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Pyramids-4-postQ – Regarding the pyramids in the Gobi Desert, were they built at the time of the Shamballas or since, as a result of that? The world seems to know very little of these things?

A – The large pyramid in China—the one to which you refer, the father of the other four or five, but the largest one in particular—was built about 150,000 years ago and was built under the direction of the Lemurian Masters who were, at that time, functioning from the continent of Lemuria in the middle of the Pacific, which was since sunk. That sank about 100,000 years ago with the conjunction of a nova, a free flying nova or star that exploded and hurled part of it past our solar system; that is all described in the book of Mars. That pyramid that these Lemurian Masters built became the father of all pyramids. The one in Giza was built about 82,000 years ago.

Q – There were also supposed to have been built, great pyramids on the North American continent during the glacial period, were there not?

A – Yes, indeed, for if we are to believe even a small part of these experiences—such as Joseph Smith, for instance, in digging up the gold plates in the Hill of Comora in New York state, the various mounds and various other edifices that have been left behind as earmarks-they might be evidences of that ground-up pile of stone which was once a pyramid.

Q – When these great edifices were built, didn’t they use the principle of materialization, etc. to construct them?

A – That is quite correct; levitation if you wish to call it that. They also used vibronics in its highest form to cut sectional stones; they used saws that were edged with diamonds. They used vibronics to break out huge sections of the cliff and they could change the structure of the stone so that two men could pick up one of the twenty-ton pieces and walk up to the top of the pyramid with it. They were all perfectly fired together through vibration and cemented together in that same way.

Q – There are still spiritual interpretations to be revealed through the pyramids, aren’t there?

A – Well, as far as spiritual interpretations are concerned in the pyramids, they mean a very vast and a wide margin or a variety of expressions to a number of people. We find an interpretation to the mathematician, to the astrophysicist; we also find interpretations there for people who are of the occult and metaphysical groups because it is a very widely diversified structure that was produced under a number of conditions. There is nothing about those great pyramids that does not exist in some branch of science. During the earthquake in 1861 or up until that time, there was at least partially over these pyramids, a coating of stone, a white alabaster material which was perfectly formed and that was later broken off to rebuild the shaken down city of Alexandria and some of the other cities. The whole history of the world from time immemorial was carved in hieroglyphs on the outside of those pyramids and which has all been lost. Unfortunately, however, the strong winds over the deserts have greatly eroded them; after 150,000 years they would be eroded. However, we are not necessarily confined to the pyramids as a source of knowledge of these previous conditions because we can sit right in our living rooms and get it if we so wish and have the faith and ability in our clairvoyant power. That’s getting it the hard way when they go out and tramp all over the desert with the camels and making big holes to find it. It is wonderful to see those things in the history books and they have their day and time and they can be duplicated in a thousand and one places in the various solar systems and in the astral worlds. We can see that type of thing functioning in other planets as well in full bloom as they were on the earth 100,000 years ago.

We can also say up here in these Centers in these huge cities which I described to you that we can see these things in radiant energy where the student and the teacher go and study and express these things.

Q – What is inside the pyramids? They aren’t just all filled up, are they?

A – You know that will never be solved until they take those pyramids apart, literally piece by piece, because even the stones themselves hold secrets and are hollowed out. There is no instrumentation that I know of that can penetrate these solid rocks (such as detectors). There just are no appreciable tests. These people were very clever. Did you people see the movie of “The Egyptian”? They caused—through various processes like letting sand run out in holes, etc.,great sections of stone to slide down these passageways in what seems to the present archaeologist like a solid structure but it is not solid at all. Way down underneath they are catacombed and they will be unearthed some day. There are the bodies of one hundred priests in a state of suspended animation who are living under those catacombs in Egypt today. They will re-enter their bodies some day to prove certain principles of life which are involved, perpetuating energy, as was explained to you.

Q – Referring to your little book on Mars, one point in question: If everything is running and functioning so perfectly, how could a nova group go off, explode and cause so much trouble—why was this?

A – We are in space—first I will say that the astronomer knows about these things and there have been novas that have been seen in their photographic plates. Now if you visualize first these structures as I pointed out to you, and if there is some way of relationships of sync pulses or integration pulses set up within these vortexes so that they become dismembered temporarily from themselves, energy suddenly becomes disorganized. For instance, if you maintained that same concept in your body, you might get a cancer. The same thing that can happen in the body can happen to a star and so the star loses its relationship to the vortex and when it does that, these synchronizations or pulses of energy which hold it together and give the natural intelligent relationship are suddenly disintegrated, or they are broken down, or become unrelated and the star breaks up. Or we might have a meteor which comes from outer space and there again we have another peculiarity which is very abstract. This meteor has to be supported from a vortex just the same as anything else does.

Q – One more question: What is a comet? I have read where it is supposed to be a planet in the making; is this true?

A – It is a free body which is energy which is catapulting through space and traveling through at tremendous rates of speed. Now when it comes in conjunction with the sun, there is a gravitational field set up; there are also light pressures which is energy in a true sense. Now the tail of the comet does not trail out behind it; it is pointing away from the sun and as it travels, that tail points out from the sun in all directions away from the sun because the light pushes particles of energy off the surface which glow fluorescently.

For instance, that comet like Halley‘s Comet was visible to everyone; the astronomer thinks it is a big thing but it is not. Have you ever seen a shooting star in the sky? Well do you know that shooting star making all that light would not be any bigger than a head on a pin? That’s right. And do you know how this is? I will explain it once more. When it hits the upper layers of the earth’s atmosphere which are gaseous in nature and which are composed of some of the rarer gases, that little grain of sand is coming so fast, the little particle of cosmic dust is traveling so fast, at least 20,000 miles per hour, and so it hits this gas and piles up the gas in front of it into a big ball; because all these molecules of gas are in such violent agitation, they start to glow; they become fluorescent. So it becomes a huge object. You may be able to put it into your pocket and walk off with it if it ever lands on the earth in a sizeable condition without being burned. But the astronomer thinks it is a big thing because he sees the large fluorescent mass of energy which he believes to be a body. But it is not a large body at all. It is simply a piled up mass of gas. It is fluorescent and glowing and looks much bigger than it really is.

Q – But that star that came from Lemuria and hit the earth was of a large size; was it not?

A – It did not hit the earth; it passed close to the solar system—so close indeed that there were certain gravitational pulls set up and certain energy releasement; it was throwing off a tremendous amount of energy. The axis of the earth was changed, its rotation was changed and the orbit changed from a true circular to an eliptical orbit (or egg—shaped). It also has a plus or minus ½% degree wobble or oscillation which is very rapid and still maintains that after 100,000 years.

Q – Will that be corrected?

A – Well, we hope that it does not because if it is, there will be introduced great tensions in the earth’s crust. You know the earth’s crust is much thinner than the shell on an egg-comparatively speaking. And the inside is molten; in saying molten, do not confuse that to this point, because we see lava coming from a volcano which is supposed to be molten core but this merely means that we have energy in motion in molecular structure which is violently agitated. The induction of thermal energy into any substance will do the same thing; it will speed up the molecular point to where the natural structures of alignment with the molecules are broken down so that they flow or become liquid.

Excerpt From The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

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