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spiritual-teacher-mainQ – How can we approach those who are not yet in this understanding, or break the ice to them and yet hit the nail on the head?

A – You have a very good point there and a very common one with all true seekers of Truth. First, in order to give something to someone, we must have it ourselves. Now there is a certain relationship which we brought about tonight and when you come in contact with these higher minds and dimensions and work through and with these individuals and organizations such as Shamballa (now UN.AR.I.U.S.) in these various spiritual alliances, you will find that you will not suffer such contradictions in your spiritual work. You will then find that you will go to people who will have first asked that a new spiritual relationship be given to them. They will have been prepared; there will be a certain rate of vibration or a spiritual umbilical cord vibrating between you and the person of that group so that you will go to them prepared and they will be prepared to receive you. There will be no resentment; there will be acceptance and everyone will have a good time.

Do not, at any time, presuppose that you can go to anyone whom you might see, who does not quite coincide with what you have and expect them to accept your interpretation because we must always remember that the Infinite is infinitely Infinite, and that you can never see life as the other person does, and they can never see what we see until they want it, ask for it, or until they are ready for it. We may know we have some facet of truth, or that we are a little farther along the line in our evolution than he who may be “doing the other fellow before he does him”. That does not give us the prerogative, the premise to encroach upon his domain of personal interpretation of life. That was the point which was so emphatically taught by Jesus. We should knock on their doors, but that knocking is a spiritual one.

Perhaps in a future time and place—and we are not strictly concerned with time—you can, in the hypcognic state or the sleep state, travel out into the astral worlds and contact hundreds and perhaps thousands of souls who are likewise in a suspended state. You can go to them as teachers because now there are differences in vibrations or frequency relationships which enable you to teach them. You are sharing with them your spiritual viewpoints and your experiences. Then they may return back to the earth and in a few months or years time, you may meet them and ask yourself, “Where did I meet that person before?” That person will be ready to receive whatever you have to give in the way of teaching and likewise you can receive whatever he has to share with you; because we must always remember, we are functioning on two levels—both positive and negative. You are both receptive, but you must first give so that you can receive because the vessel of understanding must always be flowing—never full and stagnant.


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