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Similarities with UN.AR.I.U.S.:

There is no death.

There is an infinite number of dimensions to which we may travel both within lives and between lives.

There are higher and lower astral worlds or in other words, there is division. The ability to travel in or through these divisions depends on your state of consciousness.

Both agree reincarnation is real. Jurgen recalls when he viewed a past life of his own here:

Revolution – An Example of Past Life Regeneration

We can communicate with the dead via astral flight as Jurgen has done with numerous examples such as visiting his own dead relatives in his book.

We can contact other people who live on other planets. This Dr. Norman has done with visits to Venus and Mars and other planets namely the seven celestial planes formally known as Shamballa now known as UN.AR.I.U.S.. These visitations described in the Pulse of Creation books.

Jurgen also describes social workers that go out and help the newly dead adjust which is a job duty he himself has performed. In “The Voice of Venus” this work is described as being performed on the many souls such as the war dead and the suicides.

The inhabitants of the higher dimensions use their creative intelligence to create their worlds of Light and they are beautiful also as described in UN.AR.I.U.S..

The multi-dimensional model has been described as an onion. UN.AR.I.U.S. describes it as the same.

Model of the Dimensions colour
Jurgen’s latest book:  VISTAS OF INFINITY

Questions for Discussion:

Have you had a unique out of body experience? Describe…

Do you believe you can travel in your sleep state to other dimensions using consciousness alone?

Have you ever encountered a dead loved one in your dream state?

Have you experienced a past life experience in dream state?

Have you ever woke up in your dream state so that you could still control your dream while still asleep?

Have you ever flown in your dream state?

Have you ever had the experience of seeing beautiful worlds or higher dimensions in dream state?

Would you like to be able to do this or do you already do this and have helpful tips on how others may accomplish the same thing?

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