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Personal-Evolution-main“The beginning, or terminating point in any evolutionary concept is practically nonexistent; that is, in infinite conception nothing is incomplete in itself, but functions perfectly in principle; therefore there is no terminating point nor is there any beginning point in Infinite Consciousness. Infinite Consciousness has survived, and always should be pictured in the individual consciousness as a constant survival, a never-ending and a never-beginning survival of Infinite consciousness which supersedes far in advance of any concept or tenet of human consciousness that can presuppose the starting or ending point in any evolutionary cycle.

Therefore, the individual must remain content, for the present at least, with this particular concept of Infinity. Infinity must wait, so to speak, as far as you are concerned, until that day and age when you can conceive Infinity in a somewhat more expanded position. Even in that Infinite-Fractal-4-postfuture day however, do not presume that you will find a terminating point; neither will there be a beginning; for a beginning and an ending are synonymous in all respects, and one must be present in order for the other to manifest. The function of the Infinite is completely abstract in all expressions, and therefore, remains as a completeness in cyclic form which is manifest in its entirety in interdimensional function. It can never be separated from itself; it cannot be placed in any particular position but resides infinitely throughout Infinity.

In this respect the Infinite is infinitely wise; and in knowing, It must conceive evolution as a cyclic form, propagated and supported by the inner dimension of inner consciousness as having a starting point in any particular concept or realization as it concerns an individual entity of consciousness, such as a human being. Here, the scale of evolution, so far as humanity is concerned, is a collective integration of various different infinite form substances which are more or less amassed, so to speak, through the process of evolution, by the principle of harmonic attunement, which in turn, has been re-created as a negative polarity in the environment of some particular material world dispensation.

Here the principle of positive and negative polarity is of the utmost importance, while the facsimile Polarities-4-postof a certain negative appearance in life is always inversely supported from within by a similar infinite or psychic polarization as a positive element, the transmission of these two different polarities, as they are more directly concerned within the attunement of their own particular expressive elements always, in turn, re-catalyze or polarize various other different additive concepts within the mental horizon of the human, as these are concerned within the confines of his psychic anatomy. In this respect, therefore, it must be thoroughly understood, by the aspirant to a higher way of life, that every act of consciousness, if fulfilled in a physical follow-up is, in effect, a universal part of the whole; it is attuned harmonically to every other different cyclic manifestation in the entire infinite macrocosm, as such, an attunement through these many harmonic planes of interception, the person, in turn, at any given point in his evolution, can be considered to be a person of infinite proportions.

He has within the dimension of his mind the complete and abstract power of reaching out into the Infinite, and aligning himself, harmonically speaking, with any particular transposition of life. He can manifest anything he wishes in his life; however when a person reaches this state of consciousness the material life has reached a point of complete abeyance and is completely superseded by the principle of Infinity Itself as a reconstructive element. This individual then, can spiritual-manifestion-4-postbe presumed to have passed that point where any particular manifestation of spiritual consciousness will integrate as personal adjutants in his own way of life; or they can be presumed to be demonstrative values used to impress his fellow men with the greatness of his understanding. They are not used to waylay the past insecurities and various different elements of the past life which can be largely considered as an escape mechanism, presupposed into the present and in the future.

Any individual thus harmonically attuned with the Infinite is, in all effect, an element which is reciprocating infinitely. Within the dimension of consciousness of his mind, he is completely aware of the Infinite in all its most abstract ramifications. He is completely aware of its constant, never-ending, resurgence which it constantly recreates within itself, the utmost in all abstract forms of consciousness. This person can also intelligently rationalize that each earth man, as he starts his evolutionary climb, is thus so confronted with the Infinite; but having a singular mind as a point of transposition in the immediate present as a third dimensional time element, he therefore can be selective only at the moment and in relation to the environmental pressures with which he is so surrounded.

In this way the individual begins his ascension or climb into a more advanced and Infinite pathway-of-light--4-postperspectus. In this climb it can also be presumed, in the various cyclic transmissions of numerous earth lives, which are innumerable in number, that he must become selective; first he becomes selective on the basis of the immediate apparencies which are engendered by the aforementioned environmental pressures.

Then, the earth person’s progression advances to a point – and it must be remembered here, that the principle of Infinite expression is always progressive in nature – where he, so traveling into Infinity, must always be consciously minded of this progression, and it can be presumed that he has reached, and begun to pass over a certain threshold – this threshold is his spiritual consciousness – to the point where he has grown, or expanded the dimension of his own mind, certain particular facilities, or manifestations which cannot be compromised and cannot be explained in ordinary material stances.

Thus this person has reached his threshold of spiritual consciousness; he again reaches, so to speak, into Infinity, and in reaching comes out with some of the more pure and uncontaminated spritual-progressionrealizations of the Infinite which must be reshaped within the mental horizon of his own mind. These realizations must conform with the different ideologies, the various configurations with which he is familiar. His mystical effigies of God, or the diverse gods with which he is associated, always must contain the various temperamental and emotional vicissitudes of his own nature. In this respect, mankind, up until the present time at least, and universally speaking – so far as the earth man is concerned – has not reached that plateau of understanding wherein he has completely separated the entity of the Infinite in his consciousness from these sundry emotional vicissitudes.

There are, in all religious factors, still certain dispensations of emotional values which are mandated, to a large degree, by the very existence of the church system itself. For should any person reach and pass the threshold where he becomes more completely introspective into Infinity, then church systems are no longer necessary in the mental horizon of his own daily life. He has now reached that place where he can interweave, in his daily life, various interdimensional facsimiles which are more completely abstract in nature, and he has taken into himself more of the infinite manner of expression.”

Excerpt from Infinite Perspectus

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