Our Inner Connection to The Infinite

Inner-connection-main-4-post“A pleasant day to you, brother and sister. Since terminating our last visit which took place high above the city on a balcony, there have been some new and important thought questions which I have intercepted and which I would like, if I can, to clear up for you. Some time after the close of this last visit some words were read from a magazine which dealt with relativity of various kinds of what the earth scientist calls factors. He has found that the speed of light and the pull of gravity, radio waves and such kindred and allied expressions have one common denominator, relative to their speed in their, shall I say expression or flow through his third dimension.

Regarding this factor of relationship he is still very much puzzled. It has not yet occurred to him that this 186,000 miles per second speed is only an indication, or as your doctor says, a symptom. The scientist has not yet pierced far enough beyond his limited finite concept to visualize that such expressions of energy whether they relate either to the speed of light or electrical impulses or even to what he calls mass would not, and could not, be expressed in his third dimensional world unless it worlds-manifesting-4-postexisted first in some form or relationship in all other dimensions. It can truly be said that this earth world is only one of the many countless outlets and expressions of the Divine Fountainhead. All expressions of mass and energy must of course be logically expressed from this Fountainhead before they can materialize or assume some proportion or value in his world.

In short, whatever man does on his earth plane, or has done, or will do, and it makes no difference whatever the act or circumstance, he has first merely brought into actual continuity any and all of such things directly from the Fountainhead. If he presses the key on the telegraph or talks through a microphone across the world, he will have first pressed the key at the Fountainhead, or he will have spoken through the microphone from the Fountainhead. In other words, you don’t get something from nothing. All of the somethings which you call energy and mass had to first come from somewhere; they had to exist somewhere. This somewhere is the Fountainhead, which you earth people have called God. As I have said God is infinite and in order for Him to be infinite that infinity must be expressed in the vortex-of-lifefinite. It must become negative and positive. It must become truth and error. It must be good and evil. Only in your association with this infinite God you contrived to place the stigma of self and with this self-hood or ego you have warped and distorted these infinite and finite conceptions into thought patterns which will take you thousands of years to eradicate. At no place and at no time will man come into the true perspective of his relationship with the Infinite God until he has eradicated the stigma of self and replaced it with the expression of the Infinite God. Therefore, dear ones, listen not to the confusion of voices which is going on around you. How can anyone, in a world which is so filled with frustration and fear, with sin and negation, teach you anything beyond the realm of your own experiences. The outside world will give you nothing inner-voice-4-postand teach you nothing. Their world, while it is all to them, as yours is to you, yet means nothing more than the ceaseless beat of waves upon the shore.

Throughout the eternal time of your evolution you will find that only one thing is consistent and valuable in this evolution and that is the part of you which comes from the Fountainhead. That part of you which you call the still small voice. It is this infinite part in its infinite expression outwardly, which becomes all the things that you are, that places you in all of the dimensions and realms through which you will progress; for only by the actual experience and the expression of experience will you come to know the personal nature, as will you come to know the Infinite aspects of this God self. A little later on we will resume our narration and visit in the Venusian city of Azure, for now peace be with you.”

Excerpt from The Voice of Venus

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