Multidimensional Man: Super Dimensional Excursion

by Jurgen Ziewe

“Take me to the Cities!”

This is an excerpt of a recent Super Dimensional excursion. The initiation to the experience was extremely personal and started hours before whilst I was shopping. I feel somewhat reluctant to share it at this point, as I feel the circumstances may distract from the facts about the super dimensions I am trying to explore and convey.

10th September 2011

“….I was floating through a green valley along a river. Its banks were lined with lush vegetation merging from beds of pure colors rising like morning mists into the air. These in turn transformed into gentle symmetrical shapes, morphing patterns of incredible beauty and complexity. The river valley was lined with steep translucent rock- like flint or amber, its colors affected by the subtle changes of the atmosphere and mutating through different hues. The rock, which turned out to be not like rock at all, sprouted gossamer protrusions which waved in the air and gently fell down and rose up again at the river banks as if stirred by a celestial wind. I marveled at the sublime complexity and the synchronized display around me. It all felt as if it was made to play tribute to me, a traveling point of awareness.

Gradually the scene opened up to a large savanna of shallow floating tapestries, an evolving and mutating pattern which was crisscrossed by a network of rivers snaking their way through this unworldly landscape, a scene which was continually changing, revealing new and unexpected aspects as I traveled along. There was no repetition and not a single familiar feature I could identify. Everything was a fresh beginning, a new episode, a testimony that creation is always new, an untested event and at the very source of coming into being. Though the feeling that I was on home ground was never far away. I was awed by the privilege of being witness to the universe being born.

Then I remembered why I was here and the thought like a command came to me: “Take me to the cities.”

I was instantly directed towards a vast horizon. A gigantic lotus flower emerged in the distance rising out of the glorious mists of an unworldly dawn. The city was designed in the shape of a gigantic lotus blossom, symmetrical petals arranged around a luminous centre. Around the outer perimeters were countless morphing shapes of light and millions of sparks buzzing around like bees trying to extract nectar from a blossom. These were all people, individual souls. Each petal had distinct features and colors which percolated through different shades. I could have easily joined the swarm to discover more about the inner sanctuaries.

Instead I asked to be taken to another city and was instantly directed towards a huge swamp. The edges lined with exotic trees, behind which a large forest covered everything as far as I could see like a tropical rain forest. The light had a pink tinge like worldly evening light, but for evening it was much too bright.

The waters were crystal clear and I could see another world emerging beneath its calm surface. Then, ahead, I saw a glow surrounding huge organic egg-shaped structures, growing out of the ground and resting on an ornate island inside a lagoon, like the nesting ground of a giant dragon. The island was covered with different clusters of spheres around a larger center, hundreds of domes of different shapes, colors and designs, yet all belonging together, harmonizing and complementing each other.

This too was a city, a vast information centre. Each large dome, the smallest being at least hundreds of meters in height, formed a vestibule of knowledge and was frequented by swirling lights. Each part of the city was connected by enormous arched tunnels.

I was amazed that I could see the inside and the outside simultaneously as well as being able to connect instantly with the minds that populated this living structure getting an intimate understanding why they were here. Their commerce was knowledge, socializing, benefiting from each other’s experience and presence and merging consciousness, souls and minds….”

Multidimensional Man-Inner PalaceNumerous palaces perfectly express the individuality of their owners basking in magnificent gardens and water parks under a bright celestial sun.

Further Enucleation:

Vast Cities function as universal storehouses for information and meeting places. In my experience I found that cities are one way in which the truly powerful potential of consciousness can be explored. Not only can we attract sympathetic thoughts or ideas, but we are able to attract sympathetic individual consciousnesses as well. We will find new and deeply rewarding relationships, which in turn will lead us to greater understanding by benefiting from mutual experiences. We will find that this is the building material of all the vast civilizations and mega cities in abundance in the super dimensional world. Cities which are of a variety in design and construction which is staggering to the imagination.

I visited three cities which were totally different. One was in the shape of a gigantic lotus flower, which from a distance appeared like a real flower, but vividly alive with pulsating lights and changing colours. It was surrounded by an aura of light. On closer inspections these were individuals and groups of individuals moving about like bees trying to extract honey from a blossom.

The other city was much more traditional with broad bright thoroughfares lined with gigantic trees and numerous parks, canals with boats and impressive architecture. This city was located within a vast plane, which itself was a valley surrounded by a huge mountain range made of a stone which was nothing that could be identified on earth.

The third and most curious city was the one I tried to illustrate with the picture at the top. This city was located on a vast island resting within a lagoon of crystal clear water. It was made out of hundreds of egg-shaped domes, connected with each other via a tubular system. Even the very smallest dome was hundreds of meters in height. One of the benefits of observation in this region was that I was able to see both the inside and outside of this city simultaneously. From the inside I walked through endless halls of gigantic arches leading into other domes via huge corridors, which in themselves were enormous. The most fascinating thing was that each dome had a distinct character and atmosphere and, when I talk about atmosphere, these were of a nature which would be impossible to encounter here on earth and characteristic for the enormity of human potential that lies as yet unexplored and can only be explored on these much higher levels. The city was humming with life, but it was not overcrowded as an earthly city would be. I discovered that each dome constituted a different point of interest which attracted like-minded people. The beauty of all this was the incredible diversity and complexity.

Other territories I observed were vast parks with palatial houses. These were the residences of individuals who did little more than meditate. Their properties and surrounding parklands were manifestations of their individuality. These may be the dwelling places of evolved individuals who are busy serving humanity as guides in one capacity or another. Just by passing through these parts one gets an impression of the elevated consciousness which resides here.


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