On The Proper Use of Atomic Energy

atomic energy main 2“I stated (in my previous discussion) that in the natural order of atoms that it was quite impossible energy from an atomto change atomic structures. In an absolute concept, this is quite true. I am, of course, speaking of what has been called transmutation or changing from one element to another through some laboratory process. Now you say you have atomic bombs, such as fissionable or thermonuclear types. In either case, however, you have merely succeeded in so stretching or changing such atomic structures into an unnatural and unrelated perspective with their true source or dimension. Thus it is in triggering these atoms by some other smaller explosion, they, in trying to adjust themselves to their natural source or perspective, actually blow themselves to pieces. This is not atomic power. You may point out you have atomic reactors. This, too, means that you are more slowly destroying atoms.

cyclotron-4-postA much more constructive evaluation of atomic power would be one in which the elements were not destroyed, rather, they became the channel through which the higher dimensional force was properly utilized. Each atom would thus in turn become a tiny power plant which would not be destroyed or degenerated but instead, transfer into your dimension a direct relative equation of energy into some usable form. This you have approached much closer in realization in what you call the great cyclotrons or other types of such electronic and magnetic properties which precipitate a tremendously accelerated stream of energy into such substance as cobalt. The atoms of cobalt therefore take on new superimposed wave forms within their vortexes which are gradually discharged over the period of time. They are thus said to be made radioactive. This, as I have said, is a much closer and truer relationship of atomic power than you have achieved in your so-called atom bombs or your atomic reactors.

We do not become intelligent in our purposes to change things to suit our purpose or tvisual-representation-of-elements-4-posthat we would not go around smashing things, nor would we take the iron ore from the earth and attempt in such a similar fashion to construct such as your necessities of life, the skyscraper, or the automobile. Iron in this case has been changed somewhat in its original molecular state by the addition of thermal energy and of other various types of minerals into the constituents of steel. However, the true atom of the iron has in no way been changed. Thus, all through the scale of your atomic elements, you do not change by adding to or taking away any of the particular atomic constituents of that element. I will not say that this has not been done on your earth plane but wherever it has been done, whether on your earth plane or in other earth planes, it must be done from an entirely different angle than by simply attempting to blow such atomic structures apart. It must be done from, shall I say, the more highly evolved or elevated spiritual concepts of life. I might add and point out that should you ever arrive at the conclusion of your atomic experiments and include an absolute and complete misuse of atomic power, you will no doubt reduce your little earth planet into a cosmic cloud of dust. Therefore, I would like to caution and warn you to the utmost that you must approach these things in a much more sensible evaluation.

In our previous discussions you will begin to see the sequence of such planes or dimensions as we atomic-bombhave called them, and in their relative appearance and reappearance as negative and positive planes of expression, that you, in your atomic experiments of destruction and blowing apart, are sometimes quite seriously interrupting such natural sequences. These are, of course, very relative to your earth plane existence. You may find in a hundred years or so that you are producing nothing more or less than a race of malformed mutants. You may also wonder why your vegetation will no longer support your way of life. In this you have already partially passed the borderline. I might point out that these things all lie without the immediate vision of your perspective. You have not yet evaluated such proper frequency spectrums that lie beyond your immediate relative plane of existence. Just as in sunlight, you have not yet properly evaluated that sunlight does not exist beyond your earth plane in the perspective of sunlight or heat, that you evaluate it on the surface of your planet. And so in consequence, these things are constantly increased in magnitude as they obtain a higher and higher perspective in relationship to your earth plane.

To your earth scientists, I would urge you to appeal to your governmental influences into the stop nuclear arms raceutmost capacity to discontinue in their urge or their need to construct more fearful weapons against some fancied adversary. Likewise, to those who are across the sea, I would urge you also to discontinue this mad race to oblivion for surely that is where it will lead you if you continue on in your atomic experiments just as you have been doing in the past few years. There will be some time or other some one or a group of scientists who will come along, who will be sped by the impetus of these false experiments to the point where they have actually triggered your whole earth to pieces. So therefore friends and brothers and sisters on the earth plane, please be united and concerted in your efforts to stop this mad and continued race to oblivion.” ~ Faraday

Excerpt from The Voice of Eros

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