New Scientific Evidence Once Again Confirms The Validity Of An Electric Universe

More-Verification-of-Electric-Universe-main-4-postScientists have recently discovered that black holes are believed to be threaded by helical magnetic fields. This theory is supported by evidence that the main driver of a black hole’s winds and jets are really the Lorentz force generated by these magnetic fields and their electric currents.

In order to understand what this really means, first what is the “Lorentz force”?

Researchers have discovered that these jets are not random but are found to flow away from the galactic nucleus. This unexpected finding suggests that a battery mechanism (what Unariun liturgies term a higher dimensional vortex) is operating in the central area of the black hole. There is evidence that large scale electric currents and associated helical magnetic fields exist in and direct the flow of large-scale astrophysical jets. See full abstract here.

This would again confirm and support the idea of an electric universe.

The visible universe is a theater of charged particles. A dance of electrons and protons holds it together. We see its rhythms and geometries in microscopic detail, even as its music plays out across the cosmos: atoms and molecules joined by the electric force; stars and galaxies organized and energized by the same force; and on our little planet Earth, living organisms animated by the electricity of life. No empty space exists. Everything we now see is connected by the universal dance of charged particles. ~David Talbott

The Electric Universe (EU) explores how electricity influences everything around us, from the electricity that powers your brain, to the lethal discharges of the average thunderbolt, to the beauty of the auroras, to the electrified plasma that makes up 99.999% of the visible universe.The EU suggests that electricity plays a more significant role in the universe than is usually credited, and it can be tested with science by experts and amateurs alike. ~

For more on the Electric Universe see here.

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