Principles And Practice of Past Life Therapy

higher dimension mainby Douglas Taylor

All great truths begin as blasphemies.   ~George Bernard Shaw

The following was presented at the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim, California, by the author-artist Douglas Taylor, through whom members of the Universal Brotherhood are speaking to the class—first providing information about higher spiritual worlds and later supplying individual, past-life readings.

Brothers: “Good evening again, friends, and fellow travelers on the pathway of Spirit, which is leading you onto that spiraling stairway into the stars.

“The stars may seem very distant, very isolated, and yet would you believe the entire physical universe is a combination of vast amounts of energies that are functioning as part of a group consciousness—a Cosmic Mind within which we are each a cell! The turning of the planet in the four different motions in which your Earth is moving is not by chance! These things are all a part of a great plan, a great Cosmic Consciousness, and it is but to see from the inner side of life that these truths become evident.

“From the limited perspective of the person standing on the surface of the planet looking up, they can either see the fear and insecurity of the unknown, or the challenge of the future. The future is always the next step we take in which the doors of perception open up into an entirely new state of consciousness. This is basically how spiritual progression takes place as we constantly select the direction we are moving in, which is either progressively into the future, or backwards into the past. The stream of consciousness is a two-way river—a river that is flowing in a circular motion, spiraling into the more positively-biased evolutionary progression, and also recycling the negative side of this motion into positive energies that can again be reinstated into a healthy relationship with this Infinite Creative Intelligence.”

(A train blows its horn loudly as it passes close by.)

“This is a noisy world! Can you imagine a world in which there is no noise at all, where the audible sound is simply an attunement to what we could call the music of the spheres? A place of continuous peace and serenity, incredible beauty and illumination? These are the worlds we have described to you as being those future levels of life to which you can attain. It has been called ‘heaven,’ but again we reiterate, it is not so much a location as it is a state of mind. These heaven worlds will take you out of the morass and the heavy-handed consciousness of the material world, and you can ascend into the pure, finer, altruistic conditions in a world where love and brotherhood are the mainstay of the people’s lives.

“This love is based upon scientific principles by which each individual has developed a sense of attunement with their creative nature. In establishing this plus-positive attunement, they are not allowing themselves to be pulled down and away from this higher-frequency relationship. They have become very elective in their thought processes. This positive attunement is the only difference between those individuals living in a lower world and those living in a higher world. Of course, ‘lower’ and ‘higher’ are very much relative to the state of mind of each person. One person’s floor is another person’s ceiling!

“For those of you who are here tonight, we Brothers are aware that you are making those steps forward, to whatever degree you have dedicated yourself, to a future which will be free of many of the limitations which are presently affecting you. And to your dedicated efforts in overcoming your past, we wish to bow humbly and wish you Godspeed in your quest for spiritual attainment.

“As you should know by now, this quest has taken you up and down many roads, for many hundreds or thousands of lifetimes, with many detours. Oftentimes you became lost in some of the darker regions of life. At times you became stranded in a past life on the barrier reef of some regressive lifestyle which was simply the inability to move mentally beyond the limitations of the physical consciousness.

“This is, in essence, the nature of the population of your planet, where everyone is functioning for the most part based on their desires for the material world and its many sensual gratifications. There are a number of individuals, such as yourselves; who have peered beyond these limitations and have begun to take those steps, which are the sometimes seemingly perilous journey into the psychic world. Yet this world is derived from what we can call the psychic centers, the chakras of the psychic anatomy which are opening up, similar to a flower as it reaches full bloom and emanates the wondrous fragrance of its own spiritual nature. As these psychic centers are stimulated and recognized as a spiritual awakening, your life will never be the same. It is the road to true freedom!

“These chakras are the fourth-dimensional energy centers that are precipitating the energies from the psychic body into the physical body, and thus this linkage is the only thing that keeps you alive in a physical world. If you lose this linkage with any part of this psychic anatomy, the physical body will then suffer and eventually lose its life force. This psychic body is simply a vessel into which the consciousness of spirit has been poured, and this vessel takes on the shape of whatever that individual has built for himself or herself out of experience. Thus, this shape is based on the understanding and mental perception that each individual has established as a reality. We all create our own heaven or hell—which is simply a state of mind, not an actual place or location.

“We are describing the principles of spiritual progression as a means of helping those people who are interested in stepping onto a higher plateau. This will allow them to see clearly and elevate themselves above and beyond the smog-laden, drug-infested atmosphere of the lower earth and astral worlds. The minds of those people living in these lower levels cannot be focused on the crystal-clear pictures of the spiritual worlds; their minds are full of static, similar to the television when it is in between stations, and this static is the lack of integration and attunement with the transmitting source, which in this case we are referring to as the psychic anatomy.

“When anyone has developed an opening within the conduit of his or her mind, the higher intelligence can flow through in an intuitive manner This channel is not the main instigator of the information but as we previously made the analogy of the television set, again this serves as a good example, as the channel is simply allowing his vessel to be used as the receiver of the higher-frequency stations. Thus through this scientific process, the information can be brought through, both in pictures and words, relative to the individual’s past lives. The sub-channel then relates it in the form of these readings. In the student’s understanding of this information, and in utilizing the principles of cancellation, the healing of the negative, past-life experience is initiated. Each one can then develop a much greater understanding of who he or she is.

“To ‘know thyself’ was the chief and basic dictum of Socrates, and it still stands as the most important factor in your spiritual development. To know yourself means learning about the past, because we are all products of the past. Our goal is to learn how to disengage our channel selector from that lower frequency and change it to the higher-frequency channels of our own future, which is always existing potentially in the present moment. The ever present is where the changes can be made and the negative past can he rectified.The-Psychic-Anatomy---Douglas-Taylor“You do not need to continue the negative conditions that translate into the diseases, mental sclerosis, calamities, and accidents, all of the various negative convolutions that seem to happen to you with no rhyme or reason, which are products of cyclic regenerations from past-life associations.

“With this brief introduction, as always we will open the class up to questions and answers that we hope will be helpful to you as students on this pathway of Light.

“Larry, do you have a question?”

Larry: “Yes. Seven years ago my daughter passed away from a brain tumor. It was a very painful period for me but it brought me into an interest in spiritual things, and I wondered what karmic relationship there might have been between my daughter and myself?”

Brothers: “Do you have recognition of your thoughts and emotions at that time, when you first realized your daughter was going to die? What were those feelings?”

Larry: “Helplessness. And after she passed away, a numbness. She received treatments and went into remission for a while, then she started getting worse.”

Brothers: “Yes, Larry, we can help you to understand the full picture, as you have taken many pieces of the puzzle and have tried to arrange them on the board in an effort to understand how this event could take place. In this process of introspection, you have become much more interested in learning about your spiritual nature. This is a very positive factor in your life now, but do not misconstrue this as something that should be a hobby; that it is something in which you are gaining information about life that will be to your benefit.

“It will be to your benefit, but there has to be a stronger and stronger conviction of the importance of your spiritual development. You have taken that big step in desiring to know the reasons why you are here—the purpose of your life.

“We can very easily move into the past and take you back to a time in England, in which the various hospitals and doctors were quite primitive. This is back in the early 1700s. There was no real knowledge of how disease was spread, especially diseases such as the plague. There were different periods of time when devastating plagues overran the countries of Europe; in one of these destructive periods, over one quarter of the entire population of Europe was destroyed. This we believe was called the Black Death in the early 1400s.

“We can see your daughter as a doctor, a male, as women were not allowed to be doctors at this particular time. He worked out of a large manor house that also served as the hospital. At this time, the plague began to spread throughout England and was taking a great negative toll on the populations of the cities. You, at that time in this past we are relating, were the brother of the doctor, who is your daughter in your present life. And you both worked together, although you were not a doctor but you had certain business associations in the mercantile business and when you had the time, you worked with your brother. You helped each other take care of the many people who came to you for various ailments.

“The great pestilence, the plague that had devastated some of the eastern European countries, was brought to England by the merchant seamen who had brought back the rats that were infested with the fleas that carried the disease. Today this is known as the bubonic plague. There was a great terror that manifested and became the experience at that time, as the people had no knowledge of how this disease was spread.

“Your daughter, being your brother at that time, was attempting to do anything he could to lessen the pain of the people who were dying of this disease. The patients would become feverish and within three days, they would die with ‘buboes,’ which was the swelling of the lymph nodes in the groin, and this is how it got the name bubonic plague.

His bliss is older than the sun
Silent and straight the waters run
The lights, the cries, the willows dim
And the dark tide are one with him   ~ Rupert Brook

Secret-Passage-by-Douglas-Taylor“Your own position at this time was that you did not feel that you could be of help in the awful situation that was taking place. You were fortunate in being able to take one of the merchant ships that you had used in your business, and you moved to another part of the country; you moved toward the northern latitudes, up near Norway. The plague had not reached there yet because of the cold weather that killed the fleas that carried the disease. You had escaped the disease but your brother, being a humanitarian, continued to help the many people that were dying around him and he eventually contracted the disease himself. It was a painful, agonizing death in which eventually the spirit was released and freed.

“The belief at that time was that the soul would elevate into the heavens according to the holiness the individual had experienced in his or her relationship with the church or with the church officials. Of course, this was and is not the way spiritual progression takes place. The scar that your daughter incepted was one that created a great dysfunction in the psychic body. In that the brain suffered delirium, and the nervous system was overheated, the connection between the brain and the psychic body was short-circuited, which planted the seed for the re-expression of the negative wave form structures in your daughter’s present-life experience.

“Now you have in a sense come back to work out and overcome the guilt that you felt for having left your brother behind. You made the move that saved your life, as there was nothing you could have done at that time. The brain structures of your brother became aberrant in the connection with the psychic body, which was the actual impingement of the wave form structures in the brain which were disassociated from the healthy connection with the higher self. This was a time when you were pulled back together, as relatives oftentimes incarnate together over long periods of time. The names and faces may change, but the psychic body retains and re-expresses the information that was and is recorded as blocks, traumas, and diseased conditions. Your daughter reattuned to the past in watching a program on television, and thus the aberrant energies that were in a sense quiescent were focused and established again into her life and began this cancerous condition.

“The best way you can help your daughter is to continue developing your spiritual nature. Don’t allow yourself to he pulled down with the guilt you may feel about a loved one’s death, but stand strong in your faith that life is continuous. Death is simply a change from one state of consciousness to another, and as you grow in understanding of Spirit, your daughter will also benefit from your own overcoming of the past.

“Are there any other questions about this lifetime?”

Larry: “None that I can think of. When she passed away, I felt a profound sense of guilt and still do, and it isn’t something to feel guilty about, but I sometimes feel it.”

Brothers: “Those are the energies you had felt at that specific time. When you reattuned to this past, you knew that you could save yourself but your brother would not come with you. Your daughter was and is a very beautiful soul and gave her life trying to help others.

“The principles of Spirit are inviolate. Everyone is a product of their own experience and in learning the principles of cancellation of negative, past-life experiences, you can eventually heal any diseased condition of the mind or body.

“Leslie, did you have a question?”

Leslie: “Yes, I do. My question is concerning my daughter and her relationship with her father. I have a desire to interfere in their relationship, to counteract his influence over her. He has a very negative influence on her and I want to protect her from that. Something tells me to allow her to go through this relationship so she doesn’t have to go through it again in another lifetime. She can maybe break away from him on her own, but I’m concerned for her safety.”

Brothers: “We can just reiterate what you just described, which is the basis for each one to realize, that they have the knowledge within themselves, intuitively, of how to resolve a difficult situation. It is simply a matter of understanding these relationships in a way that takes into consideration the ties from the past, from past-life associations.

“In a similar way as we were speaking (earlier) about another student and his relationship with his girlfriend and her mother, now we have another situation where the mother—yourself—has the relationship with the daughter, and is concerned and wants to see the daughter grow up in a positive and healthy way. You are concerned that this may not happen in the situation that is presently taking place. But you have to realize that your daughter, although seemingly still a child to you, is actually a very old soul. A child may only be several years old in their present body and yet their psychic body is made up of countless billions of experiences from possibly thousands of lifetimes. They have the prerogative to gain the lessons of life for themselves in the way that they need to learn them.

“Not that you should be heartless and throw your child out onto the street, and say sink or swim! It is important to learn how to take your own desires to shape and mold this small person, and let go of the restrictions that are a misconception on your part as to the needs of your daughter.

“We can say that in a past lifetime, you had a situation in which you had gotten involved with an individual who was one of the mercenaries who were traveling around Europe in the 1400s, when sword play was very popular. He would give his abilities to the highest bidder, and you became involved with this individual, as you were impressed with the flamboyant way that he lived his life. You did have a child together. As this child grew, you began to lose respect in your relationship to this person, and you saw that he was very much involved in activities that were of a very violent nature. This was not a good environment for a child to grow up in, and he was not willing to change.

“You became very concerned about your daughter and raised these problems with the father, and he did not accept your concerns as having any importance. Eventually he left and took the daughter with him on a quest to another country and he gave his allegiance to a king of that distant land.

“Your daughter was taken from you, so now you are overly concerned with the association with the subtle psychic memory of this past. You have developed a positive polarity with this daughter, as you have known each other in previous lives, and you have been helpful to each other. In this past, you experienced a great loss because you never saw your daughter again. Your husband settled in another country and you never received any word from them as to where you could find your daughter.

“Does this information help at all in giving you some insight as to why you feel so concerned about your daughter? Do you have any other questions relative to this information?”

(Leslie has a tearful releasement and relates that this has been her great fear, that she would lose her daughter again.)

Leslie: “Thank you very much; this helps a lot.”

Brothers: “We would like to relate that tears are the universal catalyst for spiritual healing, as the body is made up of approximately seventy percent water. Emotional releasement through crying is helping to clear away and rectify these aberrant wave forms in the psychic body. The psychic is being cleansed and purified and you should feel free of this particular problem.

“Well, I believe the time is running out for this evening’s session. We would again reiterate that you should allow yourself to feel the great healing Love radiations of the Universal Brotherhood. Try to realize that this Love is simply a thought away, just a simple thought away are these angelic teachers, who only want your own best progress. They are looking out for you in all ways.

“It is the purpose of each person to learn to develop and establish this attunement with these principles of energy as it oscillates from the positive to the negative pole, and to learn to rectify the aberrations which cause all diseased conditions, both mental and physical. This is a long-term project—and please have patience with yourself! It will take time to reacquaint yourself with these teachings which you have known and used in previous lives.

“We would like to express our appreciation for your dedication toward your own overcoming of your past, and we wish you the most positive radiations of Light, that they will be with you and lead you continuously forward on your own spiritual path. Thank you.”

-The Universal Brotherhood of LightThe-Eye-of-the-Inifnite-by-Douglas-TaylorExcerpt from Soulic Journeys

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