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People-Of-The-Planet-Clarion-main-2-postTruman Bethurum (August 21, 1898 – May 21, 1969) was the second of the well known 1950s contactees, individuals who claimed to have spoken with people from other inhabited planets and entered or ridden in their spacecraft. His experiences led him to visit and discuss the issue with George Adamski.

Bethurum was born in Gavalin, California, and in the early 1950s worked as a mechanic on a road-building Truman Bethurumcrew and as a spiritual advisor. In 1953 Bethurum first published magazine and newspaper (Redondo Beach Daily Breeze, September 25, 1953) accounts of being contacted on eleven separate occasions by the human crew of a landed space ship, and repeatedly conversing with its female captain, Aura Rhanes. Saucer and crew, who spoke colloquial English, came from the unknown planet Clarion, which, from the earth, always remains out of sight. A 1954 book, Aboard a Flying Saucer, gave many details of Bethurum’s suffering at the hands of skeptics and a great deal of information about Clarion and its people.

Most contactees of this period became (or already were) leaders in new paradigm movements to inform people of extraterrestrial intelligent life, including George Adamski, George Van Tassel, Daniel Fry, George King and many others. Mr. Bethurum made it known that the space people had asked him to consider creating a place of learning for those who were interested in considering the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligent life, with Mr. Bethurum as facilitator. The Sanctuary of Thought, a philosophical group, was subsequently created near Prescott, Arizona. Mr. Bethurum claimed to possess physical evidence such as unique items given to him by Captain Aura Rhanes.

Some of Bethurum’s later books include The Voice of the Planet Clarion (1957), Facing Reality (1958), and The People of the Planet Clarion (1970), published after his death in Landers, California in 1969. The first 44 pages of the final book are an autobiography of Bethurum covering his life up to 1953. Columba Krebs wrote the afterword. ~ Wikipedia

The following is a Q&A provided by Truman Bethurum about the people of Clarion:

I will now endeavor to answer a few more questions posed at various times in regard to Clarion and its people, as compared to Earth and the people here. These questions came to me from various sources. Some came from ordinary people who were interested in learning the ways of the Universe, while some are from disbelievers, hoping in some way to prove that their disbelief is justified in an effort to raise their ego.

I do not claim to have all the answers. In fact, what I do not know about Clarion and its people would make a much bigger and better book than what I do know. I can answer only those questions which are along the lines of our discussions during the time the Clarionites were coming to Earth and visiting me. Many facets of their life that were discussed with me are of the utmost importance to us, and to neglect to bring these out in the fullest detail would indeed leave a great breach in our knowledge.

Q: Do the women of Clarion  conceive children the same as Earth women do?
A: Yes, exactly the same. Aura Rhanes answered me personally when I asked this question.  Her answer, and I quote: “We have children the same as all; the urge to do that is a natural call. But sex is not promiscuous and is used only for the propagation of the race.”

Q: How do they discipline their children?
A: Judging from our talks, punishment is not found to be necessary. That is, punishment as we on Earth understand the word. No doubt, some form of understanding, restraint or counseling is probably practiced while the children are still very young. Aura told me that the first lesson to their children is, and I quote her words: “If it isn’t yours, just leave it there.” She said they maintain that knowledge and respect  throughout life.

Q: Do the children ever misbehave?
A: Aura said that their main interests were with their families and every event is attended by all the family. A closely woven family pattern probably precludes what this question asks.

Q: Are their stores where people can buy food and clothing like on Earth?
A: Yes, Aura told me that their lives closely parallel ours on Earth, that each person is a specialist and that there are no “jack-of-all-trades” on Clarion. A store keeper is a storekeeper, and not also a farmer or handling some other trade. She also stated: “We do have a monetary system, but it is not used for speculation.” She indicated that what we call profiteering is not practiced. Instead, each makes a small livable profit from each item and every endeavor. She also stated that their money was used simply as a means of exchange so that it was not necessary to carry something heavy or bulky to exchange for some article which they desired when shopping. I understand that theirs is a very cooperative system, where everyone enjoys doing his part towards the prosperity of the whole and receives adequate rewards, and no one is left out, due to incapacitation, etc.

Q: Are there any repair shops?
A: One statement by Aura comes to mind: “We never destroy anything.” At another time I remember this statement: “There is no destruction of any kind on Clarion. ” This would tend to indicate that maintenance of some sort is accomplished.

Q: Do they have fresh fruits and vegetables such as ours?
A: I presume that such is the case. Aura stated regarding flora and fauna, the colors and textures were different, but they filled the same needs and were used like on Earth. She has also stated that some of their agricultural items, as well as some of their animals, I would recognize. Others would be unfamiliar. That would indicated that some fruits, trees, vegetables, flowers, etc., are similar to ours, while some are apparently unknown on Earth. This would apply to their animals also.

Q: Do they cook their food?
A: This was not discussed in exactly those terms, but Aura stated that when they decided to take me, and others, to their planet, “My favorite menus will be prepared for you.” Also, she said that her maid, who was like a Home Economist here, and who had equality with all others on Clarion, would assist with this task. I don’t believe the word “cooking” was used.

Q: Do they eat meat?
A: I rather believe from what I heard during our conversations that they are more on the vegetarian side. However, I do believe that some form of flesh food, such as fish and fowl, is more than likely consumed, because on one occasion Aura stated that she like to fish.

Q: Do they have movies or shows?
A: This was not discussed, but at one time Aura said: “Your Earth planet holds no secrets from us.” This would make me believe that they surely know about our film, and if they wanted to make any for themselves, they could surely do it. However, with a machine they called a “retroscope,” they can sit in their own homes and enjoy occurrences, with color and sound, just as they originally happened, any time through the past centuries.  In comparison with this kind of entertainment, film or movies would come in a poor second.

Q: Do they have any form of animals?
A: They most certainly do. Aura said very specifically that many of their animals I would recognize, while others I would not. But she did not elaborate on this.

Q: Do they have sports, such as baseball, track, football, swimming, tennis, etc.?
A: I do not know what they call their games, but she told me that the children did have toys to play with and that she, herself, enjoyed dancing and swimming. She also stated that they have many public functions of various kinds and that their lives were fully occupied with pleasures.

Q: Do they have tall buildings on Clarion?
A: I doubt very much whether their buildings are tall compared with those of some of our cities. Aura indicated that Clarion was slightly smaller than the Earth, and their families are intentionally limited as to the numbers and that they live much longer than the Earth people. The word “death” was not mentioned, but at one time, indicating that there was a limit of expectancy, she told me: “I expect to be around for a thousand years.” When I asked her whether she meant our earth years, her answer was affirmative.

Q: What type of buildings do they live in?
A: She told me that all their homes were as mansions compared to the homes of the Earth, as they plan and build more carefully. At one time she stated: “When we build anything, it is built forever.”

Q: Are there oceans on Clarion?
A: Yes, Aura told me: “We have an ocean, lakes, rivers and streams.” She also stated that they have dams in some of the rivers.

Q: Do they study the languages used on Earth?
A: I can only presume that, at least, all those who are making the trip to Earth and other planets on their Scows (spacecraft) are well-equipped in this respect. As I was told, and it was proven to me, language is no barrier to them anywhere.

Q: Do people from other planets, other than from Clarion, visit us?
A: I know Aura stated that they were closely associated with the people of Mars. Without stating any other names, she said that many planets were inhabited, and that they were friendly with all of them. During the same visit, she told me that the Earth planet is the newest and lowest in evolution.

Q: Do other planets have living habits similar to ours on Earth?
A: Wow! Let’s hope not, especially the way we have lived up to now! Wars and rumors of wars, destruction, drink, crime, delinquency, poverty, etc. To write about any of these Earthly situations would fill a library, if fully and truthfully given. Our one salvation is the fact that Aura stated our Earth is the newest and lowest in evolution. Let’s hope we can go no lower, ant that we strive to evolve higher. Let’s expend all our strength to do so.

Q: Are they much like us in appearance?
A: Yes. All of the Clarionites with whom I had the pleasure of meeting and conversing were of Latin appearance and fine, healthy specimens of humanity. They seem to be between twenty-five and forty years old, as we count years. None showed any signs of aging, no lack of hair or gray hair, and their gait was youthful at all times. The only female I saw or met was the Captain, Aura Rhanes. Her youthful appearance would correspond to a very young college girl here on Earth, and yet, as she told me, she is a mother and grandmother! She did not appear to use any make-up, nor did she appear to have lost any vitality or youthful figure, even with the added years necessary to become a grandmother. I only hope the day will come soon, when Aura and her crew, or other Clarionites, can visit our planet and be peacefully and gratefully welcomed by all our inhabitants. Then they will be able to impart their secrets of life so that we, too, may maintain a youthfulness far beyond our normal span of life.

Q: What sort of transportation do other planets have?
A: I do not know, other than the statement of Aura’s that many planets are inhabited and that they all have interplanetary travel except our Earth. At the same time, she intimated that all are not the same, saying, “We believe ours is the best.” Since writing my report in my book, “Aboard A Flying Saucer,” I have talked to many people and read several books regarding space craft, as well as hundreds of newspaper articles. To sum up the lot would indicate that at least four, and a good possibility that as many as twelve planets are now scouting our skies to investigate our Earth. There is not doubt in my mind but that all are peaceful and mean no harm whatever to anyone. Inversely, any harm to anyone through contact with Space People will undoubtedly be our Earth people’s own fault, by disobeying common judgment or deliberately asking for trouble. If any but peaceful intentions had been held by any of the Planetarians, someone would have become aware of the situation long ere this.

Q: What types of factories, homes and buildings do they have on other planets?
A: Mars was the only planet that I discussed with the Clarionites other than their own planet and Earth. They said Mars was a great manufacturing planet, having large factories able to manufacture very large equipment for themselves and other planets. They hinted at one time that their “Scow” had been manufactured on Mars and the equipment installed by themselves.

Q: If it takes two days to Clarion and two days back (our time), how long does it take to fly to other planets?
A: This was not discussed in a manner to bring out a definite answer. However, Aura stated that on a leisurely trip, by way of Mars, that they could land on Mars, give it a good look and then be back by the second night. I questioned whether, at this rate, they would be traveling at the speed of light at any time. I was informed that natural sunlight is omnipresent and does not travel, such as does electricity and artificial light.

Q: Are the people of other planets all peaceful and friendly?
A: From our talks, I believe that all are, indeed, friendly far beyond any friendliness such as we know it or practice it on Earth.

Q: How long has Earth been observed by Clarion?
A: Probably for a great many years, but I doubt if they were very much interested in anything other than sightseeing until we started to experiment with atomic power. I believe, from our talks, their interest grew for the sake of their own safety. All Space People have certainly greatly increased their interest in Earth’s doings since the birth of atomic power.

Q: How long will it be before Earthmen can travel to Clarion?
A: Aura assured me that the knowledge of space travel is very simple. So simple, in fact, that we have walked right over it! But, as long as there is any strife on the Earth, no one will ever grasp the real secret of space travel. She assured me that it is too simple for words and that when “Peace on Earth” becomes a permanent reality, we will come in possession of this knowledge to solve the problem of space travel. It is simply the knowledge of the control of gravity, nothing more nor less!

Q: Would there be any way possible for anyone to build a Scow for personal use in transportation around the Earth exclusively?
A: The power used is the one thing that holds the key to the possibility of space travel, or that type of travel, even if used only locally on Earth. For that purpose, any large manufacturing plant on Earth could build the shell necessary. But first, let’s make international peace a reality, then concentrate on the secret of the motive power that we know we must master first!

Q: Are there any hatreds or wars on other planets?
A: In each instance during conversation, Aura very emphatically stated that the Earth planet was the only one that had wars and strife of any kind!

Q: Are there any racial distinctions on Clarion?
A: Aura stated several times that no such situation exists on Clarion. Her exact words: “We consider ourselves as of one race and one religion, with no misunderstandings or hatreds, such as are prevalent on your Earth.”

Q: Is the entire planet Clarion as one in unity?
A: Yes! That is exactly what I understood by Aura’s comments and she further stated that she had a hand in the operation the the government there. Each department was operated by persons especially trained for the part – hardly like our governments here on Earth, where anyone influential enough can get into almost any branch, particularly if they pull for a winning candidate. Some of Clarion’s system would benefit us, I am sure.

Q: Are there many different religions?
A: We discussed religion at some length and found that they have but one basic religion and that is based upon the concept of our Golden Rule.

Q: Is the speed of light a limiting factor?
A: No! They told me there was no such condition; that natural sunlight does not travel – it just fills space simultaneously.

Q: Is Clarion in our solar system?
A: Yes. They said they had the same sun shining on them in Clarion.

Q: What approximately, is the size of Clarion, with reference to our dimensions?
A: I gathered that it is probably somewhat smaller. Clarion is very probably in the same orbit as the Earth, but always opposite the Sun.

Q: What is gravity?
A: They apparently know, but we don’t. They said no one on Earth would learn from them the secret of their power and control of space craft, which uses gravitational force.

Q: Does our method of measuring the effect of gravity hold throughout the Universe, or just on this planet?
A: From their talks I gathered that at least on their planet, Clarion, gravity is similar to Earth’s, also many other planets.

Q: Have the Clarionites visited other planets in our solar system?
A: Yes, many. They said that the Earth is the least developed and that all the planets they have visited (except for Earth) had the means for interplanetary travel.

Q: What type of life, if any, is there on the other planets?
A: Similar to our own. They did not differentiate between themselves and the people of Earth. They also mentioned Mars as very similar.

Q: Are the other planets actually as they appear to us, or are they merely cross-sections of some larger body, of whom we see merely the traces of their movements?
A: Not actually as seen or described in books and papers here. Actual visitation proves them to be different than they appear, even from a relatively close position and under magnification. They said that the Earth appears to be uninhabited until they are relatively close.

Q: Have the people of Clarion developed telementation?
A: Yes, for telementation is thought transference.

Q: Our general aim in life is perhaps health, wealth and self-expression. What is theirs?
A: Certainly personal wealth is not a consideration. Captain Aura stated that there was no poverty or wealth as we on Earth know them. Also that everyone on Clarion had more and better of everything and that the Earth had nothing they desired.

Q: Are the Clarionites all in one group or split up into nations such as our world?
A: They indicated that theirs was “of one race and one religion.”

Q: What is their political philosophy? How do they govern themselves?
A: I asked and was told that their government was certainly not like on Earth, with graft, favoritism and personal gain in mind! Their leaders are selected because of their knowledge, wisdom and intelligence in their particular field, as everyone is educated as a specialist on Clarion.

Q: What types of transportation do they use on their planet?
A: They indicated that three types were used and that none used fuel as we know it, such as gasoline or diesel fuel.

Q: Do they have interplanetary ships other then the “saucer” type?
A: Clarion has but one type, and they stated that many planets, except Earth, had various types of interplanetary travel and that the Clarion people knew of them, but considered theirs the best.

Q: Does their anti-gravitational device also work inside their ships to relieve “G” pulls on the occupants to allow, say, ninety degree turns at higher speeds?
A: Yes. They said that there was no feeling or sensation of motion at any time. Also, that regardless as to what position their Scow appeared from Earth, they were always right side up in the Scow. This would indicate a synthetic or artificial gravity at the bottom or floor of the Scow.

Q: Is their anti-gravitational device atomic powered or by some other means unknown to our planet?
A: Not atomic powered, but by a means certainly undeveloped at present on Earth. the radioactivity caused by the splitting of the atom is too destructive. If Earth has an atomic war with nuclear weapons of any kind, the radioactivity will eventually affect the human genes, which will cause malformed monstrosities to be born in future generations, should there be any survivors. That is why it is so important to prevent such a war.

Q: Inasmuch as time is probably only a conception  of the human mind, to account for movement which could not otherwise be understood, what is the Clarion conception of time?
A: They said that time and distance as we on Earth know them is of no concern to them.

Q: What is the nature of light? Does it need a medium through which to travel? Or does it travel at all?
A: My understanding, as we talked, was that sunlight is everywhere at the same time and that night, or darkness, as we know it, is simply something between us and the source, temporarily obscuring it from our view.

Q: Do they have entertainment such as movies, television, sports, etc., or what do they consider entertainment?
A: In our talks, I gained the impression that their families were the main home interest. They do have games, dancing, something similar to our TV, fishing, swimming, etc. In fact, many times Aura Rhanes stated, “Our lives very closely parallel yours.” She also stated that alcoholic beverages, narcotic drugs, and tobacco were never indulged in and that sex was not promiscuous.

Excerpt from Messages From The People of the Planet Clarion

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