OBE: Spirit Encounters Of The Earthly Kind

Earthbound-Spirits-main-4-postby Caroline D. Larsen

The phrase, “there is no death,” used through ages for the consolation of mourning relatives and friends, is actually and literally true. For no sooner has the physical body been stilled in death than out of that mortal form, now of no more avail to him, steps the personality which had so recently inhabited it and used it for his manifestations in this life. He stands now in the full glow of another existence having exchanged his short and limited life in the prison of earthly clay for life eternal and infinite in possibility.

A human being may be said to be composed of three distinct parts. First, the ego, the real I, the actual personality, or to employ a better understood term, the Soul, which resides in an astral body, which again is encased in the physical body. When death overtakes the mortal form the spirit continues life in the new body. Hence there is no death as far as that personality is concerned. There is only transmutation from one form of life to another. Materially minded as we are, we are apt to think of this change as something vague, with no real foundation to it. We see a graphic instance of this common error in the illustrated papers where the spirit is often depicted as a spiral column of smoke at the top of which appears the picture of a strangely distorted human face. Nothing could be further from the truth than this misrepresentation. A disembodied spirit appears, feels, thinks and acts just exactly as I did in my first experience “out of the body.” The spirit body, which in form and appearance is an exact duplicate of the material body, is composed of a substance as fine as that of the material body is coarse. Its fine substance is attuned to vibrations whose rapidity our bodily senses cannot perceive. Moreover, to the spirit, the astral body feels just as natural and substantial as did the material body when it was inhabited.

When I stood before the mirror in the bathroom and admired the appearance of my new body, I felt just as real as I felt when I was inside that mortal form that was lying on the bed in the other room. As I clenched and unclenched my hand, as I turned around, as I walked through the hall, I felt power and vitality surging through every part of the body. There were no new, terrifying sensations. The only perceptible change was a strange, rather delightful lightness and buoyancy. Not only are all of the sensations of the former body—sight, sound, touch, taste and smell—present in the new body, but they have become greatly intensified. The spirit sees everything in the material life as well as everything in the spirit life, but in the spirit life there are not the limitations of vision characteristic of the material life. As with the spirit eyes, so with the spirit ear. It can detect sounds that would completely elude the material ear.

In like manner the other senses are growing keener. To my astral ears the sounds of music from downstairs took on a new beauty. I had never before known such clarity and delicacy. Moreover with my astral eyes, I perceived my surroundings with clearness and vividness previously unknown. Furthermore I could stand up in the bathroom and see clearly my husband and the other three men downstairs through all the intervening material barriers. But though the senses by an increased susceptibility react to the change from material to astral, the mind undergoes no transmutation whatsoever except to take on the added facility of being capable of reading others’ thoughts. One wakes in the astral as one left the material. So far as my state of mind was concerned I was merely continuing earthly existence. So with all spirits. Many of them, because of this condition of mind together with the natural feeling of their astral body, are deluded into believing that they still live in the material and they endeavor to carry on life as they had always done. Nor does memory suffer in the passing over. In the astral, I could remember every detail of my past material life. I was perfectly aware of my own identity. I knew exactly what had transpired up to the time when I assumed the astral. Such is the case with spirits. This fact was often demonstrated to me by conversations with spirits whom I had known in earth life. They, too, were able to recall even certain trivial details of their past existence with which we were both familiar.

In the Spirit World there is no age. The astral body cannot grow old, hence there is no senility. When a spirit arrives in the astral world, he assumes the appearance characteristic of the full bloom of his manhood. Children entering the spirit life grow in the astral body until they reach maturity. As the astral body is an exact copy of the physical, so men and women remain men and women in the Spirit World. All their characteristics and peculiar masculine and feminine qualities remain unchanged. Spirits, like humans, wear garments: that is an unalterable regulation in the Spirit World; no spirit can ever appear without covering. The appearance of clothes is affected in the following manner: From every spirit emanates a strong aura, a pseudo-phosphoric light. This aura is completely controlled by the mind. Out of this substance is molded the vesture of the body. At first, right after death, the molding in most cases is an unconscious act. For no sooner is a spirit separated from the physical body than it is in some manner dressed, even though the garment be only a sort of a shroud. But as the mind gains control of itself, the act of dressing becomes a conscious act and the fashion of the wearing apparel is largely governed by the individual’s taste. Hence, just after death, when the mind is still completely dominated by earthly ideals and habits, the spirits generally effect the fashions of the clothes which were worn previous to passing over. So the first thing to catch my eye in my first wandering in the astral was the strange spectacle of spirits who appeared as mortals in earthly raiment walking everywhere.

In the Spirit World, the color of the aura defines the quality of the spirit. All darker colors denote a low state of development. As the spirit progresses upward the colors of the aura become continually brighter. These aura colors of course determine also the color of the spirit garment. Hence the character, quality, and development of the spirit are denoted by the color of the garment.

Some of the departed spirits are at once fully aware that they are able to reflect on their condition just as I was able to reflect on mine. Other spirits suspect dimly that something strange has overtaken them but they refuse absolutely to accept the realization and in order to shut it more completely out of their minds they deliberately continue their familiar activity of the world. Thus with their minds ill-attuned to their conditions they seem unable to reason clearly about their state until by slow degrees they are adjusted to it. The majority of spirits however are in so confused a state of mind that they do not suspect at all the great change they have undergone. No sooner are they out of their earthly form than they proceed at once to live their life along the old familiar lines. The business man immediately starts for his office to direct affairs, wondering constantly at the delay in the execution of his orders. The traveler laden with baggage, as he thinks, looks for the train which shall carry him on his usual route. The judge places himself on the bench ready to listen to the pleas. But somehow matters do not concur to his satisfaction. The lawyer hunts for his client, but either he is unable to find him or else he makes no connection with the proper court room. The professor eagerly lectures his class and wonders angrily why the class does not pay him the customary attention. The hostess anxiously attempts to gather her guests together for the party she had planned, but success does not crown her efforts. The mechanic and the worker trot cheerfully to their places of work, but nothing seem to go right. Here some spirits will enter their accustomed stores to purchase something only to lose sight of the clerk or to discover that they have forgotten the money wherewith to effect the purchase. Others will enter the old familiar restaurant, sit down at a table and give the waiter the order for their favorite dishes. But they find the waiter so disrespectful that he either ignores them completely or fails to bring the desired food. Disgusted with such service they leave the place to try elsewhere. But a similar result greets every effort. So they all continue in their diverse customary activities of earthly life only to find constantly some inexplicable barriers existing between them and their desires. They live as in that dream in which one attempts accustomed actions only to find oneself bewilderingly baffled in every futile attempt. They are filled with surprise that relatives and friends ignore them, and that their usual aims fail completely. Yet no one attempts to disillusion them. First of all, it is not permitted to do that as the sudden shock of such information volunteered to an ignorant spirit would have disastrous results. Furthermore most spirits would not listen to such talk; they would stoutly and angrily deny that there was anything unusual the matter with them. Therefore at first there is no questioning and everyone must there, as here, dispel his own illusions and slowly formulate his own ideas. For the mind suffers no change in death.

Everywhere in my journeys I found these new citizens of Spirit Land thronging the streets of cities, passing in and out of houses, traveling on trains and voyaging on steamers. In fact, wherever mortals habitate there are to be found also denizens of the Spirit World. So in reality, there are as many spirits inhabiting this earth as there are mortals. It was a strange sight to me, able as I was to reflect on the strangeness of the situation, to look down a busy street and to see spirits and mortals intermingling with one another. Occasionally I would follow into the houses of spirits I had known in the flesh. They would lie down on the bed they had always used, recline on the couch which had so often been a comfort to them, take the usual seat in the easy chair and occupy the old familiar place at the family table. But there was always a troubled expression on their faces because none of those whom they had loved seemed to recognize them. Restless, they would rise, and wander aimlessly out among the crowd in search of something or somebody that could be of some assistance to clear up the mystery. I often talked with such spirits as well as with those who understood the truth of the situation. In almost every instance however they spoke first and then approached me. I shall relate some of these incidents and conversations as they are both interesting and a help in understanding the condition of the spirit mind.

At one time a Mrs. C., a pleasant acquaintance of earth life, approached me. She was conscious of having passed over. With a gentle smile she said, “I saw your kind feelings for me and realized how you mourned for me when I died, and I thank you so much for the beautiful roses you sent me (meaning to her funeral). If I had known and seen what I do now, things would have been different.” She referred to some misunderstanding between us that had been caused by the jealous talk of some of her relatives. Having said this to me she went on her way. I did not reply but felt very pleased. She was a beautiful spirit. Her aura was bright and her dress white. This denoted spiritual development. Another friend, Miss M., was present in her own home when her funeral was going on. I had wandered there out of curiosity. Her mind was very confused and she seemed dazed. She did not realize that she had passed out. Hence she did not comprehend that it was her own body that had been laid out in the coffin. She evidently knew that her parents were grieving sadly because of her. She tried frantically to make them understand that she was right there and that everything was well. Very much puzzled that her parents so completely ignored her, she walked up to me and in a very excited manner inquired, “What is all this fuss about? I am here! I am here!” I could not utter a word to set her right about her condition as it is impossible to volunteer such information to a spirit which has just passed over. Such knowledge must come to them through their own efforts by slow degrees. Finding she could get no assistance from me, my friend turned abruptly and left the house in great distress.

One man I met made a good impression on me. He had been my lawyer in Denmark for many years. He was a man of splendid qualities and sterling character. In addition to being my lawyer he was also a man whom I was proud to call a friend. After I came to America he had faithfully taken care of my affairs in the old country. But suddenly his letters stopped. Although I had never been informed of his decease I felt certain he must have died, for I knew that otherwise he would never have failed me. To my great delight, in one of my wanderings, this friend, Rosengaard by name, came right up in front of me. With eyes smiling in sincere friendship he looked steadily at me for a while. It did not take me long to recognize him although when I last saw him on earth he was a man of sixty years and now he was as he had been in the full bloom of his manhood. “Do you remember” he spoke up, “that when you left Denmark I promised you that whatever happened and wherever you were I should always stand by you faithfully?—I kept that promise,” he continued, “until I could do so no longer. For when your last letter came I had already passed over. That was the reason why you never received any answer.” I knew before he had finished that he had spoken the truth and had acted honorably with me in every way, as a true friend should. With the same kind smile still playing on his face he turned and left me as soon as he had delivered his message. In much joy over having met my good friend under such conditions I stood for a moment watching him disappear. He seemed to be in fairly good condition spiritually as his aura was quite bright. But since he had not been over there very long, he still adorned himself in the fashion he had always followed, namely: a cutaway with the customary striped trousers. Our meeting proved that true friendship exists and lasts beyond the grave.

One woman spirit whom I came across, a Mrs. B., was still ignorant of the fact that she had left earth life. Her mind was full of anger and bitterness because she had found that her husband’s professed love through a long married life had been false. “Now,” she said, “he lives with a woman who squanders all I helped him to save.” I was not interested in hearing more and I quickly departed from her.

I had a rather amusing experience with a man spirit who in earth life had been very prominent in society, business, literature and art. This Mr. H. I had grown to know very well, because of mutual interests which he and my husband possessed. Both of us had been on very friendly terms with him, as well as with his family. Although I had always highly respected this man, I had nursed a certain antipathy for him. This feeling made itself felt again in spirit life. Just as I was crossing an open field I became aware that someone was treading closely upon my heels. Turning around whom should I see but my old friend Mr. H. eagerly watching and following me! Although he had been a very old man when he died, he now appeared young. But I had no difficulty in recognizing him. Strangely enough he still wore his customary gray sack suit. As soon as I had recognized him I quickly and with determination turned my head, quickened my steps and walked straight ahead. However, this snub of mine did not seem to deter him because he kept following me. So it went on for quite a while. Finally I crossed over into a garden where I sat down on a bench, thinking that my unwelcome companion must now be quite ashamed of himself, and that he would leave me. But I was mistaken. He walked right to the bench and took a seat on the other end. Bending forward, and with eyes twinkling, he looked me full in the face, evidently intent on making me regret my coolness and probably hoping that I would condescend to speak to him. But this appealing action of his did not soften my mood. I sat cold and indifferent as a statue. At last he began to speak: “We were well acquainted and friendly in earth life; why can’t we continue amicably here?” But without deigning to reply, I rose up haughtily and walked away with grave dignity. For a while my friend followed me but soon I discovered that he had disappeared.

I met and recognized a woman spirit who on earth had been a Royal Queen of modern times. She had enjoyed much power and wide popularity in earth life. Her present life contrasted drably with her former existence. Although her aura was of a fairly bright hue she had adorned herself in the simplest possible way with a kind of shroud which covered her head and body. How different from her royal splendor on earth! She walked around in seemingly stunned bewilderment, ignorant of having passed over. Her power was gone and no attention was paid to her. She simply could not understand her present predicament. Her state of mind seemed so confused and dazed that thinking was impossible. She did not notice me. I simply watched her for a while out of curiosity.

In strong contrast to the appearance and condition of this royal personage was the bearing of another Queen who on earth had been greatly beloved for the kindness and generous deeds which had filled her long life. I met her in that palace where she had always lived. She had stayed there until now because, as I understand it, she had evidently not yet completely disassociated herself from her past life of well doing. She confided to me, “There is some little work yet I would have liked to have done and I am sorry I did not get it finished.” It was delightful to be near such a lovely spirit. Her aura was very bright and she was clad in a pure white dress of beautiful design. I had the feeling that this noble spirit would not stay much longer there but that she would gravitate to the spirit regions where she would fit in better and where she would be given opportunity to continue her noble work, thus furthering the development so well started in earth life.

I received a different impression from the appearance of her husband, the former king, who came into the palace while I was with her. His aura was not bright. Indeed it tended to be dark. He was dressed in a frock coat with striped trousers. He did not seem to realize fully the conditions under which he lived. He carried himself with royal dignity and seemed rather surprised to see me with his queen. The one thing that he instinctively realized was evidently the benefit which he might derive from association with the lovely spirit that was once his queen. But in a kind yet firm manner, she refused him the privilege of staying near her. With seemingly wounded dignity, he went from us with heavy steps and soon I left the presence of the former queen.

A terrible state of mind was evidenced by the spirit of a young boy who on passing sneered at me. “I will split your head open and let out your brains,” he said casting a frightful, malicious look upon me. This boy had just passed over in the midst of awful crimes. He still believed himself in the flesh and evidently wished to continue his devilish pleasures. His color was very dark. Fortunately the laws governing spirit life restrain one spirit from promiscuous interference with another spirit. If such were not the case this boy would have carried on his fiendish crimes in the Spirit World as well as on earth.

The following incident was extremely interesting to me because I actually witnessed the personality pass in and out of the physical body in question several times and finally leave it. Mr. G. was well known to both my husband and myself, although it could not be said that we were on friendly terms with him. He was a man who indulged liberally in liquor, a failing which mastered him time and again. Through some special trouble not necessary to state here he lost his head completely and started a career of drink and dope to which he finally succumbed. On the night he died, I happened to be out in my spirit body. Passing his home I went in. In the bed lay Mr. G. in terrible convulsions caused by an overdose of dope and liquor. Beside his bed stood two men who, I knew, were also trying to do something for him. (This was later verified through the effort of my husband.) Suddenly I saw Mr. G. rise up in his astral body and step out entirely from his physical counterpart. At once he started an eager and thorough search all around the bed for a half-filled bottle of whiskey and a small bottle of narcotics which he had secreted. He found them and endeavored to lift them to his mouth. Failing in this, an expression of chagrin spread over his face. Then he went up to his body and swiftly he connected with it once more. In a short while he again stepped out of his mortal form only to go through the same performance. This he did several times and it was strange to observe that every time he left his body it became still in death and that as soon as he connected with it, it writhed in fearful convulsions. Finally he came out for the last time and just as he started to look for the bottles again he suddenly caught sight of me. Straightening up he looked me full in the eyes with an expression of stupefied surprise. Then turning away, he staggered out of the house completely confused in his mind and ignorant of the fact that he had left behind his physical form which he was never to inhabit again. It was significant that each time that he stepped out of his body his aura instantly covered him with a dress similar to a sack suit he always wore. But it was of brown color, denoting the lack of any spiritual development.

Mr. R., a young spirit who on earth had been a well known actor, seemed perfectly happy and blissfully ignorant of having passed over. He was dressed in a fashionable grayish sack suit with the same fastidious care which characterized his costume in earth life. As he came towards me he began an elegantly exuberant tango, waving what appeared to be a beautiful flower in his hand. This he had evidently picked as he thought from his own estate. As he danced past me he looked me full in the face and lavished upon me a most delightful smile. Turning I watched him disappear in the distance in great haste. Wondering to what destination he was heading at that speed, I decided out of curiosity to follow him. Presently we were in New York City and straight forward he went to a well known night cafe which he had frequented when in the flesh. Entering, he placed himself at a table, crossed his legs and nonchalantly began a survey of the guests present while at the same time he endeavored to attract the attention of one of the waiters. There were present a good many mortal guests and quite a few spirits, some of them seated at tables. A couple of them were standing behind the chairs of some mortals resting their elbows on their shoulders. And one woman spirit had perched herself on top of the piano. I had taken a seat in a corner where I could better observe Mr. R., who kept turning his head, eyeing everybody, and still waiting to be served. Having satisfied my curiosity I now rose to depart when suddenly Mr. R. caught sight of me. Evidently my looks must have pleased him, for with a smiling face he came rushing over to me and in a boyish enthusiasm he quickly enfolded me in his arms. Just as indignant at such an impertinence as I would have been in the flesh I tore myself free and hastily left the place.

Highly significant was the following encounter with a spirit who found life in the spirit world entirely different from what she had expected. I had been well acquainted with Miss W. I had liked her very much and felt much grieved at hearing of her death. On one of my astral journeys some time after her decease I was drawn by a strange power towards the house where she had lived. I entered it, passed up the stairway and went into the room that had been her bedroom. There reclining on a couch I found my former friend. She gave me a recognizing glance but otherwise she evidenced no sign of animation. It did not take me long to discover that she was in a fearfully depressed and dejected mood. Filled with much sympathy for her, I advanced to her side and placing my arm around her shoulder I inquired concerning the cause of her troubles. At this she broke down entirely. Dropping her head on my shoulder she gave herself up to bitter grief. After a while she slowly gained control of herself and in a halting manner she began to relate to me that she had just come to the realization that she had passed out of earth life. With this came the shocking discovery that life in Spirit World was not at all what she had expected or what she believed it would be. Furthermore through knowledge already gained by experience and from information volunteered by more developed spirits from whom she had inquired she found herself ill prepared to tackle the problem of that life. She discovered that she was almost totally lacking in the development of those very qualities needed for advancement. She found herself all alone, facing a life of stern realities where everyone carries outside oneself, in full view, the evidence of his or her spiritual qualities and exact state of development in the color emanated. To add to her distress, she now could see that all her friends of earth life had been false. Not a kind thought from them had followed her and in her bitterness she blamed them to an extent for her sad predicament. “I hate them all!” she exclaimed, for she had a great many friends and had been very popular. “With their false and lying flattery they helped to mislead me.” Not knowing just what to do to be of help to her I exclaimed impulsively, “Well! W., don’t you know how much your mother loves you and how much she grieves for you?” “Yes,” she replied wearily, “she is not to be blamed for this. But—what of all the others?” And then she relapsed into her former silence and gloom. With no further response from her I kept on talking, advising her as best I could. I told her that by setting herself right and by study and by hard work she could develop herself and thus she would eventually succeed and be happy. However, my advice did not seem to be of any avail. But my friend seemed to be benefited by the sympathy I had shown—a sympathy she knew to be genuine. Rising from the couch she placed her head on my shoulder and I threw my arm around her waist as if to support her. In this manner we slowly descended the stairway, left the house and soon we parted, she seemingly as despondent as when I first found her.

The length of time which some spirits spend on earth was effectively demonstrated to me by the following rather humorous episode: I was visiting in New York City, and one night just as I was on the point of going to sleep I became conscious of a strange sensation. It seemed as if some one was fingering my hair or, rather, as if an electric apparatus giving off a slight current was being moved all over my scalp. I quickly fell into the condition usual to me when I was about to leave my physical body and immediately I stood on the floor beside it. To my great surprise I saw the whole room filled with Indian spirits, all dressed in their customary garb of two or three hundred years ago. They had been attempting to scalp me, according to their usual custom. Now in the astral, on the same footing with them, I took advantage of my superiority over them spiritually to order them to leave the room as quickly as possible. They obeyed instantly. In a helter skelter fashion they tumbled out of the room and building gesticulating vigorously while they angrily swore and cursed at the White Man. They talked so rapidly in their own dialects that they sounded like a whole army of geese frightened by some strange occurrence. Although they spoke in their own language I understood perfectly what they said because as soon as one is in the astral one becomes a linguist. One understands perfectly any language spoken on earth. Curious to know where all those Indians would go I followed them. The way led downtown and into the centre of what is now called “the roaring forties.” There, into the basement of one of the theatres, they all went. I stepped into the place. It was packed with these spirits squatting or lying on the floor or standing up, all excitedly taking part in what I assumed to be a war council. On the walls of the basement of this theatre, in the men’s smoking room, are depicted scenes of Indians and early settlers of Manhattan, conferring and dealing with each other. I learned later that the site of the theatre I have mentioned marked the spot where an early Indian tribe had pitched their camp. These Indian spirits had haunted the earth now for almost three hundred years and they believed even yet that they were still in earth life and that they were ill-used by the White Man. That is what I understood from their conversation. They were angry because the paleface had taken every bit of Manhattan away from them. Frantic in their wrath, they started out regularly to scalp somebody. So if the patrons of this theatre should at any time, providing they are “touchy,” feel a queer sensation in their hair, they will know the reason.

Now let me tell you of one of the strangest incidents in all my astral wanderings on earth. One of the recent Presidents had died. The whole country had taken a special interest in all the news pertaining to his death and funeral. This aroused in me a strong desire to know how he might feel in the spirit body. So upon the first occasion when I left my physical body, I headed straight for the White House. Instead of immediately finding the spirit of the recently deceased President, as I had expected, to my surprise I came across the spirit of a President who had departed this life more than a hundred years ago. He had been one of the first Executives of this country. He appeared to be a stately, aristocratic looking personage, fastidiously dressed in the height of the fashion of his time with knee breeches, silk stockings and buckled shoes. His elaborately embroidered waistcoat was half concealed by a delicate lace ruche which fell from the collar of his coat. He was seated in a huge chair, cross-legged, conversing with his wife who sat in front of him. She was also garbed in a highly fashionable attire. A long wide skirt fell from a wasp-like waist and tight fitting bodice. Her hair was done high on her head. Her every movement was marked with the exquisite grace and refinement of the aristocrat. As I passed through the room the old President looked at me with cold hauteur, a glance of mingled annoyance and of curiosity, as if he resented my intrusion and questioned my purpose. But my presence was speedily ignored by the old President and his wife, as still another spirit entered the room—that of the recently deceased President. He seemed in a perfect daze. I could judge from his stupor that he was absolutely unaware of what had actually happened to him. He seemed unable to reason or to think clearly. He evidently tried, with great effort, to collect his thoughts that he might comprehend his predicament. He could not understand why strange visitors were present without his invitation. But the tense situation did not last long, for the old President now rose slowly to his feet. Advancing a few steps, and assuming an authoritative air he placed himself directly in front of the newly arrived President. Without any display of ceremony he addressed him: “Well, I am not going so far as to order you out of here; you may stay until you find yourself, but after that you must depart.” However, this abrupt greeting of the old President did not seem to ruffle the newly arrived spirit, probably because he seemed unable to understand clearly what was going on about him. After this spirit had left the apartment, the old President condescendingly confided: “I do not like this spirit and I have never liked the way in which he ran the Country.” Then he turned and left the room. Sizing up the situation quickly, I realized that this spirit couple had been bound to the White House all these years and had prevented themselves from advancing simply because their minds had been and were still securely linked to that environment where they in the flesh had enjoyed so much power and glory. They were jealously regarding everything which had been and was even yet happening in that famous place. Until they develop a more idealistic conception of existence, they will remain in their old limited environment. Yet they were guilty of no great or malicious wrong; they were earthbound simply because of their low ideals.

I might recount many more such conversations which I had with newly arrived spirits. But I think that I have presented sufficient material to give the reader a clear idea of the state of mind, of the ideals, and of the conduct of those spirits who are in the first stage of their new life. As the reader has already seen, the time spent by the spirits on earth before they gravitate to the sphere of spirit life varies greatly.

Before taking final leave of the earth they all hover about their old environment. For those generously endowed with highly developed spiritual qualities, the period of transition to large attainments is short. Others less developed are chained more firmly to the interests of their old life. But the majority of spirits remain earthbound for protracted periods because they are unaware that any change has taken place. Some faintly suspect an alteration but they refuse to acknowledge it because of their love for all that which savors of the past. There are many, also, who return from the spirit abodes to spend more time on the earth because they have made no progress there. To the earth return also numerous evil spirits who find there larger fields for their insidious practices. These spirits of evil become more or less permanent residents. Counteracting the malefactions of these zealous evil spirits there is a great army of highly developed spirits who constantly pass and re-pass between the spirit realm and the earth on errands of mercy. These spirits constitute the army of the good. The good and the evil spirits are continually at war, and each struggles for domination over the human race. Thus the spirit population of the earth is greater than the mortal population, and its life is as cosmopolitan and multifarious.

Excerpt from My Travels In The Spirit World

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