Natural Gateways to the Afterlife

Vistas-of-Infinity---mainExcerpt from Vistas of Infinity by Jurgen ZieweVistas of Infinity Book

Most of us are travelling on a train without knowing its destination or when it will arrive. Everybody is fighting for the most comfortable seat and a place by the window so we can distract ourselves by watching the world go by. We keep the fear of the great unknown at arm’s length in some distant future by using drugs, fixations and entertainment and continuously trying to pretend that we are immortal and that death only happens to others or in some almost unreachable future. And while we idle away our time with distractions our train is closing in on its inevitable destination with every hour that passes. ~ Jurgen Ziewe

“Dreams are our natural gateway into the world that awaits us after death. The problem is that dreams are also the fantasies we invent, the storylines through which we narrate our unresolved conflicts and confront our hidden demons. Our dreams are largely our own inventions which quickly dissolve into puffs of smoke. We can safely say that most of our dreams are the processing engines of our unconscious — without this processing we would hardly be able to function — and yet they can be so much more.

As soon as we become conscious in our dream, things take a dramatic turn. What had until then been a fantasy, a projection of our unconscious mind, suddenly becomes reality. We are awake in our dream and from that moment we have the capacity to be fully in charge. We can, to a large extent, control our dream and can use the power of lucid dreaming to reap astonishing creative benefits. Despite all this we are still largely in a world of our own making, which can be as fantastic and imaginative as we wish to make it. In lucid dreams we enter a virtual world of such extravagant quality and power it is truly miraculous.

However, this is not the world we visit when we die, although we will still be able to conjure up these fantasy worlds after we have died (and more easily at that), but it is still very much our own subjective world which cannot be shared by others. We can go a step further still. We can break and terminate the lucid dream itself without waking up in our bed, and instead enter into a non-physical reality that is similar to our waking world and yet is ruled by a set of completely new laws. This is the world of the Out-of-Body traveller, known since antiquity as the Astral World, the world we will inhabit when our physical stay on this planet comes to an end.

This is an alternate universe, grander in scale than our physical one but also existing on a multitude of dimensional levels, which makes it by all accounts unlimited and infinite. And yet even this is only a scratch on the surface of yet other sets of realities which have no beginning and no end and are beyond the capacity of our imagination.
heavenly worldsThese worlds too can be entered into once our mind meets a set of very specific conditions and we have overcome our acquired conditioning, fears and self-imposed limitations. They are the beginnings of a much greater journey into higher forms of awakening and vastly expanded states of Consciousness, which no longer fit into the parameters of our normal understanding and definition of conventional knowledge.

When entering the Astral World we have already burst our bubble of limited understanding and accustomed knowledge, after which we will never see the world as we did before. When we break the confinements of this Astral World by shedding our limitations and the remaining personal identifications, we will wake up to a much more enhanced state of Consciousness and its corresponding environment. These are the dimensions often described as Heaven worlds. Nothing negative can exist here because the vibrational structures are too fine and sublime. The matter of this world is extremely pliable, our Consciousness achieves a boost in clarity and sharpness which is unimaginable on the physical or Astral levels. Even this state pales into insignificance once we understand how to transcend this phase even further into new levels of super-awareness, transcending into cosmic Consciousness until we arrive at the shores of a world that is pure Singularity and totally beyond anything that can be described with words. The reports gathered here will give testimony of these worlds limited by the author’s rather modest exposure, and will most likely fail to do it justice. At our current stage of evolution we are still living in the dark ages and have barely risen out of a primordial slime of Consciousness. My modest testimony, I hope, will give an insight into what is possible to perceive and experience.

I had already accepted, when entering these states, that I had only scratched the surface and that there are looming infinite other stages, evolving and manifesting, which will forever remain unexplored by human Consciousness. So let me begin at ground zero, the world where most of us will find our first foothold, the world entered frequently by taking the normal dream to lucid dream route into non-physical consensus waking reality.”


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