One Doctor’s Journey On Discovering How Disembodied Entities Cause Schizophrenia

Mental-Illness-main-4-postAre the voices that schizophrenics hear disembodied entities? Do psychologists and psychiatrists take the time and listen to what these voices are saying so they can more readily understand what is going on and if there are any similarities between cases? Evidently the man interviewed in the following video did just that and what he discovered for himself is that possession is real. The narrator further elucidates the phenomena from a Swedenborg perspective.

It would be wonderful if more people in the healing arts would come to recognize this as part of the reason for so much of the mental illness in the human condition today also, many times these discarnate entities cause disease and physical illness in their victims directly stemming from the possessing entities cause of death or their former health problems while they were incarnated. Many of the addictions (sexual, alcohol, drugs) are also directly attributable to these same possessing entities who will go through their subjects to get their high.

UN.AR.I.U.S. teaches that possession is real and can be easily relieved once the science behind possession is understood. Many other advanced earth worlds practice the art of spirit releasement therapy. Why aren’t we? See more articles here on spirit releasement therapy.


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