On The Science of Spiritual Healing

Spriitual-Healing-main-4-post“Our Science is different because it is not mandatory. We are not trying to impress it on anyone. What we are striving for is to contact people who have been preconditioned for it, who have asked for seeker of a higher planeit within their own consciousness. As Jesus said, “Believest thou this?” and he knew that unless people were preconditioned, that they were hopelessly lost until they had sought out the higher planes of consciousness in the spiritual worlds in their lives in between lives, and had been preconditioned of these things. If they had gone in their sleep state to the higher planes like Venus and had been taught harmonizing expressions of life, that’s putting the horse at the right end of the wagon where it belongs and not trying to make God subjective to you through the will and dominion of your mind which is taught by all so-called teachers of truth, which they, in a sense of the word, are always trying to tell God what to do, instead of tuning themselves in and letting God reward them openly the way they should do. They can’t do it until they understand the first basic equivalent of all things, the very essence and nature of God, which is a sine wave, which is energy. And they have the proof here because everything around you is proof of that. There is no such thing as a solid substance. Everything resolves itself into one or another tangible element of energy— living, dynamic, moving energy which is related and interrelated into sine wave animation 4 postthe Infinite Cosmogony. That is the Absolute and we cannot divide that; we cannot say, “This is Satan, this is Jehovah, this Beelzebub, this is Brahma, this is Shiva, this is Vishnu.” That was all for the little children who were playing in mud pies. They had to personify these things because that was a struggle over themselves within their own minds. They couldn’t visualize that anything could live except in the external form of a parent of a human being just like themselves, in spite of the fact that they, themselves, either physically, mentally or any other way, were merely a conglomeration, a matrix of energy formations all expressing the common idiom of their own particular structural energy content as it was superimposed in it by an energy wave form, an oscillation, an up-and-down motion, a forward movement, a positive relationship of an idea or an expression, positive or negative from one pole to another.

That’s why I say that you are absolutely lost; you are still in the woods unless you understand the energy fieldelectronics, the dynamics of life as energy or electricity. Whichever way you want to put that, it makes no difference to me. It has to be something which you bring into your own mind. We know, we have gone the path and we have been with these truths for hundreds of thousands of years, and we know that no one gets anywhere with these concepts if he does not cease to be a pagan and quit worshiping in the temples and on the street corners as Jesus warned them against doing, unless man begins to get these structural things, and I’m saying this truly. There may be someone out there in the world somewhere, and I would be very glad to meet the person or the channel who could express these same things. I dislike to be out on a limb all by myself in the moonlight, so to speak.

Student: Well, it doesn’t matter where you are, really, as long as you understand these things.

Moderator: Well, I’m saying this only, not because I’m fearful of what the world will do to me. I’m only saying this because that would add to what we already have here. But this concept above all else: we are always conscious of the fact that whenever anyone touches this relationship, this channel which we have, there are immediate and miraculous differences in their lives. Conditions are healed, cancer leaves, all kinds of incurable disease, things which they were just stalemated with and lost with for maybe thousands of years, will disappear. The world changes.

Student: I don’t quite see how it works.

Moderator: Well, we’ll go back to our first original concept of the sine wave. Now we are oscillating here with what the psychologist refers to as the subconscious. He doesn’t know that’s part of the in-phase-relationship-of-sine-waves-4-postmatrix of this subconscious which I have told before. Now we have to assume in all cases that any wave as it is superimposed on the psychic has a certain vibration. Now if that vibration is in harmonic unison with all other vibrations within the psychic, then it is constructive in a general sense. It means that it can go on and regenerate itself into whatever form of consciousness it was originally superimposed or oscillated with. Well now, suppose we come along here and all of a sudden somebody sticks us with a sharp knife? That oscillation that goes into that subconscious is immediately going to have a lot of jagged lines on it. The frequency is going to be upset. When it gets into the psychic it is going to influence this vortex and all of the energies within this vortex what it is. It is going to form a dark, nonregenerative vortex, nonregenerative in the sense that now it is out of tune with all of the other particular energy formations in the psychic and so in the sense of time as it reflects into future consciousness into a future life, it is going to reflect that same negative oscillation back into the consciousness, which is the exterior surface, the physical.

past-life-influencing-present-lifeSo it becomes a cancer. All of the cells in which it is supposed to regenerate or have a controlling influence over have now lost their directive sense; they’ve lost their governor; they’ve lost their engineer.

Student: How do you fix that?

Moderator: By simply going back to the person and tuning him back to the time and you say, “Look, healing-contact-with-higher-self-4-postthis person came along and he stuck you with a dagger.” The person already knows this fact internally, but he just hasn’t a way and a means of getting it out in his conscious mind. When we do that, he can immediately bring it out in the conscious mind, and that does another thing which Jesus called the principle of Divine Intercession, the Father within which doeth all things. He immediately begins oscillating upstairs here with the superconscious and when he does that, there is an infinite power and a radiance which goes directly into this negative little vortex which was formed by that spear and all of these energies are immediately kicked out or they are changed or revibrated so that they are no longer negative in nature, and so therefore, the person is cured of cancer.

Student: What I wanted to know, how can you see this?

Moderator: Now let’s go a little farther along the line. Jesus, we know, healed many people in his jesus healing a deaf manMission but a lot of people don’t know that this healing had already taken place in the spiritual world before they ever came to the Earth. All they had to do was to come into the world and again to meet Jesus which they had already done in the spiritual world and seen done to them. In other words, he formed a definite polarity. We have to resolve these things now so that every person has to express them out, because he is a creature who is traveling through a time cycle of reincarnation. He always has to come back here to this earth and because this is a negative polarity, he always has to start from this end to, shall we say, regenerate them so that they can become a definite part and structure of the psychic. But it has to be done on a polarity basis.

Student: You mean, they have to come back to the earth?

Moderator: Yes, they have to come back here and they have to relive in consciousness everything; in spiritual-healing-2-postfact, an identical situation which formerly superimposed that negative stance in them. They relive it consciously. That is the acknowledgement of what some people call sin and evil, or repentance. This is a conscious reliving or acknowledgement that there is something very definitely wrong with them, that there is what people call sin or evil within them, and even though they may not be able to describe it at the moment, yet their subconscious is reflecting it outwardly to them or they are linked to it because of their admission to it. They have established a continuity of frequency relationship there with the superconsciousness. So when they say to Jesus, “I have a so and so condition that I need healing,” Jesus says, “Believest thou this?” and this strengthens whatever purpose they already know inwardly within themselves as they have seen it in the spiritual world when they were in there just a few years before, you see. This starts this ringing motion. That means it’s from the transmitter up on the hill to the television set and it expresses outwardly onto the screen a certain picture. They do the same thing because now they have Jesus to centralize this form and motion there with them so that they are linked up with the superconsciousness, and this flood of power comes in, kicks out this frequency and changes the negative vortexes and they are healed.

Student: How do they kick it out?

Moderator: Well, you will have to go a little farther along in your analysis. I can’t give this all to you in one afternoon. You are conscious of these things inwardly or you wouldn’t be sitting there asking these questions the way you are, because you know these things exist. You are merely expressing to me the same things in which many of the people expressed to Jesus when they wanted to come to him and get healed. In your case, your coming to me means that you know all of these things exist but you like to be told by somebody else who also knows them so that catalyzes or polarizes what you already know internally. Now you know that in common terms of reference, when we go back to the sine wave.

Student: Now, may I ask this? Now in our life we find that things aren’t always what they are supposed to be; they aren’t always right.

Moderator: I know what you are going to say; I know what your question is here right now. You are only looking at the external appearance again of a lot of appearances. Internally, if you could see the man-alone-looking-at-stars-4-postchaos and the disorder that the astronomer sees through his telescope, because you see, you are actually on the inside of something looking out to a sense or degree, you see. When you are siting in the room here, you can’t see what the outside world is. You are only seeing a few appearances, a few external appearances and that’s the same thing when you look through a telescope. You are only seeing just a very few superficial things; you can’t possibly envision what the whole thing is.

Now let’s get back to this original concept and go back to our sine wave man vortex psychic energywhere we have a positive and negative. Now all you are concerned with in any sense of the word is changing the rate of vibration of any waveform as it is contained in a vortex. That is all we are concerned with.

When we change the vibrating rate of it, we’ve changed its intelligence and in a sense we have changed the whole thing in its entirety. So when a very strong positive polarity comes in, in direct proportion to a weaker negative, we have changed its polarity and now it is reliving again in a different expression. It is very simple, but also very scientific; don’t forget that. Because we have taken religion out of the realm of the pseudo into the laboratories where it can be proven in the common denominators with which science is familiar with and we are going on into other dimensions.”

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium III

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