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progressive-thinking-mainExcerpt from Tempus Procedium:

“To any student who begins the study of UN.AR.I.U.S., the keystone in the arch of understanding this way of life will be the new or positive way to think. This new way of thinking is quite different from the old way which has been used through the thousands of years and many lifetimes, and therefore, it is extremely difficult to describe such a process unless the student becomes somewhat familiar with energy and the structure and function of the psychic anatomy as described in the second lesson course (Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation).

If you will think for a moment, you will easily see that it would be most difficult for you to describe this mental process to your neighbor, especially without the knowledge which is contained in the lesson course. The difficulty is increased a hundredfold if you were to attempt to describe thinking in an entirely new and different way. That is my problem. Actually, there is no short cut. It requires constant study and familiarization with the mental processes which are described in the lessons. It also requires a constant alertness in every thought and action, always being aware or trying to analyze if this thought or action comes from the subconscious or from the higher portions of the psychic anatomy.

psychic-anatomyIf you had suffered some psychic shock in this lifetime, the shock would have created some malformation in the subconscious. There would also be a memory facsimile in the mental conscious. Now the Superconscious represents Infinity. In other words, it is in tune with an infinite number of dimensions; therefore this shock facsimile in the mental conscious would be, through the Superconscious, in tune with a large number of different forms of this same experience and as many different ways it could re-happen to you. And if you continued on into your many future lifetimes thinking from your subconscious, you could actually encounter this old experience in many different ways, always as a negative happening because of the fact that the various biases or controlling influences would be harmonically reshaped to form basic material used in reconstructing the new subconscious, which is done at the beginning of each new earth life.

Briefly then, to prevent this constant repetitious karmic happening, the mental conscious, through its attunement to the Superconscious, must always be held in a positive bias. That is, behind all thought and action there must be a positive knowing, a positive awareness, a realization that through the Superconsciousness good will flow into your life and manifest itself. In this manner, you are keeping your mental conscious positively attuned to that polarized portion of the Superconscious which represents and is your spiritual selfhood living in the higher dimensions. In keeping this positive attunement with it, you automatically give it the power of guidance, selection, etc.

Therefore, you can see that knowledge of this function is most important and that there is still a great deal of work, practice and usage which must be done through the coming years and lifetimes before it becomes your dominant personality. When it is more completely developed as the real you, then you will no longer incarnate into the earth.

One word of caution: do not substitute new lamps for old. Remember that this Superconscious represents Infinity. Any attempt which you will make subconsciously, from time to time, to control by some rote, ritual, system or configuration will only slow down and defeat the acquisition of this new way of thinking and your new life.

Of course, while you are on the earth, you will, to some extent, have to render unto Caesar the things which are his, simply because your earth life will demand a certain amount of interplay. However, as memory elements in your daily life, these must always be given a secondary position. Also, it must be constantly borne in mind that they are subject to higher guidance from the Superconscious.

In this way then the subconscious earth life’s experiences or events will gradually become more well-ordered. They will seem like they have already happened, which they actually have so far as the higher self is concerned. You will also note that they seem much less important and with less emotion. The feeling of detachment from the earth life will also grow and be replaced with a warm feeling of kinship with the higher worlds and the way in which these Advanced People are helping you on a practical basis to overcome the old lower earth life.

Therefore, continue to study the function of the psychic anatomy, the principles of energy which make all things possible, for energy in any form or dimension and shaped in any kind of a wave form is the actual thought process of the Infinite Intelligence. They carry the messages; they do the actual constructing and the tearing down through the process of harmonic regeneration and even most important is the obvious fact – your future life in the higher realms will be lived entirely in this new way of thought which is described in UN.AR.I.U.S..

One more way which might be helpful to you: visualize yourself traveling rapidly into Infinity. You are always facing an infinite number of experiences. You automatically select certain experiences as you travel on the basis that they are harmonically attuned to past experiences. When this is done, as in the case of most earth people, there is the usual karmic sequence because the new experience, combined with the old, only reshapes it into a somewhat different form as it appears in the surface earth life.

sine-waveThe psychic anatomy is in various ways, as I have described, always oscillating or is seeing this Infinite. Every experience so contained in it (the Infinite) can be pictured as a sine wave, that is the up and down positive and negative. If this sine wave experience comes into the psychic anatomy and reaches the subconscious, then it will be negatively attuned to you and your past and again reappear as a negative experience.

However, if it is stopped, so to speak, and which is done when you attune yourself to the positive side, the effect of this new experience will be entirely different. It will now be friend instead of foe. So you see, it is most important for us to keep positively attuned through our Superconscious to the Infinite and which in turn, becomes automatically selective on the basis of this positive bias and all future experiences cannot be harmonically attuned and reshaped in a negative fashion to your old (former) past.

Remember, the negative end of every experience wave form is harmonically attuned to every other negative wave ending in the Infinite. This means that it is , in a sense, directly linked to the lowest pits of hell and on this basis of frequency relationship, portions of these hellish forms can come directly into your life over this connecting linkage of negative wave forms. Conversely, the positive pole or plus side of every new experience in Infinity is attuned to every other positive polarity in the Infinite.

In this manner then, the highest and most god-like influences can also flow into your life over this harmonically attuned network. That is the “Big Picture” and one which you should carry about with you in your right hand mental pocket and use it in every thought and action to determine whether you are harmonically attuned to the negative pole or side, or to the positive side.Cycle-of-CreationIn effect, every wave form carries two complete and opposite pictures of the same thing. One travels around toward the negative or bottom side, as is pictured in the circle of life (second lesson course). The positive picture or pole is harmonically attuned to the ascending portion or cycle of life and constantly regenerates or reappears into higher and more perfect forms. This is the gist of the new way of thinking.”

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