out the works part which is so vitally important?

A – That is very right and that is what I said a moment ago; they have tailored this expression, whatever it is, to a level that will appeal to a certain class of people. These people will flock to this purveyor simply because it agrees with their innermost convictions, their own thought patterns. They seek them out and they find them; we find them in this theater and that church simply because they can take recourse in whoever is up on the platform talking. It fits their own convictions and gives them relief from their own inward pressures.

Q – But that is just the way they go about it; we could not say that about everyone who drove a fine car, lived in a beautiful home, or enjoyed the bounty of the world?

A – There you are getting into a slightly different aspect. As Kung Fu said, “Truth is a many faceted gem”; we must look a little differently at that objectivism. We see people enjoying the luxury of the physical world, folks who seem to have all the material comfort of the world; and we know that person knows nothing about spiritual truth. How is it now? I am struggling along here and I have barely sufficient to get along? It simply means that you have widened the gap between you and that material world you live in and the spiritual world in which you are trying to enter. That is all; it merely means that man will at some time have to cover that same point in his evolution in a future day when he will need to compensate, where he shall need to compromise, where he shall have to tear down all those false structures that are built from material values and start building them up in the spiritual worlds. For a time he may be just like a small infant like so many of us are at the present time.

Q – Perhaps it could be that some of the teachers are teaching Truth but the students do not interpret properly.

A – Well, perhaps that may be true in some instances; it is a common thing for people to read or interpret in their own way, according to their own inward convictions of anything that may be taught. They did that with the writings and teachings of Jesus and we have very little of the true original testaments left.

Q – Why is it, as you say, we are widening the gap between the spiritual side and the material; why should this be since all substances are first thought or spirit?

A – The gap exists in this relationship in several different ways: in the first place, you have not become completely infinite and abstract; as you tune in your television set to Channel 2, it is very widely separated from Channel 13. When you become an infinite person, or at least much more than you now are, you can perfectly conceive all things at all times. But until that process has been entered into and you evolve up into these higher more abstract dimensions where you can visualize all these things, you have to integrate them into cycles into your life, into your dominion of interpretation. So therefore the material domain or physical life becomes one of the elements of experience in which you have entered to gain some of the Infinite.

Q – In other words, I have to listen to a lot of static while I’m tuning from 2 to 13?

A – Yes, to a certain extent; these things are very abstract in their nature and they have to be visualized, and one must start right at the beginning in the complete understanding of how energy is manifest into the numerous different interpretations and dimensions. It is, as we said, a large piano keyboard with many octaves and chord structures and if we can visualize that in a much more immense way, we are evolving around it and are learning of these different chords and harmonic structures individually and collectively through the veil of experience as we go along.

Q – My own instance would go along that line; I have a large family in an Eastern state and came here principally to find something along the spiritual lines. My family cannot understand why I must be so far from them and I feel that if I returned now, I’d have very little to share with them; but perhaps by further preparation, I could have sufficient knowledge to help them as they are all of various faiths and religions. I get nothing from these churches.

A – Simply because you came into the world by way of the womb does not necessarily bind you up into the same interpretations as it would your fellowman because you have been, like all the rest of us here, on the path of Truth for a long, long time. I personally came into a family of seven brothers and sisters, but they are really not my brothers and sisters—only in a spiritual way. It simply was a doorway to come into the world and I made entrance in that way, that is all. People must,  throughout this world universally speaking, realize that the youngsters or babies that are coming into the world now, just as you came into the world, are very often the people who are going to integrate something of these New Age concepts into the future generations which will be coming into the world. Many of them are very advanced souls and are coming out here to California as you did; you moved up to what is going to be the future New Jerusalem because California will become, in the future, a great Center of spiritual integration.

Q – Why has it been said so many times that California will be that location?

A – There are several reasons why: in the first place, the old Lemurian Masters who came to this planet 160,000 years ago built a very strong spiritual civilization on the coast of California. The geographical and climatic conditions, etc., are best, and so it has become a gathering place of the ten tribes, as they call the spiritual people.

Q – Lemuria?

A – That is one of the great epochs of the past history where there were spiritual interpretations brought to the world to teach people then who were very obviously in a very seriously neglected state of atrophy and so those things passed on with the great cataclysm 100,000 years ago.

Q – To help develop ourselves and attain good spiritual contacts, can you give some particular way or method to do this?

A – Spiritual attainment does not take place all at once; it is a slow integration of consciousness. It is a gradual evolution; it is a development of consciousness, a constant way in which we express faith in its most or fullest capacity by knowing that these things are there when we are ready to receive them.

Q – Didn’t you have to do anything to reach these contacts, etc.?

A – No, I did absolutely nothing with conscious mind; I broke all the rules and regulations. I simply left them with all their old phobias or fears of what would happen to me and nothing ever happened to me.

Q – Perhaps you had the development before you came here.

A – That is exactly right! Because I’d already had knowledge of these things when I came into the world. And it was only a matter of waiting until the cycles swung around and until I was able to free my little mortal self to the point where I could make contact with the spiritual self; then it began to function. And there was no rigmarole that I had to go through. It was there.

There is something else too that we might touch on here and that is in the field of autosuggestion or hypnosis which is very, very dangerous. I know people who have gone around in these mind science churches and after a few months went around rolling their eyes; they were escaping reality by repeating to themselves that nothing ill could come to them or harm them. One of the elements that Jesus always stressed emphatically when a person came to him for spiritual healing—first, they had to come to him for a condition; didn’t they? They could not be healed from something they did not have. If you are going around telling yourself that you do not have this condition or that thing—God is always with me and God is working through me—you are escaping reality. In the second place, they had to have complete and absolute faith.

Q – Are there any psychic demonstrations or progression in Christian Science?

A – These are all steps; I believe wholeheartedly in Christian Science and every other mental science there is; the only point in disagreement that I have with them is the way in which they are dispensated and the fact that they are incomplete. They only give a very small part of the picture. But there are certainly very definite principles back of these things that are very valuable in all of these sciences or fundamentalisms.

Q – Do you believe in personal psychic powers?

A – Dear lady, that is what these lessons are all about – to teach you how to develop what you call your psychic powers. Let’s define the word “psychic” first. What does it mean? It is a Greek word meaning spirit. It merely means you are developing your spiritual self because you have wanted to do these things throughout the thousands of years you have lived.

Q – Some of the young children seem to know much of these spiritual things; would this mean they will be the future healers and teachers?

A – People throughout the world should realize that many babies are coming into the world at this time who are very often the people who are going to integrate these New Age concepts in the future generations. Many of them are advanced souls and will take a part in the building of what is sometimes called the New Jerusalem and California will be the great center of spiritual integration. The old Lemurian Masters who came to this planet 160,000 years ago, built a very strong spiritual civilization on the coast of California; so it will, in the future, become the gathering place of the ten tribes.

Q – Can you give us some way to aid in making spiritual contacts?

A – We come into these things by realizing them and in working with them. It does not take place all at once; this growth has to be a gradual evolution, a development of consciousness, a constant faith in which we can express faith in its fullest capacity by knowing that these things are there and when we are ready, we receive them.

Q – Don’t we need to do some exercises; some breathing or something?

A – No, you do not need any kind of exercises; they are entirely superficial and unnecessary; unless we want to do a few simple alignment techniques to align the different bodies, the pranic or karmic aura. It is what you do internally with your mind that is of the utmost importance. In a stage or evolution, people think they need these things but we go beyond that, just as we do not stay in school. People sit down in these different postures, etc., because they require these manipulative processes to catalyze what they should be able to do with their minds internally. In the ultimate result, exercises or any of the outward positions or other things which you do on the outside are not going to mean a thing to you. You will pass on to a place where you will go right inside and contact the superconscious without flicking an eyelid. All these breathing and posture exercises are superficial. There is something else here, too, that you should know in this regard; all these things to which you refer, such as mental sciences, Christian Science, etc., are all very necessary steps in evolution. They are all right as far as they go but they are incomplete; they give only a part of the picture; there are very definite principles back of all of these fundamentalisms and sciences.

Q – Didn’t you practice certain exercises before you developed clairvoyance?

A – No, no, I did not. I came here at this time prepared but I can tell you what happened when I tried to follow customary procedures. I started to read a few books and I became very confused. I threw them aside and went within. I said to myself, I am going to have spiritual cooperation; I am going to form certain alliances with the higher dimensions; I am going to have perfection and it is going to be Infinite with no limitations and that is the way it was.

Q – How about the Yoga?

A – There is a plane that they call the Paramahansa and this reverts right back again to the concept as to how extreme a person’s viewpoint can be on separating the physical self from the spiritual. Many of these Yogi can do some very remarkable and seemingly “miraculous” things but at the same time they have missed a certain beat in their relationship and that is to function properly in the dimensions in which they find themselves, as far as possible in the dimension in which they are incarnated. If they become so completely abstract that they can work miracles out of the body by sitting in a lotus position, doesn’t it seem to you that they would do better to go on into the spiritual worlds to do these things? Because this does not appeal to the common man as he lives on the highways and byways of the world. It does not do the average person a bit of good to witness psychic phenomena of any kind because the average person is going through an evolution of experience and each one must gain these things for himself and not be shocked into it. Giving people apparitions or manifestations which they know nothing about is going to do them more harm than good. They will become dependent and lose the values of personal experience. Never misconstrue the words “psychic powers” because when you get to the position where you can use these psychic powers which people have talked about, you won’t be using them selfishly; you will be using them for
the universal concept.

Q – Is what they call intuition or intuitive powers the higher forces?

A – You see the material world has so many things backwards. What is called intuition is absolute within its own right and dominion. It is your complete and motivating existence on the earth. It is what you are, there is not anything left. When you take the spirit, or what you call clairvoyance, or the spiritual connection with the inner self or whether you wish to call it, as some do, intuition, out of your life, you have nothing left because you always function from some spiritual plane.

We are presenting some very abstract and ultimate concepts but you must realize in your proper time and place, just as we all do, that these things have to be manifest in certain direct proportions or ratio to what we are accustomed. We need to realize the importance of cycles, sub-harmonics and super-harmonics—large and small cycles. All things work out far better when the cycle is right. But in the supreme and ultimate end, we are coming into a perfect realization of the inner self and we are working from that standpoint from the higher celestial dimensions. I know in my own experience that I would not have the nerve to try to teach others unless these concepts had worked for me absolutely and completely in all aspects of life. I have tried them thousands of times and I know they work. Spiritual interpretation will work under any and all conditions. I have worked in many phases of my past and present lifetime, silently or otherwise but the principles always worked, no matter what the condition; and whether the person was or was not conscious of my help made no difference. Jesus said, “Greater things than I have done shall ye do also,” and it is true. We all can learn to do these things.

Q – And it works under any and all conditions?

A – Indeed so; absolutely no limitations. You see me here now in these classes as a physical being and with your own eyes and your own ears but you don’t know that perhaps a hundred or even a thousand spiritual teachers have walked in and out of my mind and you haven’t been made aware of it until tonight. I went in a little deeper tonight than I usually do because you were all my spiritual cooperatives. Yes, I was somewhat entranced. Just a moment ago as you spoke, I saw the Light above me and now Brother John is telling me that the power is almost exhausted for tonight.

Q – You say as did Jesus that we too can do these things but you do not say when.

A – This little clock by which we are so used to regulating our lives means absolutely nothing. What I am concerned about is the revolution of cycles—when cycles come together. I have no concern with the chronological order of things on this earth at all except in a more abstract way, in a more astrophysical way. When it comes to dealing in a relationship with people, remember we are always functioning upon certain cycles, either large cycles or small cycles, or what we call superharmonics or subharmonics of these cycles. You cannot get anything out of your life otherwise. It will not come to you; it is no use to try to force yourself.

Excerpt from Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

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