Multi-Dimensional Man

multi-dimensional-main-3by Jurgen Ziewe (Excerpt)

“Very early on in my investigations I concluded that objective creation exists on other dimensions in exactly the same way as creation exists in the physical universe, regardless of the observer. The Multi-Dimensional-Man-Bookidea that we are dealing with vague or vaporous matter – the product of dreams and imagination – is utterly absurd when waking in the actual environment of the higher dimensions. Experiencing firsthand such a vast and magnificent would with such clarity and detachment is just something that cannot be conveyed adequately in words.

On the other hand it is tempting to conclude that because the creative powers of imagination, expectation and intention play such an active part in the shaping of the environment, the next dimension is nothing more than a product of the imagination. But even that doesn’t make it any less real to the observer who finds himself inhabiting that dimension. Once the physical viewpoint has disappeared, upon entering the next dimension, we will get accustomed to a totally new experience of reality, one that follows new and exciting laws.

My most important observation was that the energy of creation on these higher dimension is far more pliable and adaptable to various forces than on the physical strata. The major one is the universal force of creation, the same which brought our physical universe into existence. But there are other forces that manipulate the energy in any way they want, as the energy is so much more fluid and dynamic than in the physical universe.

Whereas on the physical level we need to employ physical means to shift physical matter, on the levels above one employs mental means to shift mental matter, but the mental matter is not less real than physical matter is on the physical plane.

Not only are those universes not vaporous, they appear extremely solid once the visitor has taken residence there, in the same way as our physical universe appears solid to us. Just because it can be manipulated more dynamically than matter on Earth doesn’t make it less real, in the same way that water is not less real than rock because it can be transformed into ice and steam and can be forced into different molds.

What really determines reality is a state of awareness. The higher we rise through the inner dimensions and the closer we get to our innermost layer of consciousness, the more powerful the awareness of being and life becomes. From our earthly viewpoint we prefer to look upon the higher dimension as being flimsy, vaporous and phantom-like simply because we place it firmly in the realm of imagination. In fact, the opposite is the case. Once one has awoken on the higher planes, Earth life appears as a dim dream. The power of consciousness increases proportionally the higher we ascend through the different dimensions. All our sensory powers and human faculties of awareness increase as well. This is why in Buddhism the state of the higher consciousness is referred to as the awakened state. We have to get used to the idea that we are nothing more than universal energy trapped in a dream from which we will awake gradually into our proper life.

Another thing we will have to get used to is that our new environment will be much more dynamic and responsive to our thoughts and desires.

Quantum scientists are knocking at the doors of the next dimension, and have already discovered that simply by their presence the experimenter has an effect on the behavior of matter on the subatomic level (this is called ‘the observer effect’), and research is underway to measure the influence of thought on microscopic growth and crystal formation. If this is the effect the observer has on the relatively coarse physical matter, then it is easy to understand that when we have broken through the barriers of the subatomic structures into the next dimension, these influences are much more pronounced.

And this is exactly what I found.

In this book are many reports that illustrate this point, like the people in the carnival procession shaping matter, including their own bodies, into extravagant shapes, showing that matter in the next dimension is infinitely more pliable, fluid and adaptable to other energy forms such as intent and creative thought. All this will be exploited to the extreme by us as humans once we take a more ‘permanent’ residence in the higher dimensions. Being such a very inventive, adaptable and creative species, we come into our own when transcending our physical limitations and boundaries after we ‘die’.”

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  • admin says:

    I would like to share my review that I gave on Amazon for this book as it may be helpful in understanding its premise and, of course, I highly recommend it for the Truth Seeker’s library.

    “I am very impressed with this book! It confirms and validates everything I have studied in the last 35+ years in metaphysics. Jurgen takes you on a easy direct path by way of personal experience of his journeys via “astral travel” into other dimensions, and what can be gathered, IS that these dimensions are infinite in number. He talks about seeing a past life, visiting dead relatives, the sub-divisions of planes, and much much more. There is no hell or heaven just divisions or levels of awareness. He further describes how he successfully breaks through into higher dimensional realms and describes the people and their environment not as a theologian but as a scientist examining in minute detail the seemingly ‘physical’ aspects of each dimension he travels. It is extremely interesting and a very valuable adjunct to my library. I highly recommend this book to any Truth Seeker. It is fascinating and a page-turner. You don’t want to set this book down! Many kudos to Jurgen for having the courage to proceed in his “astral travels” (I don’t believe in astral travel, it’s all consciousness) to the extent that he did. With this book also comes a warning. You need to be prepared for what you encounter when you cross over. Crossing over with absolutely no knowledge of what is on the other side will leave you unprepared and who knows, you could become a lost soul or one of those apparitions called ghosts or end up in a dream-like horror show, I guess what they commonly call hell. They say “knowledge is power” and that applies here on the earth plane but applies even more so on the other side. This book gives you a good hint of what’s to come with proper awareness.”

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