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Master-Jesus-main-4-postQ – Was the polarity of Jesus on the earth at His time?

A – That is a good question and the better you can clear that sort of abstraction in your consciousness into the spiritual dimensions and consciousness, the more you will become overshadowed with the superconsciousness of the superself. That will supplant the physical self. It will make it much more easy to understand that Jesus (the Higher Self) was not actually crucified, because the overself or the Spiritual self was so strong that it wasn’t within the bounds of its tenets of the physical interpretations.

In coming to the earth, the man, as Jesus, went through all the Centers of UN.AR.I.U.S., taking 2,000 or more years in each, and then He came to the earth and some of the other numerous terrestrial dimensions to prove His Mastership under any and all conditions, including what is called death, or the ability to survive it. The mission of Jesus was to prove that this Mastery could be attained by any person; that the Christ Consciousness, the Father Within, as He called it, was within every individual. That was our personal Savior—the realizing and knowing of this overself or the superconsciousness. And regarding your question, such a developed being as was Jesus can oscillate with any other one of like or similar frequency. His espoused who walked by his side, served as a pole or battery with him. It is not generally known, but much Truth pertaining to his true life is not known.

Q – What about Jesus after the crucifixion?

A – As far as the histories of the world are concerned, there are several different stories; one group has it that he was taken down before he was dead–this is the Rosicrucian concept. Incidentally, while he was incarcerated in his tomb he used all his powers, his spiritual healing to bring himself back into a perfectly—healed condition; his disciples came and rolled away a stone from the rear entrance of the sepulcher and he came forth and lived for some six months time. Now as far as these histories of the world are concerned, you may as well take your choice one way or another because he was a very highly developed person. He would not have needed to remain on the earth as far as that was concerned for he came and went in a materialized body.

Q – He came for a certain purpose, did he not?

A – Yes. His mission was to prove that man not only had evolutions or cycles of reincarnation, as it is called, but as we went through these various cycles, we proved our supremacy over what is called death, the continuity of life. It was the Overself—the Christ Consciousness—not as a personal Savior who might reach down out of the heavens some day and snatch you by the hair of the head and put you upstairs someplace with which you are totally unfamiliar and unprepared to live there. Those things are very unrealistic. You will never go anywhere that you have not worked for or to which you have not become accustomed in spiritual Truths, no more than you would choose any home that would be foreign to your nature on this world. I feel sure that you would not go down into the slums of this great city and live there among those people as some of these slum-dwellers live. They are just as good as you and I; it just means that they are a step lower on their scale of evolution.

Student: There was Truth in what he taught when he said about all men being drawn unto him and that he would keep working until all men would be so drawn. Teacher: That is true up to a certain point, and as far as he himself and his power to radiate Truth, Light and Love into every individual in helping them either collectively or individually, but it always remains the very important precinct of consciousness that the individual arrives at the time and the place in his life when he wants to have what might be called salvation or to rise above himself – in other words, attain self-mastery. No one can violate that particular threshold of consciousness because a person would not accept it; it would likely do him more harm than good. So we all have to wait the time in our evolution as far as the earth individual is concerned until we wish those things.

Q – There seems to be some exceptions, such as Paul who was working actually against the Christians and was “awakened” with suddenness at once.

A – Yes, that is a complete reversal; you might say a polarity or part of this chart here that we have explained to you and which we put under the heading of reflexes or escape mechanisms. When we grow up in the world and have a lot of unadjusted conditions, psychic shocks or transpositions in our life to which we have not adjusted ourselves, psychic pressures are thus built up and we have to have escape hatches for them and they manifest themselves in very curious ways sometimes. Some people will go all out for flying saucers and believe that spacemen are coming down to “save the world”; or they may be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and go about trying to save other people when they themselves are so muddled up inside that they have used some religious organization as an escape mechanism. And there are other various and numerous derelictions. In extreme cases they lose personality. They can be completely obsessed until they get into various forms of mental and physical prostitution. Those escape mechanisms are very, very powerful factors in our lives and we should always recognize them when they come to us. Any time we become a little unbalanced, we lose this point of equilibrium and we begin going all out for something to the exclusion of all other things, then we are having a display of an escape mechanism—whether in the form of a religious endeavor or fervor or flying saucers or whatever it be.

Q – I wonder how it is that they (these so-called “Witnesses”) as they try to explain there shall be only 144,000 who shall be redeemed and yet there are more than that number of their own witnesses!

A – Yes, and I do not believe there are any of them who can explain that concept in a matter-of-fact way. So far as you and I are concerned, the number 144,000 can be resolved by the system of numerology as it was explained by Pythagoras, down into the common master number of man which is number 11, and this means that man is going to live on perpetually and forever. Of course as far as the Bible itself is concerned—and we are not criticizing the original archives or the original writings as they were so compounded—we are questioning the translations. St. Jerome, for instance, was a very notorious character in the Catholic Church about 400 A.D. and he was actually almost excommunicated by the pope for being an irascible personality and was sent to Jerusalem where he wrote a certain translation of the St. James Bible and came back to Rome and was castigated by the pope for deviating from the Truth so strongly, if you know the history of St. Jerome. There were also three Catholic priests—if you can call them such—-in the early entries of the church at the time of St. Paul, who were known as Aurenius, Claustidius and Mathedius, who rewrote the New Testament about 75 A.D. and compounded just exactly what they wanted according to the way it was given to them by St. Paul. St. Jerome said, “Well, I had to make the changes because the Church could not exist under its old status quo, the spiritual interpretations.” So that gave the pope the power of life and death over every individual, according to the translations and the Milan Edict and the various other writings. The Bible itself is so completely confounded and confused in its numerous derelictions and translations, and some of the parables were lost in the deeper or more esoterical meaning that very few people can get the Truth out of them.

Revelations itself is more or less of a hodgepodge of misinterpretations and mistranslations and it is the purpose of UN.AR.I.U.S. at this time to give a factual picture of what has happened and what exists in these other dimensions. Fundamentalism as it exists today is the “opiate of the people”, if I can quote Karl Marx on religion without being called a communist. And how many hundreds of thousands and even millions of people are going to the various churches throughout this country and taking those small doses of opiate? They are nursing these various complexes, these escape mechanisms within themselves by believing that God is punishing them and that it is written in the Bible they have to do this; in fact, they can go to their Bible and vindicate or justify any indisposition of neurosis intemperance, phobia or psychosis in their own self. That is what they mean by religion being the opiate of the people. There is only one way by which we can solve our differences and that is within ourselves. We don’t do it in church; it is a place of communion with other people in a spiritual sense. It forms a very valuable adjutant to a lot of people, people who do not have anything else, but it will go through a metamorphosis just like a great many others are going through at this time.

We have at the present time in Fundamentalism three different trinities—at least three different precepts or concepts of the mission of Jesus. As far as the churches of this country are concerned, they are all more or less quarreling among themselves like a pack of hungry dogs over a bone, and that bone is poor John Q. Public.

Q – I’ve read how in ancient Rome the high priests and monarchs of the church had over 100 books written and kept them hidden in the archives of the church because they did not tie in with their doctrines. They kept the congregation ignorant of these findings, saying people should not know that much.

A – Yes, that is very true; there has been so much burning and destroying of sacred literature—good literature. The Romans invaded Egypt and burned the great libraries in Alexandria where Cleopatra wept in the ashes. As far as the New Testament and various other translations, including the Old Testament, but in the New Testament particularly, Aurenius burned 17 books that were never published.

And you know what the 19th creed is and the Milan Edict at the time of Constantine, the Roman Emperor Constantine who became converted on his death bed; but before that he set up Catholicism or Christianity as it was called in those days which became Catholicism. Later on that developed up through Northern and Central Europe into what became known as the Holy Roman Empire. It became the combine of not only the religious orders as were headed by the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church in Rome, but it also brought into its tentacles such political leaders or kings—Kings Louis of France, Ottos of Germany, etc. They were all brought in as an active part of the Holy Roman Empire, and out of that grew the courts of inquisition and the burning of hundreds of thousands of spiritually-minded people who were accused of witchcraft and sorcery. They wrote some very bloody pages in history back in those days. And it was such men as Francis Bacon and Shakespeare, Martin Luther and John Locke, Leibnitz, Copernicus, Galileo and numerous others who dared the wrath of the whole Roman Empire.

Excerpt from The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

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