Questions And Answers About Humanity’s Destiny

Destiny-of-Man-mainStudent (S) – One mind? (regarding Dr. Norman’s ability to accurately tune in to any event).

Teacher (T) – Well, let’s put it this way; this is going on all around you all the time; it does not belong to anybody in particular, just to whoever can use it. It is the Infinite Mind. I tune into It just the way that the television tunes into the transmitter. We have to train by understanding what these things are, what the creative substance is, what or why there are atoms and how and why there is this and that and the other thing. We cannot accept these things superficially or as they appear to be. We cannot accept them as other people tell us they are; we must find out these things for ourselves because only in the dimension of your own experience can you learn to understand these principles, and you must push the dimension of your personal expression beyond the horizon or the confines of what other people tell you are the limits, because there are no limits. You have to get that into your mind right now.

You people can go just as far out or just as high or as low as you wish. If you wish to go all the way and you stick with the study and put forth effort, you can. This is a challenge of your existence because in learning this (and you will have to learn every little bit that you understand), you’ll have to learn it through the doorway of experience and then you’ll achieve an understanding of the Infinite Creator and what He is. He will not be any white-robed Santa Claus who sits up there on a big throne with a book of life. That belief belongs to the people who wish to escape, who do not wish to understand.

S – And what is beyond that?

T – We should take one step at a time. For the next million years, you work on this and you will learn to understand. It may take a million years and it may take a hundred million; no, it will not seem that long. Time is a very intangible element as far as experience is concerned. You can, in a psychism or in a flash, live your entire lifetime in two seconds; and you can also live far beyond that in a few seconds time or back into the past as well!

S – What do you see as the destiny of the human race?

T – You mean collectively as they exist on the face of the earth? I do not believe in destiny in the common accepted plane of reference. To me the world is much like the first or second grade in school. If we stand off on the school grounds somewhere and we sit there quietly for about ten years, we will see students coming and going. They are not the same students each year that we see because they all graduate and go into higher grades; and that is the way that it is to me because I see people who live a hundred or two hundred thousand years on this earth; they come and go in maybe a thousand or more lifetimes and then they pass on because this world is on a certain dimension of experience in their life. Their destiny is just as infinite; you cannot lay down any set of configurations so far as you say, “What is your destiny?” You, myself or anyone else have never visualized an ultimate destiny for anyone, because the Infinite is just that way.

To learn the Infinite means that we are going to take an infinite length of time to learn about the Infinite. That means that we will never arrive at the terminating point. That is true heaven. It is not going up there and floating around on a pink cloud playing a harp or living in some fancied state.

S – How about the state of the world?

T – In the expression of the Infinite, as we were saying of the world, our third dimension or the terrestrial planet, there must always be a definite equilibrium maintained. This equilibrium is maintained in a cyclic fashion; we have big cycles and smaller cycles. One of the dominating cycles with which we are concerned at this time is the cycle of the recessional which is 25,862 years. That means in the elliptical orbit the earth traveling around the sun comes out minus so many degrees each year, so that by the end of that period or length of time, it intersects and bisects in a complete cycle a great number of lines of magnetic force which are universal in nature. That means that the earth has become expressionary or felt the influence of these dominating lines of force. And civilizations will rise and fall according to these dominating influences because you have to realize that man is still an environmental creature. He is still very largely dependent upon not only terrestrial influence in his everyday environment, but he is also very dependent on astral influences which come through these great cyclic movements through the magnetic lines of force. Therefore, if you look into the future and you see this great build-up which is a machination of third-dimensional scientific technocracy, it is creating a great preponderance, a great over-balance. Now there is going to have to be achieved a balance for that. Unfortunately, that balance is not going to take a straight-line turn of reference; it is going to go in a complete opposite or negative fashion. That could mean any one or a number of things. People in the near future because of the fear of war can entirely abandon their present third-dimensional science and go into complete reversion where they become entirely spiritually engrossed. Now when they do that, it sets up other repercussions. Genetical statistics are influenced to a large degree on how people believe because you are also retaining certain rapports with other lifetimes when other different magnetic lines of force influenced your life and cause certain generical or genetical expressionary forms.

I am not a doom-monger. I do not prophesy the end of the world as in the Bible in the second epistle of Peter, “And the Lord shall come as a thief in the night and the very elements shall burn as with a fervent heat.” There will be a balanced sheet. And it also speaks in Revelations; Nostradamus spoke of it very forceably about the Battle of Armageddon, and the great beasts that came from the sea, and how the beasts were destroyed, and the seven seals. What are the seven seals? The seven seals in the New Testament have a direct reference to the seven days in which the Lord created the earth. What are these seven days? One of them we have not yet had; we are only entering into it; that is the 25,862 year cyclic pattern I just mentioned. We have lived six of those days which dates back to the Lemurian civilization 155,000 years ago and which is the starting place of the Old Testament, not the beginning of man’s spiritual growth on the earth in a scientific technocracy. When we recombine a dimension of this terrestrial world with the spiritual, we are being cast from the Garden of Eden, a pure esoterical state of consciousness, the undulant form which is supposed to exist in a pure esoterical sense, or the primary stages of evolution which I referred to previously as species of plant and animal life that became the amalgamated forms of psychic anatomies which developed homosapiens (man). So the old Garden of Eden was merely the spiritual reliving and reincarnation of all plant and animal species on the face of the earth. And so for this time, goodnight, dear ones.

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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