On The Mechanics of Personal Constructive Evaluation

evaluation-main“To express a good and constructive thought, whether or not it is followed by an action, means this good and constructive thought, as a definite wave form, has behind it the potential of consciousness and is psychokinetically projected into the Infinite Cosmos. There, in frequency relationship, it finds an infinite number of wave forms which are compatible to it in nature and also good in nature which can be considered constructive. Therefore this thought regenerates a certain harmonic structure which, in turn through cyclic patterns, regenerates itself on the surface of the life of the individual who first cast the good and constructive thought into the ethers.

This same principle holds true of people who cast negative thoughts into the Infinite; and here is a measure of warning: Thought without action is just as potent as if the action had been committed. To commit adultery mentally is just as much of a sin as actually to perpetrate the sin in a physical negative-thinking-4-postsense; the idea behind all such manifestations is that these things usually enslave the perpetrator to the exclusion of all constructive ideologies, forms and manifestations. Here again we find that common linkage through frequency relationship, not only to the Infinite Cosmos but to an infinite number of people who are or who have committed such nefarious or negative relationships in their life.

These negative thoughts, in turn, will regenerate those harmonic structures which are very increasingly negative in nature and which, through cyclic patterns and frequency relationship, will regenerate those harmonic structures which are ever increasingly negative in nature and which, through cyclic patterns and frequency relationship, will regenerate themselves on the surface of the life of the individual who first cast them into the Infinite. Thus we see the beginning of both a spiritually good person and a very vile or evil person and it can truly be said to be the beginning, or the end.

The average individual on the face of the earth who is neither so negatively biased nor positively breaking-free-from-addictions-4-postbiased that he expresses a preponderance of either one or the other of these relationships in his daily life is not lost, nor is he without cause. This person, if given all the benefit of the doubt, will usually evolve after millions of years into a constructively minded participating element in the Infinite cosmogony. For the present then, we can look upon him and easily justify and forgive him in whatever particular transgressions he may be committing against our sense of decency and justice. We can overlook his beer, his sex and his cigarettes, his selfishness, his grasping attitudes and know, in the development of the Superego Consciousness, he will attain that metamorphosis in the future eons of time; providing of course, that some particular affiliation or a preponderance of negative force does not turn the direction of his progress for the upward to the downward trail.

To each one, therefore who is a truth seeker, may we say, do not lose sight of the fact that you will betempation-of-jesus-4-post forever tempted with the preponderance of false values as they are posed in your own relationship to yourself. Jesus was tempted by the “devil” in the parable in the New Testament; but factually speaking, this temptation actually existed with this Master for many hundreds, or possibly many thousands of years. It was a daily temptation to be reckoned with constantly and necessitated Jesus living in constant alertness and vigilance so at no time would He be committing an act which could be justified as being selfish in nature. After learning of Spiritual Wisdom, if He had used the great powers which were his for his own selfish purpose, He would have automatically, and at that moment, turned his flight and progression from the upward to the downward path.

The false systems of various idolatries as we find them about us in the world today, are very serious idolatry-4-postdefects in the transmission of our way of life in the various levels of social structures in which we find ourselves for idolatries and various idols always have the same nefarious and undermining effect upon the spiritual anatomy of the Superconsciousness. In the oscillating process, as it is concerned with the exterior surface of a person’s life and with the interior or the psychic self, as it has lived in other lifetimes, unless these things are constantly and positively biased in complete spiritual retrospection analogously, these various oscillations can then be considered negative in nature and, as such, destructive. They can also be called systems of idolatry; for idols always have a tendency to focus the consciousness of the person from the interior to the exterior. It is this exterior world, the world of reaction with which the person is basically involved in leaving behind, in his upward flight into the Infinite.

Be not afraid, therefore, to substitute higher spiritual values for what might seem, at the moment, to be apparent substantial physical values of relationship even though the exchange of the higher spiritual-ascension--2-postspiritual concepts seem, in a sense or at that moment, to have no supporting means nor even to have a functional relationship. But in all cases, such particular relationships and their subsequent substitutions will, in future evolutions of time, come to mean the actual difference between constructive evolution and a downward plunge into the abysmal reaches of the subastral worlds.

The reactionists, the scientists and the religionists who cannot or who do not translate their way of life and that of their fellow men into the elements of life which are directly connected in a scientific and fully justified manner with the Infinite, are hopelessly lost within themselves until such junctions with this Infinite Consciousness can be constructively maintained on the surface of their future lives. This is also part of the age-old escape mechanism of spiritual healing, the long-dreamed-of and nebulous equation of a perfect way of life; the Utopia, the Shangri-La, where sin and evil and all the various deleterious factions of life have been removed by some great spiritual faction or leadership.

Such a condition is contrary to a true way of life and at no time is any individual in such a position that he is not immediately confronted with all of the infinite problems and relationships of life as they are concerned in direct translations with his immediate life, for to be thus suspended and taken away from want and insecurity would in itself violate the most hallowed precincts of our evolutionary pattconstructive-evaluation-4-postern of life completely destroying the prime purpose of the creation of man and his relationship to the Creator.

Life therefore can and always should be visualized as a constructive evaluation of equations in an infinite number of relationships. Primarily, all this must be by reason of the way, manner and form in which it is lived, for its creation is basically and essentially energy, or spiritual in nature. Therefore, man must always – if he is so constructively minded – live his pattern and transmission of life from a spiritually minded platform wherein he understands, to some degree, the numerous translations of life as they relate to energy wave forms, in that constructive and evolutionary process of the psychic body in conjunction with the Higher Self.

To cry out to Jesus or to any spiritual healer, self-constituted or otherwise, is only a direct reversion Witch-Doctor--4-postinto paganisms and savage or barbaric customs, wherein some witch doctor or purveyor of so-called mystical powers was purveyed for a fee to the general public who so demanded his services. In the back reaches of the jungles today, we see savages wearing about their necks, different charms which are concocted of weird and varied forms of animal and vegetable life; their sole virtue lies only in the fact the wearer believes in them. The same system of idolatry is today contained and personified in many ways in our social structures. Perhaps so far as the religionist is concerned, he is wearing his Bible about his neck, just as the savage in the jungle wears his feathers and lion’s claws about his neck. These things largely have been only developments and new adaptations of old forms and expressions.

So, dear brother, if you find yourself in stringent circumstances – financial, physical, mental or man-on-books-4-postotherwise – remember these things, in themselves, are all a direct result of your own creation. You spent thousands of years erecting this little wall of false ideas, associations and translations about you so you now find yourself almost isolated from the Infinite Cosmogony. There is only one way to climb over this wall: To realize that it is within yourself and only you have the power to do so. In conjunction with the various spiritual attributes which you have acquired in your evolution and in the development of the Superconsciousness, this could be a veritable bolt of lightning descending from heaven and, in one fell stroke, level that little wall you have erected around yourself. You would then find yourself freed from the trammel, the toil and the vicissitudes of the material healing-manimplications in which you have so confounded yourself. This saving Master, who so precipitated this great bolt, was the sum and total of all the good things which you had learned and compared, evaluated and equated, interwoven, polarized and biased and which so positively-minded you from your spiritual side of life.

Look not, therefore, for your healing in the church, the temple or in the hospital. Your healing will come about directly after certain particular justifications have been made with the exterior surface of your life, called the physical, to the various interpolations of consciousness as they are contained in the Superconsciousness which, in turn, oscillates infinitely into that constructive Infinite Mind which has been called God.”

Excerpt from Cosmic Continuum

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