Short Overview of Particles And Wave Function

vibration33In the last article, Quantum Physics: Shattered Wave Functions, questions were asked at the end of the article: “No one is sure what actually constitutes a measurement,” Maris said. “Perhaps physicists can agree that someone with a Ph.D. wearing a white coat sitting in the lab of a famous university can make measurements. But what about somebody who really isn’t sure what they are doing? Is consciousness required? We don’t really know.”

These questions are easily answered when one has a good understanding of the interdimensional physics of life as espoused by UN.AR.I.U.S..

First a quick review of the perplexities of the quantum world:

The quantum world occupies many states at once. If we were to examine space, for instance, according to the UN.AR.I.U.S. teachings, we would find that it is infinitely filled with energy. An example in the field of holography, if you shine a light on a point in space using a laser light then according to how that point in space reacts to the laser light you would see a certain spectrum or image or a hologram (giving the illusion of reality). This point in space could be thought of as a standing wave function that so-called collapses but rather it would become visible to us when we shine a light on it.

The standing wave is continuously being pulsed with energy from other dimensions. We are only measuring or becoming aware of what has been there all along. It didn’t come into being just because we measured it.

The electron and other particles are just nodal vibrations, where the frequencies are a little more compact but yet in continuous oscillation; this could explain why the particles appear to be in many places at the same time. This also may explain how the harmonics and sub-harmonics of the wave forms that compose particles such as the electron  could be caught as slivers in the helium bath experiment as described in the prior article.

In string theory, the same string can become different particles depending on its vibration. These so-called particles depending on their vibration assume different geometries that interact with one another either repelling or attracting to become the material objects of our world (the material plane).

The complexity and shape of so-called particles depends on their standing wave form structures as they are continuously pulsed with energy from higher dimensions.

quantum-orbitalsThese will interact with other so-called particles based on frequency relationship. Unlike the third dimension (the physical plane) which has space and time, the higher dimensions have integrated space-time in a cyclic motion so that our perception of space and time is that it is non-existent. Everything seems instantaneous such as with quantum entanglement. Distance doesn’t matter.

Please review the Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation for a more in-depth explanation of the true inter-dimensional physics of life that will explain these and many more mysteries.

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