More Thoughts on Black Whole Dynamics

black-hole-2by Gloria Lynn

If I can borrow a phrase from Nassim Haramein, a “black whole” is at the center of everything currently in existence in the cosmos. From sub-atomic particles, atoms, stars, galaxies, and universes, also including ourselves. We all have an event horizon where we, as all things, inter-connect to the other side.

What is the other side? Here is a list:

  • the fourth dimension
  • the superposition
  • the zero point field – infinite energy
  • the spiritual worlds
  • the ether
  • the matrix
  • the force as in “May the force be with you!”
  • Infinity
  • God
  • the yin of the yang
  • where there is no time
  • where there is no space
  • where our true spiritual consciousness resides
  • where the speed of light is transcended
  • where we go in our dreams or sleep state
  • where we go when we die (though we really have never left)

Everything is inter-connected with everything else, and since in this other place there is no time and space,  you can have things like a spooky action at a distance and other weird quantum effects.
sine-wave This black whole is also the location of strings which vibrate and depending on their vibration manifest atomic structures – matter – mass – our reality. Vibration has certain properties. Vibration occurs as a sine wave. Sine waves contain information. This information exists as a energetic soup in the area of the black whole as has been described by Leonard Susskind in the following video:

These fluctuations create or result in a three dimensional holographic image we call our everyday reality. As Susskind states, the black hole contains entropy which is just another word for hidden information and this black hole is a singularity which just means that at some point beyond the black hole event horizon, our physics breaks down. Our third dimensional Newtonian physics no longer applies in other dimensions. As Susskind mentions in this video we evidently exist in two realities – one as a hologram – the other as the surface of the hologram (or what has been named the black hole two dimensional area).

How does consciousness interpret or intercept the wave forms to construct the third dimensional or holographic reality, the exact precise mechanism will have to be for future science to figure out but we do know our masters of past history such as Jesus who walked on water and recent masters such as Sai Baba who manifested objects out of thin air knew these concepts well enough that they could manipulate time and space to accomplish seeming miracles. They demonstrated mastership over the hologram.

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