On The Ashtar Command And Escapism

Ashtar-Command-and-Escapism-main-4-postDear Friend:

In answer to the so-called ‘‘Ashtar’’ (or other such) messages, this letter is being written in answer to the many quests pertaining to topics contained herein. The situation mentioned before with the husband could apply to many persons on the path of Truth, as many individuals are endeavoring to “change the other fellow.’’ As one of the first issues of your letter, we know explanations will be important to you, as well as many others.

You remember many years ago the story of Tarzan who, as a baby, was stolen by the apes in the Tarzan-adopted-by-ape-family-4-postjungle. His parents killed, he was then adopted by a foster mother, a great anthropoid ape. Growing up in his childhood years, Tarzan was unaware of the great world around him. The jungle with its animal and bird life was his entire world in which he played happily from day to day. At about the age of eight, he stumbled into the father’s hut, which had been left deserted through the years. Through books he had found within, he learned to read aTarzan-in-citynd write. He learned much of the great world about him which he had not seen, so that when he became a young man, and a ship finally landed on his shore, he was quite able to slip easily into the civilized world. Picture, however, if he had been plucked from the jungle without this preconditioning and flopped into the civilized world, he might have become a hopeless imbecile through shock and fright.

This picture presents a portrayal of the position many people occupy in regard to flying saucers and other interests of interplanetary travel, as well as other issues which have become of widespread interest throughout the world at this time. If you could become sufficiently clairvoyant for just a man-planets-stars-2-4-postbrief time or that you could see all of the infinite universe around you, at that moment, you would be like a Tarzan without any preconditioning, who was suddenly flopped down in a great civilized world, and the shock of seeing this infinite universe in this way would be too much for you. You would see a terrible and awe-inspiring pandemonium of spacecraft, flying saucers, huge brightly-colored planets, great and small vortexes of rainbow-hued energies; this and much more, all seemingly gyrating, weaving, spinning, passing through, in and out of each other, all apparently with the utmost confusion of a great maelstrom of strange and awe-inspiring sights; unseen people living in and around each other, around and in the world, planets and spacecraft passing through the world without a whisper or a breath. Yes, this would be a sight which no mortal mind could endure; yet in some future time and in some spiritual dimension, you may be able to view all this in just about that way. Yet then, you will be viewing it complacently. You will know that it is not chaos and confusion, but a well-ordered and well-regulated transposition or orderly procession of all the infinite things and concepts within the mind of the Supreme Intelligence. So do not divert your way or thought from the true course. A flying saucer addict or fan is somewhat like the hillbilly who stuck his head out of the bushes and saw his first automobile.

Another issue in your letter which goes along with spacecraft is this Ashtar situation. Do not misunderstand me; I have nothing personal against E.P.H., but I say it is indeed unfortunate that ashtarsuch a fine person should become duped into becoming a tool for the highly organized dark forces. Ashtar is a clever device used by these black forces which is intended to trap and enslave countless thousands of people, turning them away from their true course of evolution and leading them into the quicksands of oblivion.

Throughout the New Testament in the work of Jesus and his apostles, there are numerous warnings about these latter days of false prophets and teachers. Jesus said, ‘‘By their fruits ye shall know them.’’ Let us analyze this Ashtar. First, it is based on an old psychological concept known as an escape mechanism. Through the many and diversified pressures generated in this highly complex and civilized world, untold millions of people have become neurotics and are seeking a means to relieve these inner pressures and conflicts within their minds. This safety valve is called an escape mechanism. These various escape devices do many strange things to otherwise fairly normal people. You see people constantly portraying in thousands of different ways, various kinds of escape mechanisms.

The dark forces have hugely capitalized on these highly civilized and neurotic times. If you think forflying-saucers-in-a-city-4-post a moment if it would serve or benefit anyone to be snatched from fancied oblivion and carried off into space in a ship — yes, ten times ten million space ships would not be sufficient to carry all the people away from this world at one time. Think, too, of all the panic, the pandemonium and confusion — like seeing a tremendous enlarged version of the sinking of the Titanic. Millions of people do not know about, or believe in spacecraft; think of the shock and distress to them. How utterly unrealistic! Then after they were saved from this so-called cataclysm, what to do with them then? If the earth is destroyed, it is assumed they would be taken to another planet. There they would have to start life all over again, but would still be the same frustrated people, only now much worse off than before. Even if they had survived the terrible shock of moving thusly and had enough senses left to start life over again on this strange planet, how many years or generations would it be before they would again be in eminent danger of destroying themselves without completely changing the entire pattern of evolution which they had built up in their psychic structures, through many thousands of years. How would they work out their karma under such strange conditions?

trying-to-escape-responsibility-4-postNo, indeed, Ashtar is another dream, a device used to exploit and condemn any poor unfortunate soul who may rest within its shadow. We never overcome by trying to run away or escape.

(How much better it would be to recognize these escape mechanisms at work. There are various gimmicks contrived to divert man from his true evolutionary pathway. This so-called Ashtar astral entity, supposedly head of 10,000 spacecraft standing ready to ‘‘lift off’’ from the earth 144,000 chosen ones, is one of the negative factions to feed man’s fears. You shall find it will amount to naught other than to enslave the minds of those who heed his messages.)

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium Vol. II

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