Progressive Evolution: The Life Cycle ~ Part I

Progressive-Evolution-The-Life-Cycle-main-4-postGreetings, dear one. We here in the centers of Shamballa have heard certain questions arising from time to time Man with question mark in his brainin your minds as you have tried to evaluate and to place these truths within your minds. Now let me say that this is a healthy sign and a symptom that you are progressing. You can never properly evaluate truths, as they come to you through the doorway of experience, until they are properly placed within your mind, by integrating them with the necessary order of sequence, which is evolving about you in the dimension at your particular time. The problem of man’s evolution in the numerous dimensions is in itself a very profound and, I need not say, a very advanced subject.

The truths which are being given you at this time are thousands of years in philosophy-word-collageadvance of the time in which other people of your time shall come into somewhat of a proper relationship to these truths. Therefore, do not fear a confounded feeling because you do not place within your minds a proper perspective of the objective values of these truths at this time. The philosophies of the earth today, just as they were in the time of Darwin and Mendel, are in themselves being constantly and repeatedly stressed, for the concepts were resolving in these individuals at their time in an effort to solve something of the riddle of man’s nature. All philosophies and ideologies, whether they are scientific or spiritual interpolations on your earth today, contain only small fractional elements of the truths which are relative to mankind at his particular state of evolution, and they are themselves even only partially factual.

The progress of the individual, whether in his physical reincarnation or in his spiritual evolution, is manifestedGeometric pattern over male human body silhouette in the contents or in the construction of the psychic body. You will see that this has a natural order of sequence or evolution, just as has everything about you. Your own physical body, in one lifetime, will be reincarnated or rebuilt perhaps as many as eight or ten times. Thus as you can see that the body has replaced the atomic constituents, for they are elemental forms of energy of the earth; and every atom is thus replaced within the physical body as a natural course of its evolution every so many years. This process is very gradual and you are not at any time aware of what is going on.

If you cut your finger, you will see that the healing process beings immediately. You have nothing to do with the cut fingersealing over or the coagulating of the blood and the gradual replacement of the damaged cells. Your finger will, in a few weeks time, present an entirely normal picture; and you will be unable to detect which one had been cut. The individual problem of man himself, as was pointed out, is somewhat different in his relationship to the infinite nature of God – for God expresses Himself finitely into numerous and countless dimensions. These in themselves are subjects which should be given a great deal of thought and research.

In the dimension of the animal and vegetable kingdom, as it exists in your world and in your dimension, here evolutionary_tree_of_lifeagain God is expressing Himself just as He does in lower terrestrial or astral dimensions or worlds, in such forms and continuities as the regenerating of the species. This was only partially conceded by Darwin. He did not, in his consciousness on the earth, interweave the necessary spiritual concepts, which made it more easily understood that the plant and the animal life was not only concerned with its evolution on the earth at that time, but because it was essentially (and in essence) spirit, it too must incarnate in a natural order and sequence. The amoeba and the other small animals, such as your mice, are not concerned with the idea of self. They have a spiritual connection or linkage to another dimension, which you have called instinct. It is this intelligence or instinct which causes them to react and to forage about for food and in other ways seem to indicate a certain amount of an intelligence quotient.

We can say that the amoeba appears and reappears in the countless divisions of its body, as it generates on the amoebaearth, and has done so for many thousands and thousands of years. This minute microscopic bit of protoplasm does not have any personal identity; it is merely expressing God in another dimension and in other forms. It is at all times supported by the continuity of the spiritual dimensions above it. It may, being constructed of God’s spiritual essence, revert into something of a great spiritual reservoir of divine energy or concept, and thus be reconstituted in another dimensional form in some other dimension. This in itself is part of the process of evolution of species, as they are thus constantly being returned into the spiritual dimensions, as well as into the terrestrial dimensions with which you are somewhat associated.

The main dividing line between man and the species of plant and animal life, as they exist in your dimension, higher-self-of-man-4-postexists also in the concept of God’s own divine intelligent nature; and God Himself is expressed in man alone, the original divine concept of God being personalized or individualized in each and every individual. These individuals are countless and without number; so here again God becomes infinite.

Reverting to the original concept of the Life Cycle, it was brought into existence as a divine concept, or the great All-Pervading Intelligence of God. You might picture this All-Pervading Intelligence as something of a ring, or a halo of very beautiful spiritual Light, which transcends any appearances of Light which you know in the transmissional or directional forces of energy on your earth. This Light is of such intense nature that you would be totally unable to perceive it in the normal structures of your physical body. Just as we here in these centers would appear to you as flaming individuals or supernatural beings, so we too very often see those who are more advanced than we, appear to us a flaming individuals, who are somewhat without the form of the human body, as you would have associated us.

ascension-2-postNow it is quite easy to see that since this energy is of tremendously advanced spiritual form, it could not exist in a lower dimension. It may contain all of the ideas and the elements of its future lives, since it was compounded of God’s own infinite nature, which knows of all the things of which it was universally compounded. Just as you may see a picture or have a description of some city, such as Venice, Italy, yet the appearance seen in your physical form with your physical eye would give you a different picture of the city. So it is with the sequence of your evolutions; you are thus within yourself becoming so individualized in your nature that you may thoroughly understand all the infinite greatness of God’s Mind.

Now the Life Cycle, as you have pictured it in your mind, higher-self-fractel-4-postis a circle of very beautiful brilliant intense Light. If you could see into it clairvoyantly, it would contain within itself the vastness and the infinity of your reincarnations and evolutions. These things in themselves would not necessarily be the actualities of happenings as they are expressed in your earth life. However, although there may be a postman or a bricklayer or a carpenter in your dimensional form of expression, he need not necessarily reincarnate back into the earth and become a postman or a carpenter. This conclusion is quite illogical. It merely means that each of these tradesmen, whether doctor or nurse, professor or teacher, is only learning his proper relationship to the dimension in which he is thus expressing himself. The difference here is expressed into the psychic body, wherein, with each succeeding evolution and generation, the psychic body, like the physical body, is constantly being replaced and rebuilt.

inner-higher-self-awakening-4-postIn your final and concluding initiations into the higher spheres, which are somewhat comparable to Shamballa, you will have gone through such energy transformation which will completely eliminate the last vestiges of this old psychic body, because it is primarily, in the beginning, constructed of the elements which began with your first function as a human being in some terrestrial dimension. In the beginning, man, as he first started in perhaps the lowest order, would quite naturally express himself in the exact opposite to that of entering into this ring of celestial experiences, which you have called the Life Cycle.

Excerpt from The Voice of Hermes

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