Perpetual Motion Machines – Yes They Exist

Perpetual Motion Machines mainCompilation by Gloria Lynn

Life is a continuous flow of energy. How this flow works has been continually researched by earth scientists. However, actually how this flow begins and ends and what causes it, will remain forever a mystery to the scientist until he begins to understand the principles of UN.AR.I.U.S. which states (1) this energy originates in other dimensions and (2) this flow is eternal and infinite and this energy can be neither created nor destroyed (confirmed by Einstein) but only changed.

How energy is a interchange between two polarities ever revolving around us in an infinite number of ways holds the answer to our own physical energy needs.

To understand how perpetual motion machines work, we must understand that seemingly in nature, whenever there is an imbalance, there is flow. This flow or movement can be harnessed for our energy needs. For instance, the flow of water in Niagara Falls provides for the energy needs of 3.8 million homes or the movement of wind flow turning fan blades provides energy to 20 million American homes.

If we take the examples of wax and wool which have been rubbed together, we find that the surplus of electrons in the wax (negative charge) and the deficit of electrons in the wool (positive charge) creates an imbalance of charge between them. This imbalance manifests itself as an attractive force between the two objects:

If a conductive wire is placed between the charged wax and wool, electrons will flow through it, as some of the excess electrons in the wax rush through the wire to get back to the wool, filling the deficiency of electrons there:

The imbalance of electrons between the atoms in the wax and the atoms in the wool creates a force between the two materials. With no path for electrons to flow from the wax to the wool, all this force can do is attract the two objects together. Now if the conductor bridges the insulating gap, however, the force will provoke electrons to flow in a uniform direction through the wire, if only momentarily, until the charge in that area neutralizes and the force between the wax and wool diminishes or balances out.

The electric charge formed between these two materials by rubbing them together serves to store a certain amount of energy. This potential energy, stored in the form of an electric charge imbalance and capable of provoking electrons to flow through a conductor, can be expressed as a term called voltage, which technically is a measure of potential energy per unit charge of electrons, or something a physicist would call specific potential energy. This energy workforce powers our electrical motors which in turn provide for our daily needs.

Whenever an imbalance is created – the universal forces of nature want to balance the imbalance which, as an example, can also be applied to ourselves as karma. How many lifetimes do you want to spend here trying to balance out the negative with positive? Atoms are energy; so we are energy beings trying to come back into balance.

Imbalance in anything will try to correct itself. For instance a teeter toter, or Newton’s Cradle. Applying imbalance will cause the balls to balance back in the opposite direction.

Even throwing a stone into a pond will cause sinusoidal wave forms that eventually dissipate the energy contained in the hand throwing the stone until once again the water is calm and “balanced” again.

rock in pondSo creating imbalance which seeks to balance itself and in the process harness the energy flow is the goal for most zero point energy researchers.

This can be accomplished in literally an infinite number of ways not the least of which Tesla discovered by virtue of his power tower and continuing study of radiant energy.

Other researchers such as Eric Dollard, T. Henry Moray, Stan Meyer and John Hutchison have all dwelt in these aspects and many more currently continue to do so.

Following are examples of perpetual motion machines that provide a working concept of movement based on balance.

Now if magnetics could be applied to this movement to create electricity then we could get somewhere. Of course, this has already been done in more advanced ancient civilizations such as Lemuria, Atlantis, and others unknown, as well as on other planets. And, of course, it has been successfully applied today with many researchers such as Tesla and others.

Here is but just one example of a simple design. There are many more simple and complex.

Here is one of a more complex design:

It need not be complicated. Even I who have never officially studied electronics gets the basic gist.

I would encourage readers of this article to build your own machines as described in some of these videos and find a way of applying magnetics. A simple table top model will prove concept then the machine can be scaled to provide capacity.

The goal: Free energy to everyone as Tesla intended it.

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