Q & A On The Importance of Being Positive And Progressive

positive-thinking-main-4-postStudent: …how best can we serve or how can we be of benefit and help others in this teaching?

Moderator: I think the most basic thing that you can arrive at is that you start visualizing all of these things in life, whatever it is that happens to you, as energy movements. They are sine wave movements. You have to create within the consciousness of your mind and see this energy traveling as the little green snake (sine wave); you have to see the positiveness with which the information takes on in the positive or the forward motion of that cycle which relates it to the positive Infinity, to the creative Infinity. Or we have to see the information which is linked through vibration to the negative or the regressive cycle which is the destructive intent, because it is destructive in the sense of the word that a lot is all a part of Infinity, yet Infinity is never constructive to us unless there is always a forward motion with us, or that we are traveling into the future with, because we are never stationary.

Student: No, we are either going forward or backwards, aren’t we?

Moderator: We are always traveling forward into Infinity. Everyday and in every way, these earth people (whatever their little experiences are), are all related to the future, at least to a certain degree. But at the same time they are relating all of these things from the past in their social systems and all the different ways in which they have intercourse among themselves; they are all related to past emotional experiences and in that way, progression is very, very slow. They really don’t arrive at very much or get very much as far as polarization is concerned from one lifetime to the next, and in a number of lifetimes the negative experiences can pile up and be in predominance over the positive, forward motions. So then they have amassed karma as the yogi would put it; then it becomes a proposition where they become physically ill, emotionally ill, and they become displaced and they become a lot of other things, so they have to work out these things, begin to work them out until they possess constructive knowledge of how they can work these things out, such as we are giving in the Unariun texts. They are more or less lost souls. A certain amount of help can come to them but we are in the same position as anyone else in the cosmic universe in the scale of evolution, that this has to be something in which the persons themselves are desirous of or that they have the complete will to do, you see. We cannot change the will or the desire of the person because if we do, we wind up with a zombie and we haven’t anything. We might as well sit down and cut out paper dollies and give them life.

Ruth: But I know what you are thinking, what Freddie said, that she was full of hope that things would work out for her and she said, “So, I will hold a thought for this to happen,” or “I will hold a thought for that to happen.” So, we told her she doesn’t have to hold a thought for anything to happen. It is all done from the superconscious or the inner.

Moderator: You see, you can’t hold a thought for anyone because your conscious mind is only an emotional extrusion of the subconscious, dear. Your conscious mind is only an emotional extrusion; it is only emotionalizing on the surface of your life what is in your subconscious. That is your conscious mind. For instance, if I raise up this cup like this, what is that? Now, I can transfer; I can draw my sine wave and on here I can put little wiggles, different little shapes, wiggles and different little polarities on the ends of these wiggles, all along this sine wave, you see. Now, transferred into my psychic anatomy, if I visualize these little wiggles as they go around this sine wave, I see the motion of the cup raising up and lowering. So, if I see the little wiggles from the positive end of the sine wave cycle, I know that I have raised the cup constructively to do something in a constructive way. But if I have raised up the cup to say, bash it over someone’s head, then the motion becomes destructive, doesn’t it? Do you see what I mean?

Student: Yes.

Moderator: When we are linked to the forward, progressive motion, the other side, although it contains the same information, yet it terminates in a destructive motion, you see, because through consciousness it leads to the culmination of a destructive motion, whereas the other one, when I raise my cup and it goes to my lips, then I am feeding myself. Or we might say if we do something else which is constructive, then we have tuned our thought, our introspection as we see the wiggly little lines that are drawn around on this sine wave which, expresses motion of the cup; we terminate it into either a constructive motion or a destructive motion.

Student: Is there never in between?

Moderator: There is never any in between; it has to be either one or the other. There can be no in between; it is cosmically impossible.

Student: Energy contains within itself the intelligence and it knows whether it is positive or negative?

Moderator: Energy itself is not emotional. It is the way we react to energy in the fact that it is part of our subconscious. Then we have to react to it emotionally because the subconscious is the past.

Student: Well, I think I am taking too much time, am I?

Ruth: No, that’s what you have come for.

Moderator: You see, honey, here is what happens when you see something; let me explain this a little differently. Whatever it is that you see, let us say you see somebody doing a very beautiful and constructive thing. Well, the motions of light come along through here and they go into your eye. They are transferred into the retina and they go into the brain cells. As this motion of energy goes into the brain cells, those are like little transistors; they are little rectifiers. They maintain a certain purveyance; that is, in a split fraction of a second they maintain the image of that motion of that particular part of the sine wave, or what is contained on the sine wave within themselves, and from there on those energies are transposed or they are changed, transformer-like, and go into the subconscious. Now, when you reconnect yourself up consciously into the future, let us say to tomorrow, you consciously connect yourself up to the future because those little wave forms that went into your subconscious are still oscillating. Just like when you ring a bell, the sound keeps going out from it, so you can connect yourself up consciously to these things by letting them flow back into the conscious mind and when they do that, they make the reverse motion back into the brain cells and they recreate exactly what you saw the day before or what the energy was when they passed through that brain cell the day before. That gives you the impression that you were seeing but you are not really seeing at all. All you are doing is sensing little waveforms that live for a split fraction of a second in your brain cells. So, do you see the whole Science and what is involved?

Ruth: I don’t know if you have the lesson course or not yet; do you?

Student: I tried to conceive as much as possible just before I left.

Moderator: You see, where science, the religious systems and the philosophies of the world leave off, they leave so much to be desired, because we have to transpose all of these philosophical or religious systems into signs or symbologies.

First, the basic element is the way in which the sine wave carries itself. The positive polarization, the negative polarization of the forward movement of the sine wave carries information which is the little wave forms wrapped around the basic sine wave, just like the serpent is wound around the position of the staff of Cadueus, the forward motion. If we are linked to the positive side of those wave forms, then we are looking into Infinity; that is constructive because that is the forward motion of the cycle. Now, this is a very important cosmic law to remember: that the forward motion, the future, or whatever you wish to call it if it is forward, is always constructive and positive, but the past is always destructive, because everything in the cosmic and the higher worlds, in the fourth dimension, resolves itself. The sine wave goes around in a little circle, you see, and it meets itself coming around to the other side like the snake that puts its tail in its mouth. So any time on this cycle we tune into the fourth dimension to the cycle in which it presents itself as a forward motion in any particular part of that cycle, we tune to all the information. For instance, your life from the moment in which you were conceived to the moment in which you passed on to spirit is contained in a certain cycle. This is the entirety of your consciousness. Now, if you knew about this cycle as I know about mine in my lifetime, you could have been instantly able, at any time in your life (as I did when I was even three and four years old), to tune in and see any of the important events of your life because all the information is there; it is the future. Or you would be able to, as I can do now, look into your past and see what has happened because I am tuning into other life cycles in which you have lived. But basically, we have to get down to the equivalence of energy as it manifests itself. We must transfer the feeling of consciousness. We are conscious of this, that and the other thing, but we have to see it as wave form motions of energy which contain information. The information is other little waveforms of motion which are wrapped around the sine waves.

I can show you technical books that are just full of all kinds of information, how we measure wave forms on television receivers and so on, but it is still the same thing, the basic principles which make this body and keep it controlled and keep it warm, and keeps it flowing, keeps consciousness going; it is all information contained in sine waves.

Student: Yes, I understand that part. It is just knowing what to do many times to uphold, to stay positive for a given situation and not connect with it.

Moderator: You can always visualize the sine wave moving forward into Infinity. “Am I tuned into the positive, can I see something constructive?” You can immediately tell whether your introspection is right because you will see something constructive in everything that you do or in anything that is happening. You will see an evolution of consciousness taking place.

Student: Well, I am beginning to see that more now. All things are as they should be right now at that point in your consciousness.

Moderator: Because we have to visualize the entirety of creation. Now, this is basically Christian Science as it was taught by a Dr. Quimby to Mary Baker Eddie, who is one of my very close pals, and he has worked with me for many, many years. So, if my teaching sounds a lot like Christian Science, that is not a coincidence. Dr. Quimby taught Mary Baker Eddie the same thing that he and I are collaborating on now. We have to transpose these elements of thought into something you can understand. To us, they are very scientific things.

Student: This is the method that we will use after we leave the flesh?

Moderator: It is a method in not only using it, but it will determine whether we live again, you see?

Student: Yes, I see that.

Moderator: It is the honesty of the whole proposition, because people who are not acquainted with these things cannot live in these worlds where there is no physical body; they can’t possibly, it is impossible for them. They live from their subconscious, their astral shell, because that is the memory experience.

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium III

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