Positive ETs vs Negative ETs

Negative-vs-Positive-ETs-main-4-postBy Gerard Aartsen

If meetings with extraterrestrials, or space people, are always of a positive nature, if they do not abduct, but invite people on board their craft, and if it is not for nasty experiments, is there then no truth at all in the stories about ‘negative’ ETs?

To be sure, George Adamski’s space contacts confirmed that people who “through greed will desire to assume power over other men” can also be found on other worlds. And according to Lou Zinsstag, Adamski also said that in our system “there are three planets which are not friendly to us”. In his bulletin of December 1963, Adamski elaborated on this statement when he said: “Recently there have been some Venusian ships attacked by hostile space travelers. But by using the repelling ray, which is a part of the equipment of their ships, the ships of the hostile ones were damaged without destroying life.” At the same time, however, he made it quite clear elsewhere that, “[t]here are no monsters that we know about and most of the hostile reports have come from frightened people who in some cases have even shot at them when they came close enough. In cases like this the space people have used a ray to frighten them away, but never to hurt them physically.” In fact, the space people that invited Bruno Sammaciccia and his friends into their underground bases told them, when they asked to see young extraterrestrials studying there: “Yes, but secretly; we do not want to frighten them, because what they know about terrestrials is not good news. They think of you as some kind of wild beasts.”

Nevertheless, Sammaciccia mentions a group of ‘contrarian’ extraterrestrials, the so-called CTR, who are less concerned with humanity’s welfare than with their own, and who seemed to be competing with the group that the Italian contactees called the ‘W56’. According to Sammaciccia, the CTR “adore science only, therefore they are very [cold-hearted]…They have a kind of ‘scientific ethic’.” In an interview in May 2010 Amicizia participant Gaspare de Lama says of the CTR: “This doesn’t mean that CTR are bad; if they didn’t destroy their own civilization it means that they love each other, they love their wives, their pets, but they have ideologies that are cooler and straight, science could be their God. While for the W56, God is Love.” And, according to Mr. Sammaciccia, “they do not abduct people; this phenomenon that today gets so large an echo in UFO books cannot be charged to them.” About the war that he says was going on between their contacts from space and the CTR, he expressed the hope that “before leaving, our friends will have arranged things so that the CTR will not be able to trouble us…”

Dr. Michael Wolf quotes his extraterrestrial colleague Kolta as saying: “We believe that evil has no proprietary place in this universe, even though it wasn’t exclusively found on just one planet. It is truly difficult to understand why beings invent and personify evil, when the only true demons were the ones running freely around in a being’s own heart, until one sees the wisdom of purging them.”

Adamski, like many others, was told that the inhabitants of other worlds are not fundamentally different from Earth humanity: “The purpose of life on other worlds is basically the same as yours. Inherent in all mankind, however deeply buried it may be, is the yearning to rise to something higher. Your school system on Earth is, in a sense, patterned after the universal progress of life. For in your schools you progress from grade to grade and from school to school, toward a higher and fuller education. In the same way, man progresses from planet to planet, and from system to system toward an ever higher understanding and evolvement in universal growth and service.” Elsewhere Adamski added: “The Cosmos is a vast school with many departments of learning for every state of being. There are primary planets and planets advanced far beyond the scope of our earthly imaginations.”

Thus it is that Enrique Barrios’ space contact says, through his character Ami: “There are worlds where you couldn’t survive even half an hour… There are worlds inhabited by truly monstrous humans…” And esotericist Benjamin Creme explains that people “do not know how the planet [i.e. Earth] is threatened from negative forces in our own and other, lower planets. These stimulate the negativity of the Earth.” In fact, he has even said that the people from Pluto are beings “you would not like to meet on a dark night”.

However, this does not mean that just anyone can come to our planet and ransack the place. According to Benjamin Creme “[a]ll Hierarchies of all the planets in this system are in touch with each other, and everything that takes place in an extra-terrestrial sense takes place under Law” Indeed, he says, all planets are “teeming with life at different stages. We are at a midway stage; Venus is unbelievably evolved compared with this planet, as is Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and various other planets. They have no need to carry out experiments on us; they know.” What’s more, “[t]here is indeed a kind of Interplanetary Parliament representing all the planets. The Space Brothers are here to help the people of Earth to overcome the difficulties which our own ignorance has brought about, and to work with our Spiritual Hierarchy [of Masters] as a whole, in the work of salvage.”

Likewise, of the space travelers George Adamski said: “On Earth we have people of various sizes and colors; this same condition exists in other worlds… Space travelers are identical to us, only they have a deeper understanding of themselves and the Cosmos of which we are all inhabitants. When we, too, learn to master space travel, our concept of the Cosmos will be infinitely broadened.”

This notion is corroborated by Bruno Sammaciccia, who was told: “There are other people besides us, at various levels of civilization, but man is universal; you may find small variations from one race to the next, even among ourselves you have seen very tall persons…and very small ones; there may be differences in the skin color, there are people whose flesh is almost transparent, but, I repeat, almost every civilization is made up of man… A race, whatever race, never gets modified if not by an accident, and when this happens usually the mutation is a degenerative one.”

In an exchange between Enrique Barrios’ characters Pete asks his extraterrestrial friend Ami if it is not possible that somewhere on any of the millions of worlds an evil race might have survived without destroying themselves before mastering space travel. Ami explains that such beings could never attain the technological advancement necessary to leave their planets in order to invade others: “[I]f a civilization has no kindness and manages to attain a high scientific level, sooner or later it will use its destructive power against itself, long before it can leave for other worlds…

“The monsters we imagine are inside ourselves. Until we abandon them, we cannot attain the wonder of the universe. True intelligence, kindness and love go hand in hand, they are the result of the same evolutionary process toward love.” Ami goes so far as to call it a law that no-one can escape.

That such a “law” exists may be easier to understand when we first gain a better understanding of the true nature of life. In his little-known first book Wisdom of the Masters of the Far East, in which George Adamski published a summary of the Wisdom teachings that he received when he studied with the Masters in Tibet as a teenager, he states that consciousness is the aspect which molds all the visible forms from the invisible essence, “first in the invisible state and then gradually bringing it into a state of greater density through a descension of vibration in the composing elements until it is finally brought into the extreme coarse state of vibration known as visible manifestation.” From there, the teachings tell us, the evolution of form begins, to facilitate the evolution of consciousness as the ever expanding expression of Life according to a Plan.

As a result of this process of evolution, there are Hierarchies of Masters on all the planets, who serve the Plan of their particular Planetary Logos. Together, the Planetary Logoi form the various centers of a solar system, similar to the chakras in our etheric body, as the body of expression of that Solar Logos, and they serve His Plan. When there seem to be ‘orphan planets’ such as that were recently discovered seemingly floating freely through our galaxy instead of orbiting around stars, according to Benjamin Creme these are “the physical planets of a solar system whose sun has advanced to the etheric physical state and therefore at present is invisible to our sight. In our system the planet Vulcan has reached that same etheric state, so is also invisible to our sight.”

…there is an “eternal struggle that goes on in every solar system between planets at different stages of evolution” says Creme.

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