Orion “Unholy Six” Memory

orionSome time ago I had a dream of being on this world where everyone was impoverished and everyone barely survived. This world had billions of people on it.

 I saw myself as a participant in games, not just one but in as many as there were people and the game was murder, rape, beheadings, cannibalism and whatever you care to imagine took place. (Like The Hunger Games but on steroids and I do believe The Hunger Games is a psychic memory of this past).

 This world was used as a reality show for the rest of the Orion systems’ entertainment and the participants were either victors or victims. The victors could kill and kill efficiently enough or graphically enough to make themselves well known throughout the system. Now before you say this sounds like hogwash, look at the present here now with the wrestling federation and the pseudonym’s the participants go by. This was similar to this Orion world only everything was real.

 And like in The Hunger Games, the people were kept in a state of depravity and hunOrion4post2ger. This was done in order that the depraved acts that were committed for the sake of entertainment could go on. A hungry depraved person is more likely to commit acts of murder and mayhem.

 Now these acts of depravity went on for a very long time and this was video-taped and beamed to the masses of the Orion system as entertainment as I mentioned. But as happens with all civilizations, they eventually come to an end. Sometime in that future (our past), the great networks of interlocking computers that controlled and ran everything failed. When this happened there were many kinds of apocalypses that took place such as sheer mayhem, disease, famine, earth changes, etc. The souls that were hooked up to these megalithic computers of control also suddenly found, without the computers directives, they were lost. They became mental derelicts use to lives over and over again completely controlled by these computers now as beings with no direction, no control, no sense of what was right or wrong, up or down.

 The souls that were involved in aOrionHunger4post3ll of this were very damaged, however you cannot just throw away a damaged soul. A soul is energy like everything else and cannot be created or destroyed. It is eternal.

 What the Brothers (in the more advanced celestial worlds) decided to do was to take these many billions of souls and have them incarnate on four separate planets, earth (our earth) being one of them and allow through countless evolutions or reincarnations of these souls the gradual healing process of these many terrible barbaric experiences experienced in these worlds of Orion.

 If we were to examine Earth throughout the many millenniums, we would see these Orion pasts played over and over again. Just some examples to name a few: Coliseum of Rome, Crusades, Inquisition, and the continuous Bloodshed and Warfare throughout history.

 Of course, with the advancement in our technology today, as Orion was also very technologically advanced, we are repeating these pasts with even further gusto. Just look at what we consider current entertainment. Just about every night you can watch at least, on average, seven to eight murders on television. Also let us not forget boxing, wrestling, or other sports such as kickboxing, etc. where people hurting other people is considered entertainment. Also why is there such a fascination with horror movies depicting gore? Why are there serial killers? Could they be the same people who participated in these pasts where it was considered ‘good’ and even better when you killed more then anyone else achieving status throughout the Orion system?

 Now consider present day butchers like so-called Al Qaeda and Isil video-taping beheadings, murder and mayhem, etc. Could this not also be a replay of this past?

 mentalillnessMental illness seems to be also another very big part of this with people perhaps still trying to overcome the horrific brutality that took place on these Orion worlds as well as its subsequent demise where there was no more direction once the central (mind control) computer systems were destroyed.

 I have had dreams of being on worlds where nearly 90% of the population were in mental facilities. This was the direct aftermath of the destruction of Orion’s central controlling computer banks. In these dreams it actually didn’t matter whether you were in a mental facility or not. It was understood that everyone was mentally damaged in some way or another unable to cope with the loss of the mind controlling computer systems.

Could this be a collective over-riding cycle that we are just repeating over and over again?

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. – George Santayana

 For those not aware of the history of Orion, here is an excerpt from a source about that system long ago:

 To the ancient Egyptians, in the V Dynasty the constellation of Orion was SAHU. hunters, —hunting through the heavens for Gods and men to rip apart and boil for food. The old Empire of Orion has always been a highly competitive race. Their internal aggression has been very hard on them and they want to rule the galaxy as the rightful owners. Orion has had to search for and construct a “Network” after a war wiped out their “DeathStar” called Tyrantor. This planet sized spacecraft had been the capital of an old and decadent Orion Empire of nearby Stars in the Milky Way galaxy. Tyrantor was destroyed about a half million years ago. (If this sounds familiar, Star Wars, the movie, was based on this Orion legend.)

 After the Empire was destroyed completely only six solar systems with the irrespective star-suns were left, and they were all in Orion, and became known as The Unholy Six. – Creston, Alien Digest, Vol. 3

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