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Astral-Travel-Main-4-post“The following discourse has been dealt with to some degree in the lesson series and various other transmissions; however, there has recently been called to our attention a certain concept or terminology referred to as astral flight. Since the mechanics and concepts involved in this spiritual transposition are generally misunderstood, we will explain it as a short cut to various students who may wish to understand more about the subject.

Astral flight is generally understood and is taught by various self-styled spiritual teachers to be some sort of a transitory flight of the psychic self to some far distant portions of planet earth or various other points of interstellar interest. The process involved is usually supposed to be one in which an astral travel with silver cordindividual will sit or lie in some sort of meditative attitude, and by some strong or concerted effort of will, project his psychic self from the physical body and thus travel to the desired place. It is generally supposed that this psychic body maintains contact with the physical self through a silver cord of some sort of energy.

This concept is quite fallacious and can easily explain why so many persons who try this formula do not achieve success. Even many of those who claim to have the faculty of astral flight are only partially successful, using this false concept.

Resorting again to the basic elements of our teachings that all things are resolved with energy wave forms, in various dimensional transpositions — man is actually a spiritual being, functioning from a closely allied spiritual dimension sometimes called the fourth, from his psychic self into his physical body. The countless billions of atoms in the physical body are supported through the inflow of energy from the psychic body as well as their I.Q. which determines their final combinations into useful cell structures, organs and other parts of the physical body. The physical or mental mind is also activated and controlled from mans-psychic-self-4-postthis inner self through the various thought patterns, experience quotients, etc., which are a part of the mentality quotient of the millions of tiny wave forms of energy in the psychic self. This psychic body, when compared to the physical, becomes a conglomerate mass of these billions of energy wave forms combined in various and numerous vortexes, allegorically similar to the physical. The activating part of this spiritual or psychic self is the superconsciousness. It can be called a life cycle or a spiritual brain, or even the Christ self. It is made up of an infinite number of energy quotients, all of which not only portray the Cosmos, in the infinite sense, but are actually part of that Infinite Mind.

A human being functions either one of two ways — externally or internally — speaking in the mental metaphor, of course. The vast majority of humans can be said to be functioning externally, that is, energy quotients of previous experiences from the psychic self are being used in the daily physical life as part of their reactionary process of life. All action in the present tense is motivated from such previous experience quotients. Now if the individual can think for a moment, he can picture his daily life as something like pushing his arm through a hole in the wall and searching for some hidden object. His arm and hand become his physical body but, the energizing intelligence is the psychic self. If he ceases to externalize thought and action from the viewing inwardlyphysical self and the world and reverse the process turning his superconsciousness like a searchlight beam shining about into the spiritual world in which it lives, he will have achieved true astral flight. It is as simple as that. There are no mantrums, no positions, no effort of will, in fact, nothing which can be defined as extraordinary.

When once achieved, it becomes a consciousness of the spiritual worlds, just as we have the consciousness of the material world. There is no travelling from the body, no silver cord. Let us enlarge this concept and view it something like the process involved in television transmission and receiving. The transmitter radiates a – carrier wave or vibration; superimposed in this wave are other numerous little waves which are the picture and sound when picked up or received by the television receiver. They are amplified, integrated, and projected on a television transmitter and tv set with channelsphosphorous screen as a very rapid succession of light and dark spots of energy impulses which make up the matrix of the picture. The same process used in reverse by any individual is astral flight.

In other words, as all objects or substance being energy and supported and resupported from higher dimensions, this energy is re-created and portrayal combinations of form and substance are therefore vibratory, as they originate and live in dimensions which do not have time and space factors as we know of them. They can therefore be tuned in or seen by the psychic self just as easily as our physical eye sees the world about us. In fact, much more so, for this mental psychic eye is actually, through frequency relationship, in tune with everything both in the cosmic and celestial universes or to any place, planet, object, world, dimensions, or anything which is not only possible to imagine but an infinite number of such objectivisms beyond the realm of the present individual’s understanding.

Therefore, if any person wishes astral flight, as it is commonly called — and should more correctly be termed conscious participation — then he must first learn to identify himself as a spiritual being, living in an Infinite Cosmogony with all proper faculties for living and functioning in various interdimensional relationships. He must learn the faculty of turning away from the exterior reactionary materialistic expressions and focus his attention inwardly through the spiritual eye higher-self-spiritual-development-4-postback into the great Spiritual Cosmos from whence he sprang. A process of acquiring this ability may vary with different individuals. To the more materialistic-minded person, it means thousands of years of learning all forms and facets of wisdom which will relate him to a basic understanding of Infinity. To a comparatively few who have started up the path, a much shorter period of induction is required before such faculty of universal consciousness is acquired.

If you are spiritually progressive and wish to acquire infinite wisdom, then infinite persistence is necessary, and with understanding there comes to this person not only such acquirements as astral flight or consciousness but all other spiritual faculties which have been portrayed by the Masters who have visited the earth.

A much more simple and easily understood concept of “astral flight”, or spiritual consciousness, is to realize that as all forms or substances are energy, they are transmitting or “giving off” certain vibratory wave forms just as the television transmitter. By the simple process of “tuning in”, we see this object or place as the process is taking place in a dimension where there is no actual time or space as we understand time and space. In the tuning-in process, your psychic self does not need to travel, nor does it do so, no more than your television set travels to the transmitter. The radiating wave forms take the place of time and space or the need to travel.”

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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