Progressive Evolution: The Life Cycle ~ Part II

progressive-evolution-life-cycle-main-part-ii-4-postWe say that the consciousness of God, as it is contained in the spiritual circle or cycle of man’s own man-hooked-up-to-his-life-cycle-4-postindividuality, can be likened somewhat to his umbilical cord. He maintains this constant inflow of Divine Energy into his own spiritual Life Cycle at all times. This he must do. The various dimensional and factional orders of integration in God’s infinite universe are so contained that each one is supported from outside the other by succeeding higher realms of consciousness. Now you will begin to understand why we say that it is not the act of committing some good or some sin that is of importance. The utmost importance is contained in the reaction which takes place within your mind, which is reflected and thus becomes a constructive element or a defective wave form or impingement, within your psychic body. If this is of evil consequence, with the repetition of the reflections and impingements of these evil consequences into your psychic body, you will become the creature which is thus formed and reformed, as far as the proper sequence of your evolutions are concerned; and thus you will relegate yourself into the lower astral orders.

psychic-self-life-cycle-4-postIf these acts of consciousness, which are contained in the daily life in the world in which you find yourself, can be said to be of a constructive nature, or are even only superficially related to your dimension, these too will be impinged and become a part of your psychic body. Therefore, when you find yourself in the spiritual dimensions and are devoid of the flesh, your psychic body will be you. Here again you must always remember that the psychic self, like the spiritual self, is connected with God through a spiritual umbilical cord; so that you are always connected with your spiritual consciousness by an umbilical cord. This can be called frequency vibration or relationship. It means that at all times you are being supported in your own psychic body by the inflow of energy or wisdom, as it is expressed within the psychic cycle itself.

The various wave forms, as they are called – experiences in your psychic body – would cease to exist, if they wave-forms-fractal-4-postwere not thus supported in some way from the inflow of celestial energies from some other dimensions. You may wonder why a person of a vile and evil nature has not thus automatically destroyed himself, because now God’s wisdom cannot flow into him through his own spiritual self. The principle which prevents this self-destruction is called the personal Redeemer or Savior. You have all heard it said that the doorway to reformation is never closed here or hereafter, and this statement is quite true.

It makes little difference to the All-Pervading God Force, which comes heaven-or-hell-4-postthrough the Superconsciousness of the individual that one progresses lower and lower into the astral dimensions in his psychic conscious. That fact is of small consequence in an over-all sense to the All-Pervading God Force which created this individual. It simply means a matter of time. The psychic body, which contains the acts and consciousness of the individual himself within itself, if he continues his reversion into the astral orders or dimensions, will finally arrive at such a place that this psychic body must either revert into the complete absolute of the cosmic consciousness, or it must again begin an evolution or reinstatement of purpose of incarnations back into a more constructive sphere of consciousness.

This whole idea is one of great challenge to the absolute power of your conception. It may pose the question oflower-astral-4-post just how vile or malformed and evil the psychic body of the individual can be, and yet, it can still reincarnate into some dimensional form, and re-enact the purpose and dominion of the evil crimes which is contained within the vileness of this consciousness. This is an absolute abstraction of the philosophy of idea of reincarnation. It simply means that nothing, absolutely nothing, is unsupported and unrealistic in the dimension in which it functions. Everything thus becomes, in the absolute or the abstract concept, a part of that All-Pervading, All-Permeating, and All-Intelligent God Force itself.

Everything is a part of the infinity of God’s nature; and thus you may say that God may thus be evil and yet express the continuity and form of law and order into the dimensional structures that are redemption-4-postalways contained within the intelligence of the Life Cycle of the individual. In other words, a person who has so constructed in his psychic body the evil forces of his nature to such a point, that the life force will thus reach a conclusion that he will either call upon his spiritual nature and begin his climb back through reincarnations, or he will pass into the universal cosmos of energy transformation, or disintegration, if I can use this word rather loosely. God has a certain way, or a law and order, in which such things are properly regulated and made useful and intelligent. Thus all must return as an intelligent form, which can be reinstated into a dimensional form of expression with the divine and infinite nature of God Himself.

However, this whole principle is one of abstract nature. It should not be misconstrued by the individual on the earth so that he may say, after reading these lines, that because he contains much evil and vileness, he will overcoming-negativity-4-postcontinue on this path, thinking that if he goes far enough, he will thus be able to look upon his God and upon his inner self and in so doing be reinstated in the goodness of the more constructive purposes of his life. He will find, to his regret, that each act of vileness and destructiveness in his nature will be intensified tenfold in its strength, in the evolutions of his various reincarnations. In other words, the individual must expend at least ten times as much constructive and useful purpose and intent into this world, as was originally expounded as a destructive evil intent or purpose. This is because the higher and innermost self lives in a dimension which is not quite so relative and intent in its nature, as is the physical self of the person in his lower state of evolution. Thus you can see that each evil act or thought or purpose must, in consequence, be fully rectified; it must be replaced and rebuilt by constructive wave forms, which will automatically relegate the individual into a higher relationship to the dimensions above him, as he progresses in his evolution.

superficial materialismYou might see numerous examples of the fallaciousness of negative thinking about you on the earth plane today. You will see numerous people who have resolved their status of life, not only into physical deficiencies of disease and inadequacy, but also into their mental consciousness. They are completely devoid of any intelligent continuity. Their life is simply one of superficial laxity and indulgences into the superfluities of physical nature; and, in consequence, their bodies very often reflect these conditions of mind. They arrive at the middle or later portions of their lives with physical bodies atrophied or malformed into diseased conditions, which will cause them great pain and suffering.

There is another side which I would like to interject, which may be of some value to you in forming the more constructive precepts of evolution. This relates in a rather personal way, which I am pointing out with a two-fold purpose of solving one of the riddles of your own evolution. As the channel, you are at your present hungry-homeless-family-2-postday, somewhat cognizant of what karma is, as it manifests itself into the body in different ways, to the psychic malformation of the psychic body. An individual may or may not be entirely responsible for the karmic conditions which are contained in the family relations of their own evolutions in dimensions at stated times. I am presenting this to you for the understanding that the individual, in reincarnating into the lower orders of his evolution, is not always sufficiently advanced, intellectually, to be able to determine or select the environment into which he reincarnates. He is motivated, primarily, with the idea that as long as he can get into life, he will do so. Thus he quite frequently makes the mistake of getting into the doorway of life in the material world which brings about him more of karma and suffering than he would be justly entitled to, had he used a little more care in his selection, and related himself a little more carefully in the dominion of frequency relationship and environmental factors which were reflected into his relationship.

This hasty error in itself will, in the course of his evolutions, be a great lesson to him; and it will thus manifest to mozart-and-his-family-4-posthim the right and the prerogative of reincarnation into the world into environmental factors of his environment, which will further the purpose of his life and his reincarnation in the service of mankind about him. In your biographies of the earth, you will notice that many musicians, statesmen, philosophers, artists and scientists came into the world, seemingly supported in their lives on the earth, and were made useful and constructive by the elements of parental influences; or their families had wealth, which enabled them to attend the necessary colleges and to obtain other advantages. There are other examples, too, which are, fortunately, not so numerous, in which the individual had to make a tremendous struggle against very adverse forces. These cases also must be taken individually to be more properly understood. But it must be remembered that they too are contained in the differences of the interpretations of life of the individual as he is so contained within the memory consciousness of the psychic body.

You have often wondered how it is that people, in a genealogical sequence, seem to manifest and remanifest smith coat of armsthemselves and thus relate themselves similar to branches upon a tree from the main stem. We say that there are, in your land of America today, a large number of people whom we shall call by the name of Smith. The name Smith itself has its origin in the antiquity of the more primitive civilizations, such as the beginning of the history of England, and that people themselves, manufactured the numerous weapons of war, as their armors and spears, as well as their various necessities of life; these were hand forged by numerous men who were called smithies. These tradesmen as you will see were occupied in the numerous trades and crafts; and in the different civilizations were countless and without number. They are, in your day and time, incarnated into your world in a natural genealogical order or sequence of evolution. They are attracted into the family of Smiths simply because they were smithies. This explains how through these different orders of sequence, as they are contained in the vibration and memory consciousness of the psychic body, the individual will reincarnate instinctively into the dimensions for which he seems to be best adapted and suited.

When Genghis Khan invaded Russia, Poland and Germany, he left behind him numerous children as well as deserters of his army. That is why you see the high cheek bones and the Mongolian aspects of the Russians as they exist today. They also build their buildings somewhat reminiscent of and portray the type of architecture to be seen in the Oriental countries.

ascended-master-4-postWe here in these Shamballas await your pleasure and disposition to reopen the next visitation into the remaining sections of expressions of Shamballa. You are asking our personal identity. Let us say that we are those whom you have received previously; we are the identities you might call Buddha, Maha Chohan, Maitreya, and others. Dear ones, until such future time, ~ Shella.

Excerpt from The Voice of Hermes

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