Questions On Healing Answered by the Moderator – Part I

healing-main-1Q – Is it best for the person to know at what time you are directing healing to him?

A – No, not necessarily. It is all done in the spiritual consciousness anyway. For instance, when a person is asleep the healer goes out and contacts the person who needs the healing and so this was the proper background to become manifest into the physical dimension. Sometimes it is very helpful if the person can realize that the Infinite has healed him through some channel because that begins to enter into what we call the actual mechanics of spiritual healing.

Q – Would you say that the person who seems to be drawn to those who need healing, even though the person does not feel as though he is advanced sufficiently to do this type of work, might nevertheless be ready and able to aid these persons?

A – We can say that 98 percent of the homosapiens on the earth today function from the subconscious, the reactionary mind, or the reactionary self, which is a conglomeration of all the thought patterns which have occurred from past experience. In the wakening moments, these thought patterns which the individuals have built up are so very, very strong; in fact, they are almost inviolate, even though sometimes they go against the inward will and jurisdiction of the person.

The fact of the matter is that if a person is helped or healed, and if in some way he has contacted spiritual healing or has come in contact with anyone who is in a position to help in a spiritual way, then his superconscious mind or inner self is working and he has actually made the contact with these higher forces which have moved the individual into the position of meeting and contacting the healer.

Q – Sometimes the healer cannot heal everyone and of the ones which they cannot heal the healer feels rather lost—why?

A – That is a point which we must bear in mind in spiritual healing and in all our relationships because, as it was pointed out, if you very carefully study the life history of Jesus, Jesus did not heal everyone who came to Him. Neither did He go out to various places and seek out persons; the reasons are very obvious. The patient not only had to have the preparation but there had to be a compatible or harmonic condition of frequency vibrations between the person who was seeking help and the person who was to help him. It is like your radio set; you cannot receive a certain station unless your radio is properly attuned to it. The fact that they were seeking out spiritual healing shows that there was a quickening of the spirit or the realization that something was amiss. So if the healing was not accomplished at the time, we can say that the seed was planted there somewhere within the subconscious and the contact became a step whereby the individual could in a future time complete that spiritual healing. Or there are so very, very many variables that could enter into a condition such as that. We may also have what is termed a delayed spiritual healing; a person may go for years without any apparent effect or contact with the higher spiritual self and then all of a sudden when the cycles swing around so that certain conjunctions are made, the conditions disappear instantaneously. A person may never know just exactly what it was that caused the healing.

The things that are being taught here in these lessons may seem to go in one ear and out the other one, but it makes small difference because they are implanted very firmly according to certain scientific laws of frequency and harmonic vibrations; and those people passing these things through their minds will never be the same. After they have left the flesh, these facts will be a very important part of them. They have progressed into the future by perhaps a thousand years by this wisdom.

Q – Aren’t there some magnetic healers?

A – Yes, there are many types of healings and in the past there have been some very strong magnetic healers. Magnetic healers function strictly from the aura, sometimes called the pranic aura. You see, you have seven different radiating frequencies, that is, your aura is composed of seven basic radiations. You can extend the—what they call—magnetic power, which is merely another concept of psychokinetics or mind extension. There is a point which we would like to interject in regard to why certain doctors do not have universal success with all patients who come to them. There are comparatively few patients that a doctor ever had cured; that is, the doctor of medicine or the doctor of psychiatry, if we could analyze every case history. If you even have a broken leg, the doctor can set it; here the manipulative therapy enters in by bringing the broken ends of the bones together. But there have been very definite cases, such as the Kuhuna interpretations from the Hawaiian Islands, in which broken bones were set through mind forces; no hands touched them. Here we are getting into a very close relationship between the doctor and the patient because here the patient has gone through many evolutions and incarnations in seeking out someone who could help him; someone in whom he believed.

Those in great need of healing during their incarnations will epitomize their entire conclusions and personalize them into a person and they may find themselves on the earth plane, wandering from doctor to doctor until they find one who vibrates according to a certain rate of vibration and in the feeling of affinity with the doctor, they have come into the full realization of faith. Without the faith of the patient, the doctor can do nothing, although materia medica has come into a much greater realization of late. When I was quite young I heard a famous doctor state to my father, who was also a doctor, “80 percent of the patients who come to us will get well anyway; 10 percent of them will die; and the other 10 percent, well, we can take out the appendix or set a bone and those are about the only ones we actually help.” There again you see the 80 percent who would get better anyway; and how much of the process is sped up because they have catalyzed their healing energies by realizing their element of faith in the physician. They might have directed the same concept and complete faith to a stone on the road and had the same results. Outside of a bone setting or an appendectomy or the sewing of a separation of the flesh, or some physical manipulations that were imperative at the moment, there were a large number of these patients for which the doctor could do nothing. Still the doctors of today fill a very important gap in our relationship with the inner self because most people simply do not have the spiritual wisdom and knowledge to contact the superconsciousness to perform all of these so-called miracles for themselves, which they seem to have done through the doctors.

The patient will eventually at some later time receive healing, as we pictured it to you, from a ball of radiant energy which exists between two polarities and is functioning in that way; or it may be a simple stream of light coming down into the consciousness by which the condition is to be made whole; but whatever it is, when healing enters the physical body, it can open and receive this light; and it is important to remember that the atomic structures of which the body is composed are supported by the psychic structures. They are supported, they are governed and they are regulated by this psychic body. We have a million and a half new cells created in the body every minute; however we do not have any conscious jurisdiction over these cells, what they are, or what they are going to do. They come into the body with a definite purpose, a certain intelligence and they perform that purpose to the completeness of their own life cycle. They do so because they are constantly being radiated into and infiltrated with this psychic energy which comes from the psychic self which is the motivating and the controlling life force which streams into the body at all times.

There are also spiritual energies coming into the various centers or organs of the body; these centers are sometimes called the chakras and are reflected in direct proportion to our alignment into our minds and into our bodies.

Q – How can we tell, when we have difficulty in making decisions, whether we are being spiritually inspired or whether it is our will?

A – Most individuals, say from 95 to 98 percent of the people, are under such external pressures from the confusion and materialism about them and under the stress and duress of so much propaganda, so many external pressures, that they become very wishy-washy because they do not know which way is spirit and which way is flesh. They are constantly fluctuating. They have not really impounded into their own consciousness any complete psychic revelations that would mean much to them. It would take a great deal of psychic impact to keep these people on the path, to keep them going upward. They need to have these things demonstrated day after day to be constantly aware of spiritual contact, or it leaves their consciousness.

Q – Why is it that some people can go to a healer and be healed instantly and others have no success at all? Would this partly be due to the fact that the thought forms were too firmly implanted in the latter and the former had a stronger faith?

A – This was covered to some extent but we shall give another slant; we shall enlarge upon this somewhat as it is a very important point. Everything, as we know, resolves into frequency relationship because all energy moves according to certain spectrums and certain harmonic relationship. The average individual functions in a harmonic way whether he is in tune in his sleep and going into the astral dimensions in his sleep or whether he is separated from the flesh and going through a spiritual reincarnation. A person is always revolving in those dimensions of frequency which are most compatible to him according to the laws of harmonic vibration. Therefore, he will seek out, in these spiritual states, the hypcognic state, spiritual healers who can come into a closer affinity with him through this law of harmonic vibration.

Now when he comes back to earth, he will still have the same diseased condition because the healing has to be materialized in the physical body so that it can be fully completed and polarized with other polarities. Consequently he begins seeking out the physician and sooner or later he will find one who has a rate of vibration which seems to strike through him in some intuitive way of which he is not quite aware; but the process is a catalytic action. The catalyzing action therefore takes place and so the healing is instituted because the patient has already realized the spiritual healing which has taken place in a higher dimension, although not yet brought it into his physical consciousness. So now he has the spiritual realization and the physical completeness. But first the healing has to take place in the spiritual dimension; it has to be made a part of the superconsciousness as of the individual’s concept, otherwise he just could not be healed. Often a person has set up such strong thought patterns, he would be so ignorant of these things that he would, so to speak, fight or resist or rebel against the spiritual healing.

Q – We hear at times that there is a stubborn case of illness; the patient is asked to change his diet or take different vitamins and a healing is realized. Would this diet actually have something to do with the cure?

A – It all hinges or is pivoted on how much faith we have. One of the healings which Jesus gave was to the blind man; He took a handful of dust, mixed a little spittle into it and put the mud on the blind mans eyes and said, “Now go wash in the well of Rebecca.” So the blind man went to the well and washed and his eyes were made whole. Now was it the mud or the spittle or the simple act of faith that concluded the transition of healing? The fact of the matter is, before that healing could take place with the blind man, it was actually completed in a spiritual way first—in an abstract way. That healing was part of the realization in the life cycle of all of the Infinite things that the Infinite had placed in that man’s consciousness; that healing was made possible because the man had first thought it out and realized it in a spiritual way before it could be manifest in the physical. The physical is only the end result. Now, of course, we can ascend to the place where we can become more directive in a realization of these spiritual factions rather than to be, we can say, just creatures of circumstance where we can wait or bide our time and say, well, until someone comes along. The entire lesson tonight was based on how to direct these forces ourselves by learning how they function. These powers can be found by thought, analysis and practice.

Q – Why is it so many people supposedly in the healing or medical profession, do not practice what they preach and are ailing themselves?

A – There are many in the medical fields who have in their left eye the glint of money because it is a lucrative profession which pays off big dividends. Most doctors make fantastic amounts of money compared to the man who works with his physical strength as do the laborers, etc. A certain amount of personal psychology too, is involved; it may be an escape mechanism working which has caused him to seek out the medical profession, just as he would seek the ministry or politics, because it gives him power and dominion over his fellowmen. If he can divert his own sense of guilt away from himself by having dominion over his fellowmen, then it acts as an escape mechanism. I do not mean to imply that all doctors are thus. There are many genuine humanitarians in the medical or psychiatric fields. But unfortunately, just as in any other field, there are many charlatans and many frauds; and there are those too, who become fraudulent after they have entered in with a humanitarian aspect of some service to man. It is very easy to fall by the wayside.

Q – Avak did such wonderful healings; people’s entire lives were changed by him, were they not?

A – Yes; here the whole faith of perhaps thousands of people was epitomized in what that man could do. It was not what the man did, but what was concentrated upon by each individual and done by the mere act of faith for himself, and by the sum total of all the generic forces which had been generated through the act of faith. According to the history of Avak, he came from Europe to heal someone out here in Ontario, California, but he had absolutely no success at all. Avak, incidentally, came into such conflict with the Western world that he wound up in a hospital in Washington, D.C., to spend several months recuperating and was treated with different types of therapy before he could get out of bed because he was so psychically depleted.

Q – In one’s evolution, where one begins to seek out the actual knowledge to better himself, what then is the definite step to promote knowledge further?

A – We might put that right down into a very few words and when you get to the proper place where you really want to become infinite or have a closer relationship with Creation, then we must understand that the Infinite Intelligence is completely abstract and completely Infinite. So we do not limit ourselves to any particular dispensation but realize that the Infinite is working through us infinitely.

Q – After one has taken up spiritual study and still must be active in the physical world, how would this affect his position in life, say in the field of business, pictures, drama, etc.?

A – As far as anything inspirational is concerned and as you widen the gap in your spiritual knowledge and interpretation as to how you live, and say, your ascendancy into higher concepts, you are going to widen constantly that gap between you and the material world. That is very logical and it is reasonable for anyone to see. Going directly into fields of art or drama or the inspirational expressive arts which depend largely upon inspirational values which are found purely within the self—the spiritual contact with the person–as you arise into higher contacts, you are going to paint more beautiful pictures than you previously did and will interpret various types of inspirational arts in a much higher plane than you did before, providing of course, that you have made higher spiritual contacts and are imbuing and imbibing into your own personal self and into your outward expression the sum and total of all of these spiritual inspirations with which you have had contact.

Now as far as business is concerned, business is strictly the protocol whereby one man takes from another, the means and sustenance to live. It is not the real spiritual way to live—no business is—the way business is conducted today. There you are getting down into the dominion of pure physical interpretation—materialism.

Q – How about the various schools that teach, through metaphysics or mind power, or mind control one obtains or secures financial success or plenty such as, “acquaint thyself now with the Lord and let’s get profitable?”

A – We have many different types of, shall we say, “metaphysics” that are being dispensed which tell you that you can direct your mind or the power of the Infinite through you so that you can materialize a new Cadillac (or any car). As Jesus would say, “Sufficient unto each day the evil thereof,” or “Sufficient to each evolution the evil thereof.” It merely means that man, in his lower carnal state, his material state of consciousness, is not in proper tune or in proper harmony with the Higher Self; and in working, shall we say, the infinite wisdom and power into the channel of selfhood, that we are really doing ourselves a great deal of harm and damage. Now you may not be able to see these things or the results of that transgression in one lifetime but the seed has been planted. When one is truly spiritually quickened or conscious, he isn’t concerned with the attainment of material or physical manifestations for self, or to inflate the ego, for it has been supplanted by something better; the ego has, by then, stepped down for higher values; that is, if the person really and firmly believed in this practice. I know of many practitioners in that so-called science who have entered into it strictly from the psychological fact that here again is dominion and power over their fellowman and with it comes certain monetary recompense. They are really not humanitarians, for they would not be teaching that if they were.

Excerpt from Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

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