Perfected Beings And Their Tasks

Perfected-Beings-And-Their-Tasks-main-4-postby Flower A. Newhouse

Life is a movement toward the goal of Mastership. An evolutionary program impels the advancement, improvement and mastery of ourselves and our talents. The supreme endeavor of progress is to cause every man and every woman to become Adepts in the art of spiritual advancement and the right use of spiritual powers. Though the process is slow and gradual, from the chrysalis of preparation, after tireless effort, a perfected man or woman emerges.

ascended-masters-4-postThe treasures in knowledge these Masters gathered through various experiences and toil are the inheritance given younger souls still striving for wisdom and self-control. The benefactors, themselves, disperse their jewels; and their distributions cover an era of many centuries. In giving away the gleanings they earned by endless exertion, they thus enrich all the departments of human endeavor, and simultaneously become greater custodians of qualifications that entitle them to work within the estate of Eternal Power.

The group of Adepts who return their harvest to humanity are known as the Directors. They remain in inner communication with the earth, guiding its advancement in government, education, science, art and religion. Persons who, by their spiritual development, their devotion to world progress, and their special genius, merit masterly instruction and help, receive these advantages. How essential, therefore, are our aspirations which qualify us to work and grow under their supervision.

higher-dimensional-beings-4-postThe Assembly of Masters seems sparse, indeed, until we consider the power invested in each Adept. Upon the advent of their Mastership, the majority of Perfected Beings enter the sixth dimension. In this region a service, which is vaster and deeper than the human mind can grasp, is rendered the Cosmos. It is sufficient to mention that the order and serenity in the universe is due partly to their united effort.

The Great Ones who keep in touch with the affairs of the earth are the Directors previously mentioned, the Designers and the Initiators. These beings dwell in the fifth dimension, which to some is known as the Kingdom of Mind. In this region plans are conceived and prepared for execution. From here, sensitive composers receive inspirations for melodic scores, while artists glimpse visions of beauty to reproduce on glorious canvases.

music-of-the-spheres-4-postIt is said by mystics that planets, stars and galaxies move in rhythm with the Muangels and musical inspiration 4 postsic of the Spheres. This is true! The universe throbs with sound as fully as with life. In the outer world many creatures are articulate, but on the whole their notes are imperfect soundings. In the higher dimensions the quality of every tone is tuneful, upswinging. Waves of music flood one continually on the higher planes. There seems to be no end to their variations. At times they are silver toned and as distant as the far horizon. Again they are multisonous and resonant. Angels and human souls make up the invisible chorus of this permeating Spirit of Music. They do not gather in throngs to broadcast their harmony, but send out their tone or chant from their own sphere to add to the whole of the mighty chorale. There are beings, however, whose purpose it is to create concordant sound. They are the musicians and soloists whose adoration, through expression, forms the very soul of music. It is from the outline of their musical offerings that the world’s finest works have been patterned.

angel-inspiration-4-postWhen we attain realization of the Infinite Source of life, we enter a training that prepares us for adeptship. From that time on we are under the supervision of Initiators who exert a high influence upon us. Under their watchfulness we are inspired with ideals and noble purpose. Their directions teach us to live usefully and progressively; yet, they do not solve our problems nor assume our responsibilities. Only by faithfully discharging our obligations and improving ourselves in body, mind, talent and spirit will we be able to sense their encouraging nearness.

There are seven major phases and gradations of initiation for the individual unfoldment of inherent Godliness. The first five phases are usually taken while in the physical body; the last two always occur in the higher dimensions of being. The term “initiate” applies to one who has achieved direct knowledge and consciousness of the Spirit of God. The depth of that inward realization determines the degree of initiation from which one functions in serving God’s Plan. A Master has received the fifth initiation; a Lord has taken the sixth, while a God has concluded the seven great unfoldments of Godhood. The learned and spiritual men, Pythagoras and Lao-Tse, were Masters. The Christ Jesus and Guatama Buddha were Lords. The Bible refers to the God, Jehovah, who, though exceedingly advanced, is not the Spirit of God to whom we pray.

The Masters teach that Gods must take many initiations before Their Spirits are united with the Eternal Source.

Masters are supervised by Lords, and they in turn are overshadowed by the God of a particular way of ascended-master-4-postunfoldment. Sixth degree initiates have the duty of radiating power, love and pure thoughts into space. Their attention is given to the Cosmos; Their help, to the world. Great Logi are so blended with the Spirit of God that They are channels of Deity’s Thought, Benevolence, and Laws which direct the world. Though the journey from passivity to conscious Godhood appears difficult and complicated, infinite simplicity, order and wisdom govern the entire process. If the thought of graded orders of Mastership be confusing, remember that the Spirit of God permeates Its glorious system, that Its Life is in the leaves of the trees as well as in the hearts of human beings and Godly-aware Adepts. God is nearer than our bodies yet simultaneously pervades the universe. Only a Supreme Infinite Mind could have fashioned a plan whereby all life would gradually evolve, until, from a sleeping state, eternal wakefulness might evolve, until, from a sleeping state, eternal wakefulness might embody Its Creation. That the design be fulfilled, agents and artisans were necessary. Through long ages the most highly evolved humans have been the custodians of God’s Intentions. Because these Adepts are essential to the purpose of the Creator, we should desire to know as much as is possible concerning them.

angel projection 2The earth is supervised by the Anointed Ones who either attained Mastery here, or who are responsible for the progress of this planet. The work of administration is shared by the Masters who serve in those fields best adapted to their abilities. The adepts do not frequently reveal themselves or their services, for only a few of them and their ministries are known.

The Great Lords send us energy, inspiration and encouragement from Their high level. They seldom enter our dimension, as the Masters carry out their will for us. Amongst the Exalted Ones are the Lord Jesus, the Lord Maitreya, the Maha Chohan, the Sanat Kumara, and the Logos Osiris (the Solar Logos). Radiations from these Lords are felt very keenly on our Christmas and Easter Days, as well as during the full moon in May. The high noon period is a time when not only the Light but the silent benediction of the Solar Logos enfolds us.

Excerpt from Natives Of Eternity

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