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Your-infinite-self-main“Here is a convenient bench, so let us sit awhile and enjoy the amazing beauty and splendor which you see about you; and while you are thus occupied I will go a little further into some of the numerous facets of your earth life evolutions. I might say before this, however, that there will be here in this temple, a ceremony in which one of our loved ones will leave our Venusian way of life to ascend closer to his ultimate Mastership. If you remember the tall brother wCycles-4-postho stood in the center of the semicircle at the birth of Orda. He is the one who is about to so ascend. But we do not measure our lives here by the matter of time as you know it on earth. Rather our lives here are measured as cycles. In fact when you begin to understand in a more abstract manner you will see that the Infinite Mind of God is always expressing Himself, both finite and infinite, in the manner of cycles or evolutions; and this is true, whether it is man or beast, fish or fowl, insect or plant. It is a constant succession of an infinite number of cycles. Energy or intelligence always stems away in a cycle or circular path from the Fountainhead. So it must return and then it will begin again. Yea, even unto eternity and beyond.

I will more fully explain this, inasmuch as an explanation will clear up some of the mystery which is associated with the coming and going of the plant and animal life on your earth. You must know that as a cycle is a circle, so within the cycle itself are many smaller cycles linked to each other through a certain law of frequency relationship. In your earth life you have found that it is a world of extreme and sharp contrasts. This is because God in his Infinite Wisdom has so conceived and contrived that you must always, through the power of concept constantly add life-cycle-spiral-4-postto, in a constructive way, all of the infinite things which God is. Thus you will return to the Fountainhead where you will again resume another group of dimensions and worlds, and so this process is repeated and repeated. That is why in understanding these things, I am humbly observant of my position in God’s Creative Mind. I have tried humbly, and without personal feelings, to picture to you some of the similarities in your earth life which still link you with some of the lower orders of concept.

In your community lives, in your dependence upon each other, I have said that it looks like you are all huddled together for security. In your daily lives sleep, work and sleep, are interspersed by periods of feeding and caring for your physical bodies. Your cycles and periods of life appear to us, as I have said, like that of a squirrel, which is caged in a circular enclosure, and running around just as you do, in repeating the various cycles of your lives. I do not mean to imply that you are animals, because I understand fully your position in God’s creation. Rather I point out these things to you as a means whereby you can begin to further your evolution. As we are close to the subject of the animal kingdom, let us go a little farther into this subject. You may have wondered, as I have said, at the strange appearance of familiarity of the plant and bird life, as seen in some of the species about you. The earth man has not learned to the fullest extent that all such things have their own position in the plan of evolution, and when I say evolution I do nohigher self of animals 4 postt mean the principles which were exploited by a man named Darwin. I am referring to a more advanced spiritual concept. You may have wondered, does an animal or a tree possess a soul? Yes, indeed, they do. They possess souls but not in the sense of your generally conceived idea of a soul. In the case of man, soul merely means that he is linked up as an individual to the Fountainhead. A tree or an animal or any other living, crawling, flying thing on your earth, as in any other material world, is also linked up to the Fountainhead, however in an entirely different relationship. It is God’s expression of the finite and the infinite. Because an animal dies or a tree is burned or chopped down, it does not mean they cease to exist. They existed before they materialized into your world as idea, form and structure of the Infinite mind. Because a forest burns does not mean that the trees have disappeared. Likewise in all other things, as God creates all things, Creation began, but there is no beginning of time, for the creation began in God’s Mind, and as it was conceived so does He manifest.

The disappearance of material or physical forms from your earth does not mean that God has let Himself be destroyed. As such physical and material expressions exist in your world, so they must animals have souls twolikewise exist in a suitable form in an infinite number of worlds and dimensions. The forest of your world of today may grow as the forest upon another planet in another day. We can assume that each regrowth or reappearance of God, in this form, is also attended by and reflects a higher state of evolution. While this is a highly abstract evaluation I would like you in the coming days to give it much thought. It will explain to you how plant and bird life can appear in a much more highly developed form of energy in our city. It will also explain what happens to your dear little pets. As you all are, and will ultimately be, the sum and total of God’s most Divine expression, so will you find, in your future worlds and in the higher astral realms, that your pets have followed you there. They may not be the little flea bitten dog that was so troubled with distemper, but instead a much more highly evolved image or picture, if I can call it such, of that particular dog. Of course he will be just as real as he was to you on earth; but in God’s great manifestation-of-life-cycle-4-postunderstanding, as it is expressed in the law of attraction, if you love your doggie strong enough and he loves you likewise, so shall it be in the future. Each animal, each plant or tree, starts in its cycle from the Cosmic Fountainhead; and in this cycle of coming and going it is always the same species as its original creation. It only changes in its frequency relationships, in the various planes or dimensions, or can I say worlds, in which it finds itself. Always remember, however, as I have said, you are the most ultimate and most infinite of all God’s Creations, and one in which He expresses His fullest measure. Do not misconstrue me, brother, nor the things which may seem to you a bit harsh. Your thought patterns are very adhesive and sometimes a great deal of expression is needed to loosen them. Each and every one of you on your earth plane is a brother and sister to us, and our expression of love to you is far greater than any measure of love which you have yet conceived. So wherever it is in your many evolutions that you wish a helping hand, your Venusian brothers will do their utmost.

With our love, may you rest in Peace.”

Mal Var

Excerpt from The Voice of Venus

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