mind-energy-main“…The reader therefore, must realize that it makes little difference in what direction he begins to Einsteinanalyze, how he would subdivide or fractionalize various expressive forms of life about him, whether his objectivism is animate or inanimate, he must first reduce all such apparent forms into a common constituent – energy. the illusion of mass was “destroyed” by nuclear physics and by Einstein, who first conceived some small part of this truth.

The subject of mass itself, like psychokenesis, or any other divisions, have broad and infinite ramifications. Energy therefore becomes the keystone in the sine-wave-basicarch of understanding. We will therefore begin with the most common expressive form of energy called by science, the sine wave. This is a certain quotient of energy traveling through space or matter, in a manner which can be best likened to a wave traveling across the ocean. It is either a molecular or an atomic transference of energy from any given point to another. To do this it must have two poles. This is necessary because any media through which the wave travels must thus retransfer this energy wave in direct facsimile to other and similar constituents of this media. Positive and negative polarities are therefore used to describe the energy transference contained in the wave frequency.  Also necessary to understand, is the number of times this wave repeats itself, positively and negatively from its source or EMF. (This is the frequency).

EM-SpectrumAt this point we must say that herein also enters a very important part of your introspection, which is spectra. Spectra is a group of classifications called dimensions. In other words, a dimension roughly comprises energy wave forms which are compatible to one another on the basis of frequency, and the related remanifestation of frequency called harmonics. Harmonics are more easily understood as energy transferences as follows: When the “A” strings of violins-and-A-stringtwo violins are tuned exactly, one will resonate when the other is plucked. This is direct energy transference through sympathetic or harmonic repetition of the same frequency structures. Energy from one string in its various and numerous frequencies, called harmonics or overtones, generate wave forms which travel through the air striking the other string, causing it to vibrate. This is a very important concept which science calls ringing. It is especially important when we can visualize that the Infinite Mind (which the religionist might call God), is a vast and incalculable storehouse of power, a huge dynamo, if you would like to picture it as such, which is generating a great and tremendous power.

vortexes-attached-to-other-vortexesThis power is being broadcast, so to speak, as vortices of energy which, in their proper and allied frequencies, go to make up a large number of dimensions. These dimensions, incidentally, are what the scientist calls space, and which is actually infinitely filled with large and small vortices of energy all properly functioning and closely affiliated on the basis of frequency relationships in an infinite number of harmonic expressions.

Man, therefore, can be visualized physically, mentally, and spiritually, as merely a composite group of energy configurations; and that any functions of this man, physical or mental, is only an interception or regeneration of these principles and function on the same basis of energy wave forms and associated harmonic patterns.

It must be remembered at this point that any sine wave or energy manifestation which can be pictured as a sine wave, carries a definite bit of information, and any wave form carries this types-of-sine-waves-4-postinformation in the manner and way in which it is shaped, or fashioned. A wave form can be square, it can have various configurations and distortions throughout its entire form. It can even carry numerous other wave forms piggy-back, so to speak, within itself. These various configurations, convolutions, or distortions, are repeated throughout its entire length; in other words, we can say through the wave form chain, from its beginning to its end (unless otherwise changed from some other outside source harmonically attuned, or by the source itself), can transfer their idiom of intelligence or information on the basis of frequency, to any other wave forms or energy configurations which are called atoms, or otherwise, provided proper conditions of attunement or frequency relationships have been met.

vortexoneNow that we have plunged, so to speak, into the great unknown world of the higher science, the reader will begin to slightly understand the infinite nature of the Infinite. He should also begin to understand (as suggested), that he see his life about him, in whatever manner or form it presents itself; that while he may see this as the great illusion of mass working in the customary reactionary patterns, yet behind the scenes, so to speak, these immutable principles are functioning.

seeing-birdYes, even the five senses must function according to these principles; the transference of energy forms from one particular dimension of perspection to another. To see physically, merely means we intercept certain wave forms of energy, relayed to the proper brain cells which are actually transducers or transistors. They, in turn, transform these energy impulses into frequencies which are compatible to the psychic or spiritual body where again the ringing or regenerative process takes place.

human-energy-fieldLikewise, all atoms in the human body are properly attuned through their electromagnetic fields to this psychic energy anatomy, and as a part of this ringing or regenerative process, the physical body constantly recreates itself according to the intelligence quotients which are contained in each wave form. This is an automatic process and one in which the individual has very little, if any, control. Any such control in the process of automatic physical regeneration takes place indirectly and as a process of harmonic relationship through the various psychic and physical centers.

Therefore to the reader who is beginning to understand these principles, the various religions, mind science groups, etc., and in their understanding and their expression thereof, are quite primitive and elemental in nature and that even the scientist has, to this present day, only a primitive science which still relegates and holds him to the material and animal-like dimensions in which he has begun his first evolution.

To date, to the scientist, the mysteries of the atom or the mysteries of the huscience-in-search-of-answers-4-postman mind are almost as great as they were in the days when the scientist first started his evolution and they will continue to puzzle and confound him, along with many other mysteries of life, until that day of personal emancipation when he frees his mind from the limited boundaries of terrestrial introspection; when he can conceive the Infinite as the source, and that his earthly domain or physical world is but one of the infinite number of ways which are manifest in this Infinity, he will stop trying to equate the sum and total of all this Infinity on the basis of his 101 elements and their relationship to him.

Excerpt from Infinite Contact

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  • Zach says:

    Great insight. I have been thinking about his and putting it together myself and I understanding and agree with you 95%. I wonder similar to how we have mapped the human DNA gene as long series of strands of protiens, can we do the same thing for this physical world? Can we say that X freq sign wave plus X freq gox wave = light . Just a thought. THanks for sharing!

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