Polarity-main-4-post“In the beginning it was posed that individually, man reflected in his earth life a certain negative polarity of transference of consciousness in respect to the Infinite, and herein enters at least one very important and dynamic concept which everyone should remember in the future. This is: Nothing is static in the Eye and Mind of the Infinite; that all consciousness is constantly in motion and so far as the terrestrial or earth dimension is concerned – in terms and references to our modern science – can be considered energy wave forms which have a positive and a negative polarity as an oscillating motion. This was further equalized in our common objectivism, that by throwing a stone into a pond we could see energy being transferred in an undulating or an up and down motion from one point to another.

In common terms of reference, therefore, it is most important to remember that in all forms of motion, whether they are concerned with the more immediate terrestrial or third dimension, or   sinewaveinto the more infinite abstractions, there is always involved the concept of polarity. This means that always within each form of consciousness, as it is expressed in such a wave form or a motion, and whether or not it is contained in a point to point terminus, a third dimensional equivalent, or to more infinite abstractions as are contained in cyclic motions of transference within the cycle itself, there is always the resolution of the positive to negative and negative to positive equivalents of transference which always presents to the face of Infinity its own particular equivalent of consciousness as it was so regenerated from the vastness and the infinite beginnings of the most Infinite.

Throughout this vast interchange and this great sea of infinitely filled “void” which has been called space, we have seen this interplay of consciousness as it was contained in polarity patterns. These polarity patterns – whethervortex2smaller they were related to forms of expressions as great cycles in which certain junctions are terminating points of consciousness as polarity transferences, or that they regenerated other commonly related vortical patterns within themselves – in turn, focused into a common terminating point called a sun, a galaxy or even a universe. Even the universe itself, in its general and known pinwheel-like fashion, was a silent voice telling the scientist how this great vortex – stemming from an infinite number of dimensions above it – was, in turn, only a very small and infinitely minded particle of consciousness which again linked and relinked, through a large number of infinitely vast cycles, into another form of consciousness which was so expanded in nature that it would indeed not only stagger your consciousness but would remain absolutely undetermined, so far as any particular points of introspection were concerned in your present attempt to evaluate this Infinite.

Conversely, the world of atoms and atomic forms as they are again subdivided into electronsatom-vortex-emf and positrons are resolving themselves contrawise into configurations of polarity patterns; as the electron represents the negative quotient of the atom, while the positron, the hard core or nucleus. These are only determined in their position or relationship to the expression of consciousness with a similar vortex which supports them from another dimension. This vortex, in turn, then becomes a common form of expression which is again linked in that cyclic pattern of transference of consciousness into an increasing number of greater and more expanded forms of cyclic motion into this same Infinite Cosmogony. Thus we have again transferred polarity into two equally and infinitely expanded fields of consciousness into subinfinity; and even the electron or the proton in turn would subdivide itself into Infinity in another direction, just as does vortical and cyclic motion transfer consciousness into Infinity into the expanded universe.

These principles of regeneration or reorientation of consciousness, as are posed in cyclic or vortical inner-plane-4-postmethods of transference of such forms of consciousness from various polarities, and thus contained within, are part of the regenerative process in the creation of each individual in whatever particular material or spiritual constituents which that individual is, at any time, expressing in his perspective to the Infinite. These same common principles, in all their abstractions and implications, involve an infinite number of creative forms of consciousness in which man will find himself in his travels into this Infinity. Thus in the future eons of time, he will find himself in other worlds and in other dimensions wherein introspection is carried into an increasingly larger number or into an entirely different realm and dimension of perspective than he is now immediately occupying.

To some degree, this journey into the future has been the common lot of those whom the Ascended-masters-3religionists call Avatars or Masters, such as Jesus of Nazareth, or other such exponents of seemingly advanced forms of truth or consciousness in the histories of our world. These and other forms of consciousness, as they are transferred into other fields – such as science in its various branches – can also be truly interpreted as part of a more advanced form of consciousness related to any one, or a given number of individuals who have thus progressed beyond the boundaries of the immediate reactionary dimension, which is the common lot of all individuals who so occupy the earth at this particular time. Basically, and at nominal rates of transference, each individual, as he has been selected as representing the average individual concerned with an average materialistic life upon the earth, does pose within his conscious mind an advanced negative polarity which is biased entirely by the physical dimension into which he has passed, from succeeding lifetimes. He is also, to some degree in an intuitive fashion, negatively biased to the positive or the spiritual side of his dimension into the Infinite, and into which he will travel in future regenerations of consciousness wherein he will again occupy a physical body from time to time, in his attempt to evaluate and to reform the Infinite into some adjutants of physical consciousness.

Here again, another important principle has been activated and previously explained but does past-lives-4-posthowever, bear further mention. This is the common process of polarizing consciousness from one particular polarity to another as it is posed from the Superconsciousness of each individual; and its implications in vortical and cyclic patterns of consciousness, stemming from the Infinite into that exact configuration of the negative polarity as it is posed by an infinite number of lifetimes lived in physical or terrestrial dimensions of consciousness.

So, dear reader, it makes but little difference where we transfer our particular point of perspective. To analyze and to equate the movements, transferences, and various interpolations of consciousness, as they are more directly concerned with an infinite perspective always means that we must involve the same relationship of such transferences into the common movements of cyclic and vortical patterns, as they relate each form of consciousness to its own particular position in regard to Infinity.

Thus, in the future, the scientist will be able to establish, not only from the physical dimension, a limited number of physical laws which were first posed by Newton in his laws of mechanical motion, but he will also be able to transfer his equivalents of analysis into perspectives and dimensions which involve a much greater number of dimensions of consciousness, and the transference of suchsaucer-4-post-1 forms of ideologies and expressions of life into common denominators which he will then, at that future time, call his existing physical science. At that future date, he will then be able to equate in his own mind a more suitable manner in which to relate himself to the Infinite vastness of space about him and which seems only space at the present moment because he lacks the certain reactive senses to determine all values in this so-called space. Thus, in relating himself into more of these dimensional forms of transference as they are thus opposed, in his future analysis he will see man living in various forms of relationships and in different dimensions involving other spectra of transferences. At that future time – if he so deems it necessary to create such a suitable transitory vehicle as he calls a flying saucer – he will also be able to transform the basic vibrating rate of the atoms, as they are affected in gravitational fields of force or the electromagnetic fields of force about the earth, into other dimensions and thereby he will have automatically eliminated the now existing barriers of the seemingly impregnable vastness of space, and space in itself will at least have become partially nonexistent.”

Excerpt from Cosmic Continuum

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