On The Infinite Magnetic Spectrum

magnetic-spectrum-main-4-post“Several hundred years ago, mankind began discovering magnetism, the peculiar property of the ferrous metal known as iron, and its counterpart, steel. The exact origin or time for thisancient navigator using lodestone compass discovery is not accurately known. There are many stories and legends coming out of the past which may tend to give the belief that magnetism has been known for thousands of years.

However, so far as our present-day science is concerned, it is believed that early-day explorers such as Magellan and others may have used a crude compass formed from a piece of loadstone, a fragment of hardened steel-like pyrite which probably came from a fallen meteorite.

Ancient Viking lore tells that Eric the Red and Leif the Lucky and others knew the properties of the loadstone. It has remained, however, for our present-day science to more fully develop the rather mysterious force known as magnetism. At the present time, many mechanical devices such as motors, solenoids, loud speakers, etc., function by virtue of magnetic force. Science has also discovered that the earth is a huge magnet with a north and south magnetic pole, having certain earths-emf-4-postcurved magnetic lines of force extending out into space from one pole to the other. Until quite recently, this magnetic field was believed to be less than five hundred miles deep. Recent information relayed by satellites tell that the magnetic field extends at least two thousand miles into space, and perhaps much further, and which will be found so only when space probes can be made to extend further away from the earth.

While the man of science now knows considerably more about magnetism than he did one hundred or so years ago, he is still almost in total darkness. While he knows the properties and reactions of magnetic force, he does not actually know what it is and the method of the more ultimate expression. The curved radial lines which extend around the poles of every magnet are well-known, but the scientist has yet to discover and measure how these lines are so produced, as well as more minute constructive details, such as wave forms of energy and their oscillating frequencies.

Also, the man of science has not yet linked up the obvious fact that gravity and the magnetic flux, which is a controlling and dominating factor of earth life, are one and the same. That is, to more accurately say, gravity octaves and the now known magnetism are only two secondary octaves or Earth_s_magnetic_spectrum-4-postdivisions of the magnetic spectrum. It is not now known by science that all of the known elements found on or in the earth, derive their particular specific gravity and various other reactionary factors as part of their own particular octave in this magnetic spectrum.

In other words, each known element functions in its own particular fourth-dimensional field and does so by virtue of the same controlling principles which exist in all energy transmissions. Iron or its counterpart, steel, can be magnetic by virtue of the fact that its own particular magnetic octave has a determinant frequency of transmission which makes any iron body reactive, either within itself, or this reaction can affect other similar bodies.

In this respect, iron is perhaps unique among the other hundred-odd elements, for none of these are able to so manifest magnetic force as an exterior configuration in the well-known magnetic lines of force. However, it must not be supposed that these other elements do not possess magnetic electric-field-linesproperties. All of them do; and that these magnetic properties are manifest in many other different ways, some known and some unknown. The ability of one element to mingle with or react against another element is a magnetic property and one which can be resolved into frequency relationship within the electromagnetic force fields of the atoms themselves.

There are many other magnetic expressions, such as light, which are more purely the reactive property as these electromagnetic force fields of the atoms to absorb or reflect certain wave lengths of energy known as light, which are more purely the reactive property as these electromagnetic force fields of the atoms to absorb or reflect certain wave lengths of energy known as light. The same holds true with what is more properly known as the sense of smell. The ability to smell an odor is now known to actually be a process wherein the various electromagnetic fields link themselves up through harmonic resonance, finally producing reaction in the surface atoms which compose various olfactory nerve endings.

In general, it can now be clearly understood that the electromagnetic properties of all atoms combined in their respective molecules which augment their force fields make possible all known physical reactions and with all known elements. However, this concept can be extended into a much more abstract dimension. The originating source of electromagnetic energy, in whatever form orcombination of atoms manner it is found, is never a physical property and it cannot be generated or reproduced from the third-dimensional plane. It must always originate and come from the adjacent fourth dimension.

Any third-dimensional processes which involve production of electromagnetic energy are merely ways and means of aligning already existing electromagnetic forces into specific channels whereby the magnetic reaction can be produced. Allegorically speaking this can be compared to drawing water from a faucet. Everyone knows the faucet is connected with a control reservoir, even though it is hundreds of miles away. The same holds true in electromagnetic energy. As of today, the scientist believes the water (or energy) comes purely from the faucet. He is not aware of the reservoir or its connecting linkage, which can be pictured as various dimensions and the actual electro-magnetic energy which appears from the central reservoir when he reproduces this energy in one of the well-known present-day forms.

The same allegory holds true with all other elements which are the composition of his earth world and extended on into his planetary system. The known galaxy as a speck of light in the great known fractal-infinity-4-postuniverse in turn, becomes another speck of light floating in what seems to be an infinite space, populated with an infinite number of these specks of light called universes – all strangely similar in a vast and expanded way to the tiny molecule of mass which, in turn, is divided and subdivided into infinitely smaller specks of light, all moving or floating in the same proportionately great infinity.

This is the microcosm and the macrocosm, yet only a single expressionary element in an even greater infinity which infinitesimally dwarfs all known cosmic vistas. Yes, even the atom itself, or its electrons, becomes as ponderous as a great universe in comparison to the subinfinite which extends far beyond this micro-galaxy, all marvelously held together, functioning, regenerating in cyclic periods and motions, reproducing, regenerating and recreating an endless and uncounted number of forms and reactions, all sustained within themselves from the central reservoir, which manifests its intelligence and power through an equally infinite magnetic spectrum, and which relive as one small counterpart in the common horseshoe magnet.”

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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