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Of-LIfe-Equation-main-4-post“I will point out and describe to you more of the abstract equations of the individual soul progression. Part of this has already been given.

We may start at some individual’s spiritual birth, and as it was similarized in the cycle of life equation, the individual double-polarities-life-cycle-4-postbegan as an infinite concept. In this life cycle were the many multiple things which were all part of the wisdom of the Infinite God, and that as God is Infinite, He expresses both finitely and infinitely. Thus, in the life cycle, we see two diametrically opposed polarities or opposites, which so separate him into something like two poles. It is the oscillation and the various transferences of energy forms between these two poles which begin to construct for him his psychic body, or rather, two psychic bodies.

The individual will assume, in the course of many spiritual evolutions in eacpolarityh of these psychic bodies, two equally opposing concepts of such truths or structures as have entered into his psychic make-up. I would point out that the two poles, as I have called them, are linked by the life cycle. This is, in essence, his soul or spirit. So it is that he goes through many spiritual cycles or reincarnations before he is ready to be initiated in this new phase of concept. Thus, he will have arrived at the point where he must reincarnate into some lower physical form in the earth plane dimensions. This he will do in a separate or divided state of consciousness, as he now becomes male or female.

This is the more enlarged concept of the biocentric or biune evolution as it is known on your earth plane. Up until the point where the individual had not yet embarked onto the earth polarity twoplane, he had devoted his progression to (and in) the spiritual planes. These, as I have said, related him to such educational and constructive factors which enabled him to build two psychic bodies composed of two diametrically opposed concepts of these evolutions. I do not mean good or bad; I mean that these two psychic bodies assimilated intelligent wave forms within themselves by viewing and learning of God and of his great universal plan in different relationships. Like a little boy and girl who go to the circus and sit on opposite sides of the ring, they both see all that takes place, but just from different sides. Now this individual initiation or baptism will be into the lower earth plane orders. He may appear as male and female or he may appear as two individuals in the same community.

polarity-biune-threeNow he and she may begin, through various evolutions — which have been described to you in other transmissions — as father and daughter. They may be two close friends or they may be brother and sister, but in all their evolutions and incarnations, they invariably seek themselves out and find a new relationship. So it is thus, that they are learning the supreme wisdom of God in these many incarnations.

Now it may happen that after several earth plane recurrences, these two individuals, or one biune, whatever you like to call them, will become somewhat attuned with the higher nature of God. They may thus obtain a new and greater understanding in their personal relationship with the great Universal Brotherhood of man, so they will be fired with the zeal of humanitarian constructiveness and thus begin their slow progress upward which will ultimately place them in a higher spiritual dimension.

Now it is so that when such an individual reaches a plane of consciousness which is comparable to some of the planes which have been described to you of the higher astral realms of Shamballa, (now called UN.AR.I.U.S.) that this individual wishes to express what he has learned for the benefit of the lower orders of earth people. He will then either separately reincarnate his psychic body into a physical relationship or attach himself into the newly conceived infant. This infant body thus becomes the instrument of expression.

Now it is obvious that the higher developed soul form could not function properly in a low or physical oHigher-self-of-Mary-4-postrder. This he does through his psychic body which is living in the individual. You might say it is something like sitting in a phone booth talking to another one miles away, and that while you are sitting, you are conscious of your own world about you, just as the individual on the other end will be obeying or displaying such knowledge as you reflect to him through the wire. Thus it is with your friend, the teacher, Mary. As I have said at one time, she was on the earth, although this is not, in an absolute sense, quite so. As Mary, she is sitting in a phone booth. It might be like she is poised halfway between heaven and earth, but while she is thus situated, she is directing her psychic body and, indirectly, the movements of relationship of her physical. This, however, is done only in the spiritual sense. It relates only to the direction or the inspiration of word forms, energies and actions which are of the highest benefit to those about her, as her psychic body has become, through its many higher-self-attunement-4-postevolutions, a composite amalgamation of wave form energies which relate her not only to her true spiritual self but to her many earth lives. This is the reactionary or earth form body as it is expressed in the earth plane relationship.

Thus you can begin to realize, as it is with all mankind, and especially on the earth plane where there are separations of dimensions in soul consciousness, that some very spiritually intelligent people sometimes act extremely elemental when they are not in complete attunement with their true spiritual selves. It will also explain to you how the knowledge and wisdom is conveyed into the earth mind as it is learned from their higher astral world. A moment in attunement with the true self brings greatest wisdom and knowledge. As Kung Fu says, “A vessel will hold only its largest measure”. “

Your Brother John, (Master John)

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium II


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